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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Resi12, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. He's Canadian but he spends most of his time in Haiti and makes occasional trips to Korea or wherever she is at the time. I don't believe there's any plans to move either as she's said she won't be leaving

    JYPE stated “Sun Ye will continue to work as a member of the Wonder Girls. The members of the Wonder Girls will work individually and together.”
  2. So... JYPE stated that “The rumors of Sunmi returning to the Wonder Girls are not true at all. We’re not sure where people are getting this from.” I really hope this is true, as no one can replace Sunye. And I'd rather they go on a hiatus than to have a previous member return to take the place of the best singer in the group.
  3. Yay! JYPE's CEO did an interview and talked a bit about Wonder Girls, and confirmed that they're in the process of planning new things for the girls including sub-units! http://globalsunlights.tumblr.com/post/39379779071

    Wonder how they'd be paired up in units. Yubin and Lim should do something together (something along the lines of a more single-worthy Act Cool lol) while Yenny is doing her musical and Sohee does some kind of acting.
  4. I definitely agree - Lim and Yubin should be a rap sub-unit. Lim's come into her own so much, but she will be so much better with Yubin. Yenny should focus on musicals and maybe a solo career. Sohee should just be stuck in some drama or something.

    I think they should do something interesting like have Sunmi join Lim and Yubin as a permanent sub-unit.
  5. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Is it a bit dramatic of me to see this as the beginning of the end for the girls?
  6. Oh, I think everyone that heard Sun was getting married thought the same. I mean, it seems like all Wonder Girls group activity is on hiatus for the foreseeable. JYP doesn't even mention the girls American advancement anymore. It's kind of sad really, that much money lost on the American venture and at this rate we aren't ever going to actually get an album from it.

    It definitely does kind of feel like "where do we go from here" type situation. I mean the worst that can happen is the girls disband, but that doesn't seem like an option for them. I definitely think Sun will end up spending more time with her husband and family than she expects to.

    No, I think we will see them apart for most of the year if not all of the year and them all do their own things, whether thats sub-units or not.
  7. Sunye had her pre-wedding photoshoot today :-) All five of the other WG members incl. Sunmi (bridesmaids) participated as well


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  8. Here is the Like Money dance MV. Don't know why it's being released now though...

  9. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    That makes the MV look so much more expensive. The actual version looked cheap, well the set with the blue lights at least. Hideous styling still, don't know why they made them wear such garish outfits.
  10. There's some rumors of a Yubin/Lim unit coming next month... I hope it's true because that's the one I wanted the most. If something does come of it I just hope they aren't given some awful JJ Project type song!

    2YEBIN went to see Joo's musical today with James (: (Sohee and Lim took a trip to Hong Kong together.)
  11. Love that MV! I hope we get lots of activity from them this year.
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  13. Menboong

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    Sunye really looked stunning. I'm really happy for her and wish her all the best.

    As vague as her comments about WG were, I'm quite sure this is it for her. If she's really planning to move to Canada now, there's no way she can still keep up with the Wonder Girls schedule.

    JYP's tweet is so touching: "I met a smart young girl and taught her for 12 years. But I realize that I learned more from her than I taught her. Congratulations Sun..."
  14. Goddamnit. I thought there was news.
  15. Lim got her own radio show!
  16. What!? Source please!
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