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Women of the 90s | Countdown | Winner Revealed ["It should win the Best Video Award"]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Feb 15, 2021.

  1. It'll be 'Cornflake Girl' and 'Sleeping Satellite'; the two least-crap (I think they're both fab) songs from that list, knowing the dominant #popjusticeMillennialdemographic 'we prefer the late 90s' tastes

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  2. Oh I thought you might have been born in the late 90s.
  3. And of course
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  4. Nope, not a Zoomer just Canadian dd. Some of these songs weren't really hits round these parts. I would have been about 5 when the song came out but I was there honey, I was there.

  5. Reminds me of that time Sleeping Satellite came on the radio and I asked my GenX mum if she knows the song. Her reply was: yeah, that's Tori Amos, right? Dddd but when I asked her about Tori a couple years before she didn't know any of her songs.

    Anyway, your prediction better not end up correct cause I don't fancy losing half of my 12s in one day!
  6. I was literally going to mention that along side Amber & Starz on 54! The taste levels oooft
  7. One of the other 'A' songs people were worried about losing and again, no it's not that one (obviously because it doesn't have only two words in its title)

    The best representation of bubblegum dance as a genre in the rate, we'll miss you!


    7/21 Songs Remaining



    Aqua | Barbie Girl | 105 Points

    12 | @Ana Raquel
    10 | @Daniel_O, @girlsaloudjunkie, @iheartpoptarts
    7 | @MilesAngel, @Sprockrooster, @Untouchable Ace
    6 | @Conan, @Hazey's Mom
    5 | @DJHazey, @Ezz, @GimmeWork
    4 | @Dangerous Maknae, @daninternational, @rawkey
    2 | @unnameable
    1 | @Aester

    Released | May 14, 1997

    Genres | Bubblegum Dance/Pop, Eurodance

    Writers | Søren Rasted, Claus Norreen, René Dif, Lene Nystrøm

    Producers | Johnny Jam, Delgado, Søren Rasted, Claus Norreen

    Peak Chart Performance | #1 in UK, #7 in US, #1 in AUS/BEL/FRA/GER/IRE/ITA/NED/NZ/NOR/SCO/SWE/SUI, #2 in AUT/DEN/ESP, #3 in FIN, #4 in CAN/HUN

    Year End Charts | #2 in UK, #94 in US, #2 in AUS/BEL, #3 in NED, #5 in FRA/SWE, #8 in GER, #11 in AUT. #19 in ROM

    Legacy Charts | #19 on UK All-Time Chart

    Top Certifications | 3x Platinum in UK, Diamond in FRA, Platinum in GER, 3x Platinum in AUS, 4x Platinum in BEL, 3x Platinum in SWE, Platinum in NED, Platinum in AUT/SUI, Gold in DEN?

    The best selling song we've revealed so far? MaybeSo.gif and we stan that fact!

    Favorite Re-Discovery | @girlsaloudjunkie | Forgot how much of a certified BANGER it is.

    We Could've Had 10 Songs By Them... | @iheartpoptarts | Give me Kylie’s ‘What Do I Have to Do’ and I’ll happily forfeit the Wilson Phillips song. Or donate it to the adult contemporary station. Oh, wait, this doesn’t answer the question. Ten songs? How do we get to ten songs? Can we make people rate Aquarium in its almost-entirety? Actually, that might be fun… (Yeah there's definitely some arguments against where I put some songs that I would retroactively change now that I've seen the results. Looks like poor WKEY 93.2 could've used Wilson Phillips and a couple of the Pure Moods songs for balance. Oopsy.)

    12's Given | @Ana Raquel | This was one of the songs that molded my taste as it's one of the biggest Eurodance classics. Even with a Brazilian version of it, it never had the same impact on me. Possibly one of the first songs I learned the lyrics to it? And geez I am AWFUL at learning lyrics.

    Background and Other Facts | Aqua are a group of Scandinavian musicians and DJs who had originally formed under the name Joyspeed. This yielded some small chart success in their native region, but the group grew disillusioned and started over as Aqua.

    This was written after the group saw an exhibit on "Kitsch Culture."

    Mattel sued the band, saying they violated the Barbie trademark and turned Barbie into a sex object, referring to her as a "Blonde Bimbo." Aqua claimed that Mattel injected their own meanings into the song's lyrics. In 2002, a judge ruled the song was protected as free speech under the first amendment, and also threw out a defamation lawsuit Aqua's record company filed against Mattel. The judge said in the ruling that "The parties are advised to chill." The case was dismissed, and in the process, it garnered loads of media attention for the song and the band.

    In late 1997, a few months after this song peaked on the American charts, Mattel announced that they were changing Barbie's body for just the third time in her history. Barbie's new body had a bigger waist, slimmer hips and breasts that were shrunk to an 'honest B cup'.

    Blender magazine rated this the 33rd worst song ever in its 2004 article "Run for Your Life! It's the 50 Worst Songs Ever!" in a section entitled "Scandi-wegian pedo-pop alert! Erk!" They suggest that "perhaps the gambit sounded acceptable in helium-huffing singer Lene Nystrom's native Norwegian," but that "in English it's just plain wrong." They labeled "'rapper' Rene Dif's basso profundo 'come on, Barbie, let's go party'" as the worst part of the song. (There's so much wrong with these statements, I simply cannot!)

    Stephen Thomas Erlewine from AllMusic called the song "one of those inexplicable pop culture phenomena" and "insanely catchy", describing it as a "bouncy, slightly warped Eurodance song that simultaneously sends up femininity and Barbie dolls."

    Larry Flick from Billboard wrote that "with her squeaky, high-pitched delivery, Lene Nystrom fronts this giddy pop/dance ditty as if she were Barbie, gleefully verbalizing many of the twisted things people secretly do with the doll." He noted that "at the same time, she effectively rants about the inherent misogyny of Barbie with a subversive hand", adding that Rene Dif is an "equally playful and biting presence, as he embodies male counterpart Ken with an amusing leer."

    The song was voted the fourth "Best Number One of All Time" in a VH1 poll.. In an unrelated VH1 countdown, "VH1's 100 Greatest One-Hit Wonders", the song ranked number 88. Australian music channel Max placed "Barbie Girl" at number 371 in their list of "1000 Greatest Songs of All Time" in 2018.

    As the interval act during the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest, Aqua performed a medley of their singles alongside percussion ensemble Safri Duo. There were several complaints due to the profanity used during the performance, both at the beginning and end of "Barbie Girl".

  8. I liked Barbie Girl when I was 6, now not so much. Doctor Jones, is still a bop though.
  9. I like a bit of Aqua and love Lene's voice. This would have got a lot of points from me

  10. I was only reading today that she co-wrote No Good Advice by Girls Aloud, wouldn't have guessed that at all!
  11. Lene's solo album sounds much more like Girls Aloud than Aqua

    The latter is a massive bop!
  12. I didn't think I'd give points to "Barbie Girl," but then I had so much fun (said in a Lene/Barbie voice) revisiting it, I just had to. The same thing happened with "Rhythm Is A Dancer." The bops were so good in the '90s!
  13. Hey since I'm guessing you wanted to see the back of "Barbie Girl" leaving this rate, you have to recognize then that sometimes there's a give and take to these proceedings.


    3/21 Songs Remaining



    Tasmin Archer | Sleeping Satellite | 105 Points

    12 | @ohnoitisnathan, @Phonetics Girl
    10 | @Cotton Park
    8 | @Auntie Beryl, @marie_05
    7 | @Epic Chocolat, @MilesAngel, @Untouchable Ace
    6 | @No hay banda, @sfmartin
    4 | @Baby Clyde, @daninternational, @JonBcn
    3 | @berserkboi
    2 | @chanex, @invertedbutterfly, @pop3blow2
    1 | @torontodj

    Released | September 1, 1992

    Genres | Pop

    Writers | Tasmin Archer, John Beck, John Hughes

    Producers | Julian Mendelsohn, Paul Wickens

    Peak Chart Performance | #1 in UK, #32 in US, #1 GRE/IRE/ISR

    Year End Chart | #16 in UK

    Top Certifications | Silver in UK

    Favorite Discovery/Re-Discovery | @sfmartin

    Underdog Choice | @Phonetics Girl and @Untouchable Ace

    Background and Other Facts | Archer is an English singer of West Indian descent. She wrote "Sleeping Satellite" in 1988 with John Beck and John Hughes, whom she met while working at Flexible Response Studios in Bradford, England. They became members of her band and her writing partners - every song on her first album is a collaboration amongst the trio. At first, they called themselves The Archers, but they got a better response from record labels when presented as a solo act.

    EMI signed her in 1990, but it took about a year to record the album - the first producer didn't work out. Another year went by with the label sending Archer on the road to get in sync with her 6-piece band. During this time, EMI developed a marketing plan for Archer, sending her on industry showcases and buying radio ads to promote "Sleeping Satellite," her first single. The plan worked: When the song was released, it went to #1 in the UK and Archer earned lots of positive press. She was not keen on celebrity though, and recoiled from the media blitz surrounding her, admitting in interviews that she wanted it to stop.

    In America, this song managed just a lowly chart placement of #32, but the song had a long life, playing as a recurrent for years on many radio stations after it was released.

    Thanks to this song, Archer won Best British Newcomer at the BRIT awards in 1993.

    Some of the references in the lyrics: "The Eagle's flight" - The Eagle was the name of the lunar module carried on Apollo 11 that touched down on the Moon. "Are the Seas still dry?" - The Sea of Tranquillity is where The Eagle landed.

    Tom Ewing of Freaky Trigger wrote about the song in a review, "This, it seems to me, is part of what "Sleeping Satellite"'s articulating: a sense of disappointment bordering on betrayal that having dreamed of the Moon – or indeed, because it got there – humanity now seems confined to a slowly boiling Earth. This is potent, raw stuff and very difficult indeed to cover effectively in a pop song. And in truth Archer doesn't cover it effectively – the song's ambiguous and flowery, its emotional kick comes from Archer's self-belief more than anything you can read into it. But I have to say I like the idea that she tried."

    The album title, Great Expectations, was Archer's idea. It comes from the book by Charles Dickens about a boy who comes into money and lets it go to his head. It's a reminder to Archer to stay grounded.​
  14. I don't hate that song, actually. I wouldn't say I love it, though. "Doctor Jones" was better.
  15. Tomorrow's one elimination to round out the Top 50:

    It contains the word you or some form of the term within the song title, so:

    Are You That Somebody?
    Better the Devil You Know
    My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)
    Nothing Compares to U
    Say You'll Be There
    Spice Up Your Life
    This Is Your Night
    (You Drive Me) Crazy (Stop! Remix)
    You Oughta Know
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  16. Bracing myself (but OK with it)
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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    (Isn't Missing You just Missing??)
  18. Yes, and therefore I'm choosing to believe it won't be leaving!
  19. That's some list there.
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  20. Losing two fours there...

    My brother was heading to town on a Sunday and asked me if I wanted anything. When I said the Barbie Girl single he regretted asking. Now we're two big homos but he still looks down on my music taste... (well I love Eurovision and he's a music teacher so it makes sense I guess)

    I was too young to hear Sleeping Satellite at the time, but it's fucking gorgeous
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