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Women of the 80s Rate - Results! (#43 and #42)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Apr 5, 2020.


Which year has your favorite music, based on the songs in this rate?

  1. 1980

  2. 1981

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  3. 1982

  4. 1983

  5. 1984

  6. 1985

  7. 1986

  8. 1987

  9. 1988

  10. 1989

  1. More fool me - I thought I gave it points too!!!!

    My terrible lockdown memory...
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  2. Oops, missed that bit!

    "Blondie were originally offered this song but their frontwoman Debbie Harry didn't like the lyrics, which are of a submissive nature that doesn't suit her. Harry and Blondie guitarist Chris Stein then wrote their own song for the film, but Bond producer Albert Broccoli didn't rate it, so instead he asked Sheena Easton to sing the original song penned by Conti and Leeson. Blondie later included their song for the movie on their 1982 album The Hunter."
  3. All this Gloria-talk reminded me of an 80s song that my mother (who was a devoted Days Of Our Lives watcher) was obsessed with:

    Yes, that is Robin Thicke's mother, so her crimes against humanity are well-documented.
  4. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    I think that's the first thing I voted for to leave? And one of my 1 pointers too!

    I do love that song. I think I might actually prefer Sheena's ballads to her uptempos, which is something I could not say about many artists.
  5. Sheena Easton's "For your eyes only" was Number 36 in my Top 40
    I've lost 5 songs so far....
  6. Now that we have only five songs left that will miss the Top 100, I will tell you what years they fall under and you guys can have a guess as to what they are. Of course if you'd rather not know which songs by default will be safe, then don't click the spoiler:

    one from 1980, two from 1985, one from 1987, and one from 1988.
  7. Okay let's get messy:
    "9 to 5 (Morning Train)," "Point of No Return," "There Must Be an Angel", "Seven Wonders," and "You Came"
  8. You know I love guessing games! I'll play:

    Barbra Streisand | Woman in Love
    Stevie Nicks | Talk to Me
    Tina Turner | We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)
    Suzanne Vega | Luka
    Debbie Gibson | Foolish Beat
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  9. My guesses:

    The Pretenders | Brass in Pocket

    Eurythmics | There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart)
    Stevie Nicks | Talk to Me

    Heart | Alone (or maybe T'Pau | Heart and Soul)

    Belinda Carlisle | Circle in the Sand
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  10. There's no way two of these are going anytime soon, surely?
  11. I think that about two of yours too!
  12. Surely at least one of my 12s will go.
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  13. I'm terrible at guessing so not even gonna attempt to predict haha.
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  14. I'm not a Bond film fan, but 'For Your Eyes Only' is in my Top 7 Bond themes. I love the production which is a cross between Giorgio Moroder 80's synths and ABBA style piano chords.
  15. Friendly reminder that one of Sheena's best songs was written by the legend himself, Prince.


    For Your Eyes Only is a pretty decent track, but it's never really ranked high on my list. Also, shame Gloria Estefan completely bombed out before the top 100.
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  16. Underrated Sheena power ballad:

    She’s so fierce!
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  17. From those three guesses:

    Two songs among them are correct.
  18. Oh my god, we're so bad at this.
  19. To go from hoping none of your scored tracks leave before the top 100, to hoping one of your twelves makes it there within seven eliminations...
  20. That hair!!
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