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Wonder Woman (2017)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MarlonBrando86, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. I still haven't had a chance to see this. Screenings are at really awkward times for some reason. Hoping to finish work early tomorrow and catch it then.
  2. Ares is usually portrayed in his huge armour, but is known for taking unassuming forms.
  3. Talent. Always. Wins.
  4. Would've loved to have this when I was a little girl.
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  6. It's sad but the success of this film/character that has meant to so much to me for so long - it's one of the only positive things to happen in pop culture and media in the last year.
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  7. I thought it was kind of shit which is a shame as I wanted to stan. Loads of plot points were dropped randomly or made no sense. Why was there a native American with them?
    The character herself was charming and fierce though so that's something going forward.
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  8. It felt like a real reference to war-time comics with gangs of lads, often stereotypes of bizarrely disparate cultures, coming together. Of course, this ditched the racist overtones, but kept that feeling of unlikely characters banded together. War comics have never been on my radar outside of being a massive DC/Marvel comic nerd, but thinking of things like Blackhawks, Howling Commandos... it was an odd bunch that resonated with me as feeling apt as a reference but I understand not feeling the same. Each of the men felt in some way alienated from their own peers but wanted to help win the war I guess.
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  9. The movie was good and quite charming. Gal is very likable as Wonder Woman. For me, the movie never really got boring or plodded along. I was so glad that the potential love interest was not a distraction from showing Wonder Woman's prowess at all.

    The CGI was almost at Once Upon a Time levels of bad at times, though.
  10. Did you miss the return of Rita Ora? Beyoncé's pregnancy?
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  11. [​IMG]
  12. No doubt the film has inspired many young girls around the world, but this particular tweet is very r/ThatHappened (kii at 'Thank you to whomever wrote it' though).
  13. ...

    Is that Lee Ryan interviewing her?!
  14. Good watch for those of us stanning the Wonder Woman-theme. Not the heavy analysis you could expect from 8 minutes, but some interesting views I hadn't thought of.

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  15. Rmx



    So, so, SO good. I'm speechless!!
  16. That electric cello. Tingles, still.
  17. Finally caught this tonight. 7/10. Gal is a sensational Wonder Woman, it was like she had just stopped out of a comic book, but that cheesy fight scene at the end was toe-curlingly cringey and the movie would have been better without it.
  18. Loved it. It was definitely better than Guardians Vol. 2. Let's see how Spider-Man and Thor 3 will do.

    The story wasn't the strongest and there were some obvious plotholes, but Gal and Chris were quite endearing and very likeable. Too bad they wasted Ares already. I liked David Thewlis in the role, especially how he represented war as a god by being a manipulative whisper or an idea. They should've kept it at that and saved the physical battle for another sequel. The finale also felt too easy. General Ludendorff was meh and Dr. Poison underused, but maybe we'll see more of her.

    I screamed at the Dutch lines and the faux-French Belgian people/village.
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