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Wonder Woman (2017)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MarlonBrando86, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. I'd love to give them the benefit of the doubt and be like "But it's 100 years later so things change. . . " but then I remember Snyder directed it and probably just wanted more flesh on display. . .

    Also one of my friends is a background Amazon and I can't wait to potentially see her in action. If she gets cut that will also be a major kii.
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  2. Interesting. I love Kristen.
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  3. Ok but Sarah Paulson was begging for a villain role in this so can we hook her up with a role too?

    Wiig is an inspired choice and I think she will do something really special with the part.
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  4. Do we know she's Cheetah? Part of me thinks they'll chicken out of doing Cheetah at all, and instead go with Paula Von Gunther in a WWII setting - who I could see Wiig nailing.

    I want a super intense Cheetah centric story though. If they get Diana and Barbara's relationship right, it could be a beautiful, electric dynamic. Cheetah has never been given enough of her due. This is the enemy who seems like 'just another cat-themed enemy' but can take on the entire Justice League and is powered by a God herself. Coupled with her being a friend of Diana's prior to her transformation... it's so ripe for an epic script treatment.
  5. It'll probably be 2 villains. You know how DC like to throw everything in.
  6. Kristen Wiig as a superhero villain in Wonder Woman 2 ?

    I’m so used to giving and now I get to receive etc etc
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  7. I love Kristen Wiig!
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  8. It's such a unexpected actress but she could really nail it! I mean, she's got both the comedic and dramatic acting skills down pat.
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  9. The villains were the worst bit of the first film IMO. This sounds better.
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  10. In Patty Jenkins we trust.
  11. Interesting choice. I can't wait to see how will they portray Cheetah in the big screen.
  12. If the internet has gained sentience then we are doomed.
  13. Amazing news. I have very high hopes for this. Second Superhero movies tend to be better than their originals - I definitely prefer the non-origin tales. Batman Returns, The Dark Knight, X Men 2, Spider-Man 2. And now Wonder Woman 2 please !
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  14. The second picture hmmm....so many questions. How?
  15. The first still looks awesome, gonna be interesting to see how they do with it set in the 80s

    Although bringing back Steve
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  16. Should have set it in 1977.
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