Women of the 90s | Countdown | Winner Revealed ["It should win the Best Video Award"]

@DJHazey , thank you for another great rate!

A pretty great (albeit predictable) winner, I think. In terms of 90s Madonna songs I definitely feel like Vogue had a much bigger impact, but Frozen is by far the superior song.
Madonna generally seems to have a broader appeal than Britney (despite the forum’s enduring obsession with the latter), so she had this on lock.
Back to the main five divas for this elimination.

Please do try and keep up.


Average: 7.485
Highest score: 10 from @Doodvid
Lowest score: 3 from @rav4boy

WRITTEN BY: Brian Higgins, Tim Powell, Stuart McLennan, and Matt Grey
PRODUCED BY: Brian Higgins, Matt Grey, Tim Powell, and Stuart McLennan (Xenomania)

@DJHazey (6): A lot of the same arguments I had against “Everything I Wanted” apply to this as well, just it’s generally more pleasant I guess. Never Give Up on the Good Times it is not.

@daninternational (6.25): basic bop

@berserkboi (7.5): Very nice, but also very repetitive!

@Remorque (7.75): A great bonus track, but I understand why it was left off of the album in the end as it didn’t really fit the soundscape.

@rav4boy (3): Sounds like a bit of a regression to be honest and too much like Dannii’s earlier work.

Next time… sadly, the first 11 falls.

Amazing rate @DJHazey. Elated with how well 'Torn' did. I figured a Britney + Madonna finale was in the cards the whole time (though I thought it might be a different song than 'Frozen'. Maybe that was silly.) It's mist certainly a worthy winner, though.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go make some programming changes at WKEY.... we are failing in the ratings! Ha!