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Women of the 90s | Countdown | Winner Revealed ["It should win the Best Video Award"]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Feb 15, 2021.

  1. More radio support/playlists -> better instore distribution & label support -> sales. I don't think the label even tried that hard to get it stocked in record shops first time around (I was working in one at the time).

    The single will have been deleted as soon as the label decided to go with a re-release, so take the above factors and stir through a build-up of surpressed demand and voila!
  2. Yes, also it was being really hammered in the clubs, there was a massive demand for it, just like Tori Amos’ Professional Widow remix a few months earlier.
  3. Well well, the song at the center of attention right now, so how appropriate!

    Madonna eliminations are under way, which clearly means we're reached the advanced levels of the rate countdown.


    4/21 Songs Remaining

    #58 (tie)


    Madonna | Take a Bow | 100 Points

    12 | @Daniel_O
    10 | @phoenix123, @rawkey, @torontodj
    8 | @Aester
    6 | @berserkboi, @Dangerous Maknae, @Hurricane Drunk
    5 | @girlsaloudjunkie
    4 | @boombazookajoe, @funkyg, @GimmeWork, @londonrain
    3 | @idratherjack
    2 | @Holly Something, @Remorque
    1 | @invertedbutterfly, @Music Is Death, @pop3blow2, @Robsolete

    -5 | @ohnoitisnathan (I'm kidding of course)

    Released | December 6, 1994

    Genres | Pop, R&B, Soul

    Writers | Madonna, Kenneth Edmonds

    Producers | Madonna, Babyface

    Peak Chart Performance | #1 in US, #16 in UK, #1 in CAN, #2 in ITA, #3 in FIN

    Year End Charts | #8 in US, #3 in CAN (1995)

    Legacy Charts | #24 on Billboard 1990s Chart, #284 on Billboard All-Time Chart

    Top Certifications | Gold in US

    Underdog Choice | @Daniel_O | I'm a little scared that Madonna's Take A Bow and Jennifer Paige's Crush will get lost in the mix, so hopefully they'll do better than I imagine.

    Background and Other Facts | Following the release of Madonna's first book publication, Sex, the erotic thriller, Body of Evidence, her fifth studio album, Erotica, as well as her infamous TV interview with David Letterman in the early-to-mid 1990s, the media and public's backlash against Madonna's overtly sexual image was at a peak. Madonna wanted to tone down her explicit image. Her first attempt was to release the tender ballad "I'll Remember" from the soundtrack of the film With Honors. Musically, she wanted to move in a new musical direction and started exploring new-jack R&B styles with a generally mainstream, radio-friendly sound.

    Babyface sang backup and also produced this track to give Madonna the R&B feel she wanted for Bedtime Stories. When the two met, they were quite impressed with each other in that neither of them swept in with a big entourage. They worked on this song and "Forbidden Love" at Babyface's house in his writing room.

    At Madonna's suggestion, this song was recorded with a full orchestra. It was the first time Babyface had worked with live strings.

    In the States, this topped the Billboard charts, but in the UK is was a relative failure, reaching only #16 after 31 consecutive top 10 hits. However in the US, she broke Carole King's three-decade-long record as the female songwriter with the most number-one songs.

    Real-life Spanish bullfighter Emilio Munoz played Madonna's bullfighting lover in the music video for this song. He reprised his role in the video for "You'll See", which was a sequel to this song. This song and its follow-up "You'll See" show two different sides of Madonna's personality. She explained to NME: "'Take A Bow,' lyrically it only reflects one side of my personality. I have that side which is completely masochistic and willing to, literally, do anything for love. But there's another side too which is – 'Don't fuck with me, I don't need anybody. I can do what I want' and 'You'll See' reflects that."

    This won Best Female Video at the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards.

    Justin Timberlake enlisted director Michael Haussman for his "SexyBack" video because he was so impressed with his work on this song's video. He told MTV News in 2006: "Even today, I still remember the visuals, the images, how he captured her. A lot of times, Madonna seems like she's the person in control, and in that video, she seemed vulnerable. It was a cool thing to see."

    Britney Spears' 2009 "Radar" music video is also a tribute to this song's video. Director Dave Meyers told MTV News: "We were looking for a way to take her into a contemporary, classy environment. I felt empowered by referencing Madonna's 'Take a Bow' video. Britney hasn't done anything like that."

    Country singer Trisha Yearwood covered this song with Babyface on CMT's Crossroads in 2007.

    Madonna and Babyface performed this together at the 1995 American Music Awards. Babyface remembers being a nervous wreck: "I had on some wide pants, so you couldn't tell, but my leg was shaking like crazy. And then after I told her, she said she was nervous too, which was amazing to me because it's Madonna."

    After performing this at the American Music Awards in 1995, Madonna didn't sing it again live until February 4, 2016 at a concert in Taipei. She said to the audience afterward, "That was fun! First time ever. Hit a few bad notes, but it felt good to sing it."

    Songs We Could've Rated | @torontodj | Madonna | Deeper and Deeper

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  4. I always found it interesting that Take A Bow was such a massive hit for Madonna in the US when it was her first relative flop in the UK (well since Borderline underperformed on first release anyway).

    It's absolutely gorgeous and a real change of pace for her after the Erotica album, in fact I always felt it was more like a Celine Dion song than a Madonna song! Bedtime Stories is perhaps her most underrated album for me, really good album for late night listening.
  5. I love Take A Bow and gave it a 10 in the Madonna rate, but only gave points to one Madonna song, which I'm hoping will be Top 10.
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  6. I love Take a Bow so much. I can't believe it's going on 30 years. And when it came out, I had already been a fan for about a decade!

    I think Madonna and Babyface were well-matched both in songwriting and even vocally. Babyface's voice really compliments her. I think this is one of her best vocals.

    And yay to see Deeper and Deeper referenced in this rate!
  7. Well, someone got their wish with the last elimination, but as always with a rate on Popjustice, be careful what you wish for because the next elimination could very be one of your 12's.


    9/21 Songs Remaining

    #58 (tie)


    Snap! | Rhythm Is a Dancer | 100 Points

    12 | @ohnoitisnathan
    10 | @Ezz
    8 | @2014, @girlsaloudjunkie, @livefrommelbs, @unnameable
    6 | @idratherjack
    5 | @iheartpoptarts
    4 | @Auntie Beryl, @Baby Clyde, @Conan, @No hay banda, @TéléDex
    3 | @daninternational, @MilesAngel, @Untouchable Ace
    2 | @Aester, @Ana Raquel
    1 | @phoenix123, @slaybellz

    Released | March 30, 1992

    Genres | Eurodance, Techno

    Writers | Benito Benites, John "Virgo" Garrett III, Thea Austin

    Producers | Benito Benites, John "Virgo" Garrett III

    Peak Chart Performance | #1 in UK, #5 in US, #1 in AUT/BEL/FRA/GER/IRE/ISR/ITA/NED/ESP/SUI/ZIM, #2 in SWE, #3 AUS/GRE, #4 in NOR

    Year End Charts | #2 in UK, #75 in US, #1 in GER/NED, #2 in AUT/BEL/SUI, #15 in AUS (1992), #25 in US (1993)

    Legacy Charts | #13 on AUS 1990s Chart, #32 on BEL 1990s Chart, #35 on NED 1990s Charts

    Top Certifications | Platinum in UK, Gold in US, Platinum in GER, Gold in FRA

    Favorite Re-Discovery | @Aester | These songs are so familiar to me, it's hard to give an answer to this, but I did not expect that I'd eliminate beloved favorites so I could give points to "Rhythm Is A Dancer".

    Background and Other Facts | The song features vocals by Thea Austin. The American singer/songwriter/composer was meant to be the replacement for Snap!'s original lead vocalist Penny Ford, however after laying down the vocals for this track, she left the band. Austin later was lead vocalist on Soulsearcher's UK 1999 Top 10 hit "Can't Get Enough" and Pusaka's 2001 dance club chart topper "You're The Worst Thing For Me."

    "Rhythm Is a Dancer" samples the beat from a 1984-song called "Automan" by American electro, synth and old-school hip hop band Newcleus.

    It also contains what one critic called the worst lyric of all time, "I'm as serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer". The original album version of the song did not contain the line, which is found on the more widely known 7-inch version edit of the song that was later added to the album. The immediate reaction of Turbo B when presented with the line was reportedly 'No way am I singing that shit!' Although Snap! were criticized for the lyric and Turbo B later stated he hated it, the line had been used in hip hop music since the late 1980s.

    So how did Austin hook up with Snap!? After Penny Ford left the band because of tensions with the group's rapper Turbo B, the German producers who controlled the group called her back to help with arrangements, and asked her to find a replacement female singer from America. In an interview with Penny Ford, she said: "They paid me a whole lot of money to pick somebody and bring 'em back over here (Germany). Because by that time I had signed with Sony, which meant contractually I could no longer sing for them, because they were BMG. But I was not signed to Sony as a writer. So I could still write for them. So I'm not sure how it sorted out, but the girl that came after me, she was interviewing me in the same way that you are right now for a magazine, and she said she was also a songwriter. Her name is Thea Austin, and she asked me if I would listen to her song. And I don't make a point of listening to everybody's songs, I just can't listen to them all. But I listened to this song and I liked it and I wanted it for my album. So I needed to get rid of her so she didn't need that song anymore. So I asked her if she had a passport. She did, and she happens to come from the same small little ghetto outside of Pittsburgh that Turbo did. And three days later she was on a plane coming over here making another massive hit for Snap!, 'Rhythm is a Dancer.'"

    A remix by CJ Stone returned this song to the UK Top 20 in 2003. In 2008, thanks to its use in TV commercials for Drench spring water Snap's original version re-entered the UK Top 40 again.

    It also showed up in 2019 advertisements in North America for TD Bank of all things.

    VH1 placed "Rhythm Is a Dancer" at number 36 in their list of "100 Greatest Dance Songs" in 2000.

    MTV Dance placed the song at number four in their list of "The 100 Biggest '90s Dance Anthems of All Time" in November 2011.

    On 31 March 2012, "Rhythm Is a Dancer" was chosen "Best Song of the Nineties" in the Nineties Top 99 on the Belgian Radio MNM for the fourth year in a row.

    BuzzFeed listed the song number 30 in their "The 101 Greatest Dance Songs Of the '90s" list in 2017.​
  8. Rhythm Is A Dancer is one of the most perfect examples of the Eurodance genre. Follow-up hits featuring Dame Niki Harris, best known as one of Madonna's longtime backing singers, are also amazing

    God I miss the 90s, truly the decade of dance music!
  9. Ezz


    Well, the party will certainly be duller without this bop! Poor Krox'ers...
  10. I'm a Little Kroxer.

    In Amber we trust!
  11. Monday's first elimination.

    Is from Magia 97.1 which hasn't had an elimination since #72 (Lauryn Hill). It's one of the least specific hints I could give and have a lot of choices for guesses since it still has about 1/4 of the songs remaining (14)

    Monday's second elimination.

    The artist stage/band name, first name, or last name starts with an A, so that means:

    Alanis Morissette
    Annie Lennox
    Christina Aguilera
    Tasmin Archer
    Tori Amos
  12. 'Take a Bow' equally as good as 'Rhythm Is a Dancer'? Riiiiiight. #onlyonpopjustice
  13. How the HELL did I miss this rate?
  14. Take A Bow is such a underrated Madonna ballad and ballad of the 90s itself. It's #16 UK peak was just no.
  15. I KNEW I forgot to tag iconic Buffy rate voters.

    (I mostly just tagged people who had voted in the Women of the 80s rate and anyone else who had expressed interest in this one)
  16. Realistically I couldn’t have committed to all these songs but looks like a great rate- I’ll be following.
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  17. Protect Amber and Aqua (but of course it's gonna be one of the two isn't it)
  18. Aw poor Rhythm Is A Dancer! Even though most of my KROX picks were at the bottom of my Top 40, I really do love them. I have a special place for 90s Eurodance in my heart because of this 3 disc compilation boxset of 90s Dance Hits my mom bought when I was a kid. When I tell you I wore those CDs out! I have no idea where she found it, must have been some bargain bin somewhere cause I didn't realize until I was much older that they were all actually covers produced in Canada and not the originals dd.
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