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Wonder Woman (2017)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MarlonBrando86, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. I'm starting a thread since the trailer is set to drop in a few hours at Comic Con and it's all I can think about or care about today. All hail the best thing in BvS besides Batfleck and Cavill's chesticles.


    I couldn't find a thread, holler if there is one already.
  2. And it's here! Warner Bros is not fucking around with trailers this year:
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  3. I hope to God this is good for the sake of female driven superhero movies everywhere.

    The fact that Zach Synder is not involved automatically means that this will be better than Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.
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  4. That trailer is everything I wanted it to be.
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  5. God bless. Can't wait for this.

    They could've cast someone better than Chris Pine though. Rami Malek maybe. Idris Elba.
  6. "What I do is not up to you". Queen. I'm cautiously optimistic for this, and I'm glad they have Patty Jenkins on board since her pilot for The Killing had some stunning direction, and she off course made Monster. I never bothered with Batman vs. Superman so I'll have to get around to watching that, mostly to see Diana. Praying this does well and then we get, like Batgirl or Huntress or something.
  7. The last time I had a woman-led action movie of vaguely comparable scale was Salt so I don't care if this is shit, take my bloody money, all of it. That fight scene at the end is incredible, her musculature, the shield-slide move, just GODDAMN. I'm so hype.

    The cast could be more diverse though... there's no need for all the Amazons to be white/white-passing (as far as I can tell so far).
  8. Looks amazing. Finally DC are giving us something worthwhile.
  9. Colombiana? Lucy?

    Anyway it looks really good. Between Suicide Squad, JL and this, the DCEU is going to slay.
  10. I didn't like Lucy as I cannot stand Scarlett and found that film fucking awful. But yes to Colombiana (if only for the action sequences).
  11. ...eeh, yeah, about that.

    (That trailer does look nice, though)
  12. Looks more promising than Justice League so quietly hopeful. And her rope glowing is all kinds of amazing.

    Both trailers suffer from some very cringey attempts at humour though
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  13. Are you fucking kidding me?

  14. I'd slow down a biT sis. Gal Gadot definitely bulked up from the modeling size she was serving pre-Batman v Superman, but I still think the Amazonians/Wonder Woman should be a bit bulkier.

    With that said, it's a very minor thing.
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  15. I'm not buzzed about the bulkiness teebs. Would it be cool if she was bulkier, yeah. But I think she looks pretty damn strong and statuesque as is, and she embodies the 'grace' along with the 'power' pretty well.
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  16. It looks very Wonder Woman: The First Avenger. Really looking forward to this. BvS feedback seems to have had a positive effect on them and suddenly I'm not so worried.
  17. I'm really excited about this.

    The only concern is the slow motion action, it reads a little too much like Snyder's EPIC FIGHT SCENE but everything else looks pretty perfect so I'll try to ignore it.
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  18. The trailer is awesome! When the drum theme comes at the end I get goose bumps. I'm not worried about Snyder's involvement in the movie since I think it's very little.
  19. The trailer is amazing! Can't wait for this!
  20. He


    I'm so hyped! She looks amazing. Don't care for Chris Pine, but she seems to keep him at bay.
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