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Women of the 80s Rate - Results! (#47 and #46)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Apr 5, 2020.


Which year has your favorite music, based on the songs in this rate?

  1. 1980

  2. 1981

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  3. 1982

  4. 1983

  5. 1984

  6. 1985

  7. 1986

  8. 1987

  9. 1988

  10. 1989

  1. I'm not a huge fan of it myself, though I still like some of her and Fleetwood Mac's songs and even voted for two here. It's when she goes high, I think, that I struggle with it.
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  2. Actually...

    My bad. There was three right.
  3. Foolish Beat is my first big loss. Perfect late 80s teen queen pop and Debbie sings it so well and looks great in the video. It's my favourite single of her's. Featuring the obligatory 80s saxophone too, it's Careless Whisper done right!
  4. Are you saying.....George did it.....wrong???!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ooh, who wants to guess which one the right one is?
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  6. When Geri Halliwell released the execrable Calling she was telling all and sundry 'It's my Careless Whisper'.

    It wasn't.

    This statement reminds me of that.
  7. Talk To Me was a clear 12 of mine, for reasons both musical and how it links to a point in my life that still provokes strong memories.

    I think that reacting to that song on the radio (thankyou R1 for those Saturday rundowns of the Billboard charts), and then buying the album, and then mixing in all that with what happened to me at that time, is just such a potent mix. My childhood was well and truly left behind.
  8. "Foolish Beat" is the teenage wannabe "Careless Whisper" that makes "Calling" a toddler wannabe "Careless Whisper"....
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  9. The other song that was guessed right, it's from 1980.

    Well, at least the North American release was so that's why I added it.


    The Pretenders - Brass in Pocket


    49 Points | @Ironheade (10) @Eric Generic (10) @Hairycub1969 (6) @Aester (6) @Seventeen Days (5) @unnameable (5) @DJHazey (3) @WowWowWowWow (2) @Cotton Park (2)

    Release | November 1979 [UK] January 1980 [US & Canada]

    Charts | #1 [UK] #14 [US] #1 [Ireland, South Africa, Sweden] #41 [Billboard 1980]

    Sales | Gold [New Zealand]

    2020 Plays | 8.8 million [Youtube] 67 million [Spotify] 211,000 [Last.FM]

    Album | Pretenders

    Genres | New Wave

    Writers | Chrissie Hynde, James Honeyman-Scott

    Producers | Chris Thomas

    Trivia | Their third single, but their first hit.

    The song's title came about after The Pretenders first-ever UK gig, when they were in the communal dressing room with The Strangeways, who they were supporting. Chrissie wanted to know whose trousers were sprawled over the back of a chair. One of The Strangeways Ada Wilson said: "I'll have them if there's any brass in the pockets." When Chrissie inquired what he meant by brass, it was explained to her that brass is a northern slang term for money. Chrissie fell in love with the expression and was inspired to write the song.

    During an interview with The Observer in 2004, she revealed that she was initially reluctant to have the song released: "When we recorded the song I wasn't very happy with it and told my producer that he could release it over my dead body." -- "I hated it!," she told Creem in 1981. "It was a phenomenon that evades me completely. I was honestly very disappointed it was such a big hit – I was embarrassed by it." She explained that it was the group's producer, Chris Thomas, who convinced her to release it, and she put up considerable resistance. She knew that fans love the song, so she held her nose and played it at concerts, and eventually stopped slagging it off in the press. It remained in Pretenders setlists throughout their career.

    It usually doesn't show up in printed lyrics, but at the end of the song, Chrissie coos the line, "Oh and the way you walk." She says that's an important part of the song; it's her telling the insecure peacock that she approves of his offering.

    Chrissie rarely explains what her songs are about, but she let on with this one in a 1980 interview with Sounds: "It's very lightweight pop type of song, nothing heavy about it. It's along the lines of the guy who is feeling very insecure, not about pulling a girl but, say, trying to be accepted by the guys down the pub. It's a front he's putting up. It's like buying a pair of new boots and you feel great but then you get home and see you spots in the mirror. Or take a couple of dexies and you're in gear for the evening but on the train home it's different."

    The songs by The Pretenders were new to me for this rate, but you can see I got swept up enough pretty quickly to earn some of my points. There's just something so timeless and classic sounding about the melodies especially "I'm special...so special" that when I first heard it I was fooled into believing it was a song I had been listening to regularly for twenty years or something. But I know it was technically new because I had never even heard of the band's name before.

    So that's means there is just one song left that doesn't make the Top 100. It's from one the 'big ones' (with five songs to their name)


    Whitney Houston - Saving All My Love For You


    49 Points | @WhatKindOfKylie? (8) @Cotton Park (8) @Hairycub1969 (7) @gezza76 (6) @Daniel_O (5) @chanex (4) @Baby Clyde (4) @Sprockrooster (2) @kermit_the_frog (2) @Phonetics Boy (1) @berserkboi (1) @phoenix123 (1)

    Release | August 13, 1985

    Charts | #1 [UK] #1 [US] #1 [Canada, Ireland] #17 [UK 1985] #23 [Billboard 1985]

    Sales | Platinum [US] Gold [UK]

    2020 Plays | 59 million [Youtube] 64 million [Spotify] 199,000 [Last.FM]

    Album | Whitney Houston

    Genres | R&B, Soul, Adult Contemporary

    Writers | Michael Masser, Gerry Goffin

    Producers | Michael Masser

    Trivia | Whitney won her first Grammy with this song, for Best female Pop Vocal Performance. It was also her first #1 on the Billboard Charts.

    The song also caused controversy due to its lyrics about having an affair with a married man. Houston's mother Cissy Houston didn't at all like the scenario described in the lyrics, claiming that the song's message would reflect badly on her daughter. However, Whitney herself confessed, "I was going through a terrible love affair. He was married, and that will never work out for anybody. Never, no way." The music video was directed by Stuart Orme and was filmed in London, where Whitney was doing a promotional tour. The narrative for the music video follows the song's theme: Whitney's character is a recording artist who is emotionally involved with her married producer, played by Ricco Ross. By the finale, he has returned to his wife and family, leaving her (the "other woman") romantically out in the cold. At the time of release, the adultery theme of the video for "Saving All My Love for You" generated much media controversy, which led Whitney to insist, "I could never see myself in that position. I wouldn't just take whatever someone wants to give to me, especially if I am giving a lot to him but not getting that much back. I could never find myself in that situation, but someone else might. The video tells a story but it's by no means my story."

    It was originally a minor hit for Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. in 1978 on their album Marilyn & Billy.
    Years later, songwriter Masser saw Whitney for the first time when he went into New York City's Sweetwater club, an invitation made by Arista Records president Clive Davis, and she was singing one of his songs, "The Greatest Love of All". After her performance, the singer told Masser that the song was one of her favorites and later, Masser was chosen by Arista to produce some tracks for Houston's self-titled debut. After getting the right emotionally vulnerable-tailored take from Houston, the producer guaranteed her that it would become "a woman's song", meaning that women will feel a special affinity for the song.

    After the success of her previous single, "You Give Good Love", the label initially didn't think about releasing "Saving All My Love for You" as the next single. When Masser heard that another single besides the song was being considered for the next single, he made a friendly wager with Davis during one of Houston's performance at the Roxy Theatre in LA. He proposed that if all the women get on their feet when Houston sings "Saving...", then Davis would agree that it should be the next single.

    #79 on New York Daily News's "100 Greatest Love Songs" list and also listed among "The 50 best Love Songs of the 80s" by The Telegraph.

  10. Ugh, there is no way in Hell that 100 songs in this rate are better than Brass In Pocket.
  11. Shocked Whitney lost a song before the Top 100!
  12. Oh, and another of my not-needed commentaries:

    10 The Pretenders | Brass in Pocket
    New Year's Day 1980. Another one which vividly takes me back to a particular moment. I thought the 80s were going to be ace. Whoops.
  13. Which means, the Top 100 songs left are:

    1980 (11 of 15)

    ABBA | The Winner Takes It All
    ABBA | Super Trouper
    Barbra Streisand | Woman in Love
    Blondie | Call Me
    Blondie | Atomic
    Diana Ross | Upside Down
    Diana Ross | I'm Coming Out
    Dolly Parton | 9 to 5
    Irene Cara | Fame
    Olivia Newton-John | Xanadu
    Sheena Easton | 9 to 5 (Morning Train)

    1981 (5 of 8)

    Blondie | Rapture
    Grace Jones | Pull Up to the Bumper
    Kim Carnes | Bette Davis Eyes
    Kim Wilde | Kids in America
    Olivia Newton-John | Physical

    1982 (5 of 6)

    Dionne Warwick | Heartbreaker
    Fleetwood Mac | Gypsy
    Laura Branigan | Gloria
    Stevie Nicks | Edge of Seventeen
    Yazoo | Only You

    1983 (10 of 10)

    Bananarama | Cruel Summer
    Bonnie Tyler | Total Eclipse of the Heart
    Chaka Khan | Ain't Nobody
    Cyndi Lauper | Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    Donna Summer | She Works Hard For the Money
    Eurythmics | Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
    Irene Cara | Flashdance...What a Feeling
    Madonna | Holiday
    Nena | 99 Luftballons
    Pat Benatar | Love Is a Battlefield

    1984 (11 of 12)

    Bonnie Tyler | Holding Out For a Hero
    Cyndi Lauper | Time After Time
    Deniece Williams | Let’s Hear It For the Boy
    Eurythmics | Here Comes the Rain Again
    Laura Branigan | Self Control
    Madonna | Like a Virgin
    Pat Benatar | We Belong
    Sade | Smooth Operator
    The Pointer Sisters | Jump (For My Love)
    The Pointer Sisters | I’m So Excited
    Tina Turner | What's Love Got to Do With It

    1985 (9 of 15)

    Diana Ross | Chain Reaction
    Eurythmics | There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart)
    Exposé | Point of No Return
    Grace Jones | Slave to the Rhythm
    Kate Bush | Running Up That Hill
    Madonna | Into the Groove
    Tina Turner | We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)
    Whitney Houston | How Will I Know

    1986 (17 of 17)

    Anita Baker | Sweet Love
    Bananarama | Venus
    Berlin | Take My Breath Away
    Carly Simon | Coming Around Again
    Cyndi Lauper | True Colors
    Heart | These Dreams
    Janet Jackson | What Have You Done For Me Lately
    Janet Jackson | Nasty
    Janet Jackson | When I Think of You
    Kim Wilde | You Keep Me Hangin' On
    Madonna | Papa Don’t Preach
    Samantha Fox | Touch Me (I Want Your Body)
    Stacey Q | Two of Hearts
    The Bangles | Manic Monday
    The Bangles | Walk Like an Egyptian
    The Pretenders | Don't Get Me Wrong
    Whitney Houston | The Greatest Love of All

    1987 (14 of 18)

    Bananarama | I Heard a Rumour
    Belinda Carlisle | Heaven is a Place on Earth
    Fleetwood Mac | Seven Wonders
    Fleetwood Mac | Little Lies
    Fleetwood Mac | Everywhere
    Heart | Alone
    Kylie Minogue | I Should Be So Lucky
    Salt n Pepa | Push It
    Suzanne Vega | Luka
    T'Pau | Heart and Soul
    Taylor Dayne | Tell It to My Heart
    Tiffany | I Think We're Alone Now
    Whitney Houston | I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
    Whitney Houston | So Emotional

    1988 (9 of 11)

    Belinda Carlisle | Circle in the Sand
    Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians | What I Am
    Enya | Orinoco Flow
    Kim Wilde | You Came
    Martika | Toy Soldiers
    Neneh Cherry | Buffalo Stance
    Paula Abdul | Straight Up
    Roxette | Listen to Your Heart
    Tracy Chapman | Fast Car

    1989 (10 of 14)

    Belinda Carlsile | Leave a Light On
    Bette Midler | Wind Beneath My Wings
    Cher | If I Could Turn Back Time
    Cyndi Lauper | I Drove All Night
    Janet Jackson | Miss You Much
    Janet Jackson | Rhythm Nation
    Lisa Stansfield | All Around the World
    Madonna | Like a Prayer
    The Bangles | Eternal Flame
    Tina Turner | The Best​
  14. I am sooooo happy Yazoo made it into the Top 100!! There must be more fans than I realised here since I don’t see them mentioned much (unless it is by me dddd)
  15. 39 of my picks made it to the top 100, nice.
  16. Queen of populist taste.

    Which if the songs above is the one you point to the most as not deserving in your eyes? And sorry about the commentary thing again, I made it at point at the beginning because I didn't want have to sort through alot of commentary when doing reveals, it wasn't simply about not needing or wanting to hear people's comments, just wanted people to post the on their own.
  17. I just noticed it's actually 40/40, not 39/40, since I ended up cutting Angel In The Morning from my ballot. Wonder how long I'll go without losing any songs. Does anyone else still have all their songs in the rate?
  18. It's just personal taste. That track is one of my all-time favourites. Maybe it's an age thing, that was quite a definitive song at the start of the 80s in Britain. I could cite about 80 other songs in the rate which I think aren't as good, but that doesn't mean they are inferior.

    No, it was my bad...I misread the rules. And I say it tongue-in-cheek! It actually saves me thinking of things to say during the reveal, haha.
  19. Mine are also all still in, I honestly can't tell which one is going out first.
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