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Women of the 80s Rate - Results! (#47 and #46)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Apr 5, 2020.


Which year has your favorite music, based on the songs in this rate?

  1. 1980

  2. 1981

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  3. 1982

  4. 1983

  5. 1984

  6. 1985

  7. 1986

  8. 1987

  9. 1988

  10. 1989

  1. I always feel like I should like Saving All My Love For You more than I actually do.
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  2. It's all very middle aged and supper club-y.
  3. Mine are all still in. I'm so mainstream.
  4. You disappoint me.
  5. I don't know what I've done differently here!
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  6. My mum is a big fan of the Pretenders so I've always known 'Brass In Pocket' and like it a lot. It was a serious option for my Top 40 but just missed out.

    I've never liked 'Saving All My Love For You' and it's one of my least favourite of Whitney's singles.

    I've got 38 of my choices left.
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  7. My normal track record is for my 11s to depart early, so I'm amazed to still have all my picks intact. Interesting times ahead...
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  8. I had all of my songs in until that final cut. Never been a Whitney fan but I'm a total sucker for MOR mid 80's Soul (As my future scores will confirm). Saving All My Love For You is wonderful. Her only song that came close to getting points from me. I remember what a sensation it was when it came out and how controversial the subject matter was.I love her vocal here. Everyone at the time would try and hit those end high notes and fail. It's before she decided to turn everything up to 11.

    Could have sworn I voted for Brass In Pocket. Certainly should have been somewhere in the Top 40. I clearly remember it being on Top Of The Pops album that we used to get every Christmas. They were compilation albums made up of dodgy covers of the years biggest hits.

    Played them to death back in the day. I still have both.

  9. Saving All My Love is one of my Whitney favorites in part because it’s kind of transgressive that she recorded it on the first album when launching a squeaky-clean image was so important.

    I happen to be listening to A Song for You right now when I saw the alert, and it’s hilarious that Cissy was so disapproving considering she was having an affair with the reverend at the church where she led the choir!

    She did NOT approve of Robyn and I just got past the part where her and Whitney move in together. As they are pulling out of Cissy’s driveway with all of her stuff in the back, Cissy runs out to the front porch with a “feminine product” in her hand and yells “don’t forgot your douchebag!” I am dead.
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  10. Whitney's career was blighted by too many "douchebags", sadly.
  11. The randomness of this horse picture is killing me.
  12. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    I love the understatedness of Saving All My Love for You. Whitney's ballads can be histrionic (which isn't necessarily bad - I love I Have Nothing, for example) and/or overblown and schmaltzy (I really, really don't like her version of The Greatest Love of All - it's just not a very good song, but even by that standard, Whitney's version is so much worse than the George Benson original), but this is just lovely.

    I don't love it enough to have given it points, so I can't really talk, but I do feel like if we didn't underrate ballads quite so much, this is far superior to some of the uptempo songs that made the 100.
  13. Guess I will not be saving love for a lot you. Christ.
  14. I like Brass In Pocket, but glad Don't Get Me Wrong stayed in over it.
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  15. I did until #101 - SO CLOSE
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  16. The Pretenders - Brass in Pocket - was Number 17 in my Top 40. The first "new" UK Number One of the 80's. It's all about the delivery of the vocal as well as the great riff - "I'm special, so special" - Garbage were listening ("We were the talk of the town")

    Whitney Houston - Saving all my love for you - was my Number 15. My intro to Whitney and it's still my fave ballad of hers. To me, this song demonstrates how and when to keep some restraint in your vocal and let it really rip at the end. Of course when you've lived the lyrics of (any) song - it gains more depth and meaning for you. A classic and very daring song to record in 1985!

    I will always be biased towards any songs from 1979 to 1985 as those were my virgin pop years when I was discovering everything for the first time! A lot of my tastes aren't necessarily "Popular choices" - and losing 7 of my 40 before we reach the Top 100 doesn't surprise me (I think I've lost the most - @DJHazey can confirm if I'm correct!?!) - by the time we hit the Top 40 - I think I'll be lucky to see 10 of my own top 40 still in there!
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  17. Wow, I didn't expect Saving All My Love For You too be booted out so soon! My first real big loss so far. Such a wonderful classic love song-and my most play Whitney song too!
  18. Glad about that, but shocked and worried about these eliminations. I wish I had more than 40 slots, but these two songs were too low to fit in for, at least one point.
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  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Brass In Pocket is great! I've recently really got into this one from them too - it's so happy!

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