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Women of the 90s | Countdown | #6 ["The OG of LGBTQ anthems for me"]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Feb 15, 2021.

  1. I'm ok with this... as long as it's not Natalie, No Doubt, Shania or Spice Girls dd
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  2. My last 12 standing is in that batch so it had better not be that... I always knew it was my only chance of making the Top 40 here.
  3. I voted for 4 of those, and 2 of them are my remaining 12's! Another 2 just missed out.
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  4. Crush, perhaps the very definition of a SO 90s bop? It was even used in Sabrina The Teenage Witch, which is as about 1998 as it gets.
  5. You summed up my feelings on Unpretty far more eloquently than I did. I'm surprised it wasn't the highest rated TLC song as it's such a beautiful, important song. I've always found the Glee mashup strangely affecting too!
  6. Nothing Compares 2 U is by far the biggest shock elimination! It should have been top 20 at the very least, surely this is one of the biggest classics of all time? I thought I’d end up giving it more points than I eventually did, but Sinead probably suffered from the fact that she had to compete with some of my all-time favourite acts.

    Of course My Lovin’ deserved better than this. Is there even one person in the world who doesn’t like En Vogue? There shouldn’t be.

    I generally prefer my TLC a bit grittier than Unpretty, but the song has a nice sentiment and actually feels genuine. So many songs with a similar theme get it completely wrong!
  7. Sorry you had a traumatic week. I hope things are better for you.

    That was a fantastic write-up and you made me remember why I appreciate Unpretty and TLC.
  8. I love Fantasy as much as the average LAMB but Bison Of Love has no business still being around!
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  9. Ok I'm basic then, as it seems all of my 12s made the top 40.
    But you know what, they got top marks because the ladies deserve it.
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  10. Those are all lovely songs but in terms of 90s iconicness, one of them stands out like a sore thumb compared to the rest. We can try to talk it over, but I don’t think you can change my mind. Don’t be uptight!
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  11. AAgh....the Janet and TLC songs I gave points to being eliminated before others...I've really been picking the ones that get eliminated.

    "Unpretty" is burned into my brain because I had a housemate in the 90s who loved TLC and played "CrazySexyCool" on repeat. It's a lovely song tackling body image issues at a time when there was a lot less awareness.
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  12. I won't say anything to this.
  13. You better not be saying that about the song about to go because if you are, you can tell that to the four 12's the song got and all the other superlative votes and commentary attached to the artist and/or song. Also one of my 10's!!!

    Just missing the Top 40...

    Everything about this elimination.



    4/21 Songs Remaining



    Garbage | Push It | 118 Points

    12 | @Auntie Beryl, @marie_05, @MilesAngel, @sfmartin
    10 | @DJHazey, @GimmeWork
    8 | @JonBcn
    7 | @Ana Raquel, @Verandi
    6 | @Aester
    5 | @m_dimitrov, @Remorque
    4 | @iheartpoptarts, @ohnoitisnathan, @Untouchable Ace

    Released | April 20, 1998

    Genres | Alternative Rock, Industrial Rock, Power Pop

    Writers | Garbage, Brian Wilson, Roger Christian

    Producers | Garbage

    Peak Chart Performance | #9 in UK, #52 in US, #2 in ISL, #3 on CAN Rock/Alternative, #5 in ESP

    Year End Charts | #21 on Alternative Airplay, #31 on CAN Rock/Alternative

    Underdog Choice | @sfmartin

    Favorite Re-Discovery | @Auntie Beryl

    We Could've Had 10 Songs From Them | @sfmartin and @MilesAngel

    12 Commentary | @Auntie Beryl | I didn’t expect to be giving Push It twelve points at the start of all this. Reading through the list, listening again, making the first cuts, whittling down the 126 available songs to the top 40… and then onwards, Push It just hung around, clinging on as other tracks got cut. Push It’s not even my favourite Garbage track or taken from the best Garbage album (#Justice4Vow) but for one of the more obscure tracks on the full list, it’s unjustly overlooked. It fucking rocks and Shirley is amazing on it. Just off to listen to it again…

    12 Commentary | @MilesAngel | I used to listen to Garbage's 90's output after school when I felt sad or angry. They helped me to get out my frustration, or express my darkness. Push It is my favourite Garbage track. Shirley Manson uses her voice to thrilling effect, being seductive and persuasive yet forceful. The production supports her voice superbly with synths, guitars and bass as propulsive and dynamic as Shirley herself.

    Background and Other Facts | The track contains a musical quotation of the Beach Boys' 1964 song "Don't Worry Baby". During a vocal tracking session in which Manson was singing over music already written for "Push It", the band felt that one of the lines in "Push It" would benefit from having a vocal chorus answering the words back to her. Inspired by Manson's spontaneous ad-lib of the phrase "don't worry baby" over the music, guitarist Steve Marker sampled the Beach Boys' "Don't Worry Baby" and used it as a backing vocal. The sample didn't work with what the band had already recorded so Manson re-sang the lines to fit the key and tempo of the song. Aware of the potential for incurring copyright legalities, the band debated whether or not to keep the line. Garbage and Brian Wilson coincidentally shared the same publishing company (Irving Music), and figuring that they had nothing to lose, contacted him through their company representative, sent him a copy of "Push It", and asked him for permission to use the interpolation. Wilson gave his blessing, and reportedly kept the tape. Both Wilson and Roger Christian, the deceased co-writer of "Don't Worry Baby", received a writing credit.

    Oh I almost forgot but any elimination involving the Beach Boys must have @pop3blow2 tagged, it's required.

    Shirley elaborated on the song's dreamy verse structure versus the confrontational chorus: "It's about the schizophrenia that exists when you try to reconcile your desires and demons with the need to fit in. It's a song of reassurance."

    In a 2013 interview with drummer Butch Vig, he cited this track as one of his favorites to play live. "That was a big track from Version 2.0 for us and still gets my adrenaline going every night," he said. (and then he repeated 'that was a classic')

    The surreal video, directed by Andrea Giacobbe, was nominated for eight MTV Video Music Awards (including Best Group Video and Best Direction) but didn't win any.

    Craig Maclean of The Face wrote in a review, ""Push It" is vintage Garbage: sultry, unharried vocals from Shirley, a galloping mix of buzzsawing guitars, a mash of samples, rumbling rhythms, an elegant discordancy... it is the album-closing song The Prodigy's cover of L7's "Fuel My Fire" should have been: barely-controlled pop-mayhem."

    Songs We Could've Rated | @sfmartin | Garbage | Stupid Girl

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  14. Top 40 Recap



    Aaliyah | Are You That Somebody?
    Brandy & Monica | The Boy Is Mine
    Destiny's Child | Say My Name
    En Vogue | Don't Let Go (Love)
    Janet Jackson | If
    Janet Jackson | That's the Way Love Goes
    Mariah Carey | Always Be My Baby
    Mariah Carey | Vision of Love
    TLC | Waterfalls
    Whitney Houston | It's Not Right But It's Okay
    #42. Janet Jackson | Escapade | 117 Points ♫♫
    #45. En Vogue | My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) | 114 Points
    #47. TLC | Unpretty | 111 Points ♫♫
    #57. TLC | Creep | 100 Points
    #72. Lauryn Hill | Doo Wop (That Thing) | 89 Points
    #86. Paula Abdul | Rush Rush | 74 Points
    #100. Adina Howard | Freak Like Me | 63 Points
    #117. Shanice | I Love Your Smile | 41 Points
    #122. Kelis | Caught Out There | 31 Points
    #123. Salt-n-Pepa and En Vogue | Whatta Man | 31 Points
    #126. Salt-n-Pepa | Let's Talk About Sex | 13 Points



    Cher | Believe
    Deee-Lite | Groove is in the Heart
    Everything But the Girl | Missing (Todd Terry Remix)
    Gina G | Ooh Aah...Just a Little Bit
    Janet Jackson | Together Again
    Jennifer Lopez | Waiting For Tonight
    #51. Amber | This Is Your Night | 107 Points ♫♫♫
    #53. Aqua | Barbie Girl | 105 Points
    #54. Robin S. | Show Me Love | 103 Points
    #58. Snap! | Rhythm Is a Dancer | 100 Points
    #68. Cathy Dennis | Touch Me (All Night Long) | 92 Points
    #70. Corona | The Rhythm of the Night | 91 Points
    #74. Dannii Minogue | All I Wanna Do | 89 Points
    #75. Alice Deejay | Better Off Alone | 89 Points ♫♫♫
    #80. CeCe Peniston | Finally | 82 Points
    #85. Ace of Base | The Sign | 75 Points ♫♫♫
    #89. Ultra Naté | Free | 72 Points ♫♫
    #92. Vanessa Amorosi | Absolutely Everybody ♫♫
    #102. Ace of Base | All That She Wants | 60 Points
    #110. GALA | Freed From Desire | 49 Points
    #121. Whigfield | Saturday Night | 34 Points



    Alanis Morissette | You Oughta Know
    Natalie Imbruglia | Torn
    No Doubt | Don't Speak
    Shania Twain | That Don't Impress Me Much
    #41. Garbage | Push It | 118 Points ♫♫♫♫
    #48. Alanis Morissette | Ironic | 108 Points
    #55. The Cranberries | Zombie | 102 Points
    #64. Shania Twain | Man! I Feel Like a Woman! | 98 Points ♫♫
    #67. Lisa Loeb | Stay (I Missed You) | 93 Points ♫♫
    #71. Blondie | Maria | 89 Points
    #77. Hole | Celebrity Skin | 85 Points ♫♫
    #78. Sophie B. Hawkins | Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover | 83 Points
    #83. Sixpence None the Richer | Kiss Me | 80 Points
    #88. Meredith Brooks | Bitch | 73 Points
    #93. Garbage | I'm Think I'm Paranoid | 69 Points
    #97. Divinyls | I Touch Myself | 64 Points
    #99. No Doubt | Just a Girl | 63 Points
    #110. Paula Cole | Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? | 49 Points
    #115. Faith Hill | This Kiss | 43 Points
    #118. Joan Osborne | One of Us | 40 Points
    #125. Sheryl Crow | All I Wanna Do | 18 Points



    Björk | Hyperballad
    Kylie Minogue | Confide in Me
    Madonna | Frozen
    Madonna | Ray of Light
    Martika | Love...Thy Will Be Done
    Sade | No Ordinary Love
    Shakespear's Sister | Stay
    #44. Sinéad O'Connor | Nothing Compares 2 U | 115 Points
    #49. Tori Amos | Cornflake Girl | 108 Points ♫♫♫♫
    #56. Annie Lennox | Walking on Broken Glass | 102 Points ♫♫
    #60. Olive | You're Not Alone | 100 Points ♫♫
    #69. Fiona Apple | Criminal | 92 Points ♫♫
    #72. Annie Lennox | No More "I Love You's" | 89 Points ♫♫
    #79. The Cardigans | My Favourite Game | 83 Points
    #98. Alanis Morissette | Thank U | 63 Points
    #103. Enya | Caribbean Blue | 59 Points
    #105. Annie Lennox | Why | 57 Points
    #106. Suzanne Vega | Tom's Diner (DNA Remix) | 56 Points
    #109. The Corrs | Runaway | 50 Points
    #115. Björk | Human Behaviour | 43 Points
    #119. The Cranberries | Linger | 39 Points



    Céline Dion | It's All Coming Back to Me Now
    Roxette | It Must Have Been Love
    Spice Girls | Viva Forever
    #52. Tasmin Archer | Sleeping Satellite ♫♫
    #58. Madonna | Take a Bow | 100 Points
    #62. Whitney Houston | I Will Always Love You | 100 Points
    #63. Shania Twain | You're Still the One | 99 Points ♫♫
    #65. Toni Braxton | Un-Break My Heart | 96 Points
    #66. All Saints | Never Ever | 94 Points
    #76. Vanessa Williams | Save the Best For Last | 87 Points
    #84. Donna Lewis | I Love You Always Forever | 78 Points
    #89. Céline Dion | My Heart Will Go On | 72 Points ♫♫♫
    #91. Jewel | Foolish Games | 70 Points
    #95. Gabrielle | Dreams | 66 Points
    #96. Des'ree | You Gotta Be | 64 Points
    #107. Macy Gray | I Try | 56 Points
    #108. Mariah Carey | Hero | 55 Points
    #112. Jewel | You Were Meant For Me | 47 Points ♫♫
    #113. Billie Myers | Kiss the Rain | 44 Points
    #114. LeAnn Rimes | How Do I Live | 44 Points ♫♫
    #120. Texas | Say What You Want | 38 Points


    Britney Spears | ...Baby One More Time
    Britney Spears | (You Drive Me) Crazy (Stop! Remix)
    Christina Aguilera | Genie in a Bottle
    Kylie Minogue | Better the Devil You Know
    Madonna | Vogue
    Mariah Carey | Fantasy
    Spice Girls | Say You'll Be There
    Spice Girls | Spice Up Your Life
    Spice Girls | Wannabe
    TLC | No Scrubs
    #43. Jennifer Paige | Crush | 115 Points
    #46. Celine Dion | That's the Way It Is | 112 Points
    #50. Wilson Phillips | Hold On | 107 Points
    #61. Jennifer Lopez | If You Had My Love | 100 Points
    #81. Texas | Summer Son | 82 Points ♫♫
    #82. The Cardigans | Lovefool | 81 Points ♫♫
    #87. Robyn | Show Me Love | 73 Points
    #94. Geri Halliwell | Look at Me | 68 Points
    #101. Geri Halliwell | Mi Chico Latino | 60 Points
    #104. Mandy Moore | Candy | 58 Points
    #124. B*Witched | C'est La Vie | 23 Points
  15. Wow the next 10 should be completely made up of Magia and Vicenza cuts for me
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  16. I could complain a lot about some of the great songs that have left already, but really, there are only like 2 or 3 songs in this Top 40 that I wouldn't have seen there. So good job, everyone!
  17. Kind of awkward and unfortunate that I like less than half of the songs left but then I knew going into this that my 90s musical tastes are not as aligned to the Popjustice hive mind as the 80s!

    I still think Paula Abdul was done so dirty here.
  18. I'm sad to lose "Push It" but so excited to still have my four 12s in! I expect them all to be shoved aside by those CBOP mega-hits in the end, but maybe not...

    "Love... Thy Will Be Done" was the very last song I cut from my list, so I'm really glad it's hanging on too.
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  19. Top 40 Survey

    1. Which song, that has already been eliminated, do you wish had made the Top 40 the most?
    1a. Which song currently in the Top 40 would you have switch places with it?
    1b. Which song in the Top 40 is the biggest pleasant surprise for you?
    1c. Which song's elimination shocked you the most?
    1d. Is there any song you regret not giving points to?
    2. How many 12's do you have left?
    2a. How many did you expect you'd have left right now?
    2b. How many of those songs do expect will make the Top 20? (If you don't have any 12's left, talk about your 10's instead)
    3. Which radio station needs to have the most eliminations before we reach the Top 30?
    3a. Which radio station needs to remain untouched until we reach the Top 30?
    3b. Is your favorite radio station doing better or worse than you expected?​
  20. 13/40 of my votes remaining...hmm. Oh, lemme do that survey:

    1. Thank U
    1.a hard choice... maybe the Shania one
    1.b not much of a surprise but I'm happy for Sade! No Ordinary Love is lush!
    2. half of my 12ss...which belong to Magia and CBOP
    2.a I wanted Tori to do better, therefore 3
    2.b these two Iconic Girl Groups better get there or knives will be thrown
    3. hmm, I only care for Together Again from Kroxx so yeah...
    3.a Magia - not a single bad song in there
    3.b it's doing very well but I lost 5 r&b songs I love early on and now I only have 4 - things deff could be going better for me
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