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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Resi12, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Resi12

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    Why didn't they have their own thread? Odd, seems like now couldn't be a better time to start one I suppose.

    What's everyone's thoughts on Be My Baby? I was hoping for something a bit stronger but it's still cute. The synths are almost Christmas like.
  2. 3Xs


    Too basic.

  3. Who?
  4. 3Xs


    But no on a serious note, shade aside, Wonder Girls were one of the very first groups I heard when I was first discovering K-Pop. So Hot used to be my JAM! And still is to an extent.

    They've released so little material over the years though that it's hard to really call myself a fan. Plus their newer releases (2 Different Tears and now Be My Baby) haven't done ANYTHING for me.
  5. Wonder Gorls are fab... But their recent stuff is sub par.

    So Hot, Tell Me and Irony are all 1000000/10.

    True statement.
  6. I love So Hot.. I really thought that their first teaser would be a re-invention of them.. but not.
  7. I think K-PJ kicked Wonder Girls to the curb when they released Nobody, haha.

    I wouldn't say I'm a proper fan (I saw them live once and actually left early) but they seem lovely. I love Sohee and Yubin! So Hot and Tell Me are great songs.

    And on Be My Baby, I really like it. Definitely an improvement from their last two Korean singles. I wish they didn't fool us with the teaser photos (those guns!) and MV teasers. It's not what anyone was expecting.
  8. Same here! I'm just about to give the new album a spin.

    Be My Baby is nice enough, but they needed more than anything to come back with some impact and they didn't deliver for me based on that single.
  9. I was never a big fan outside of So Hot, but the new album surprised me. There are some amazing songs on there. Me, In, Stop!, SuperB, Act Cool are all great.
  10. Be My Baby is amazing and you will all deal.

    It's like Goodbye Baby but with personality and catchiness.
  11. This. And the video is amazing.

    Also, I must say that Act Cool is one of the most hilarious/awesome things I have ever heard. "I can rap in English!!!!!" is clearly the greatest kpop lyric in history.
  12. I need to eat a few words because unlike the single the rest of the album is really good, a solid effort!
  13. The single and album are amazing.


    The (wonder) gurls.
  14. Nobody <3
  15. Me, In should've been the lead single.
  16. Act Cool is so good. 'Stop shhhh-ing me!'
  17. So many epic lyrics in that song!
  18. You speak the truth! I was pleasantly shocked and surprised by Wonder World. It's between this and Sixth Sense for female album of the year.
  19. 3Xs


    You must have forgotten about Girls' Generation Japanese album. And SISTAR's first album. It's alright though we'll forgive you! <3
  20. or Stop!
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