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Wordle (and spin-off games)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Andrew, Jan 21, 2022.

  1. A good day.

    Wordle 217 4/6

    Le Mot (@WordleFR) #13 5/6

    (bêta) LeMOT 14 2/6

    SUTOM #15 2/6
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  2. 4/6 today. Lots of yellow squares.
  3. Which one are you?

  4. It's a bit counterintuitive that a gold square doesn't actually mean you got a letter right. I mean, it's a colour associated with winning and everything. Wasted a turn yesterday because of that, and the same happened again today dd
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  5. Not my capitalist brain seeing RAG statuses all day every day and immediately seeing any shade of orange/yellow as ‘not quite right’.
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  6. I don’t think it’s meant to be gold is it? More yellow which often doesn’t meant success on a computer screen, where as green does.
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  7. Just did my first one and got it in three!
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  8. Yeah I get it's supposed to be yellow, but that particular shade definitely looks more like gold to me.

    I almost got it in two today, somehow. Had four of the five letters right.
  9. I thought todays was quite hard. Took 5 guesses. The lewd one however I got in 2. *blush*
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  10. At first I was like this is hard they don't even give you any clues, you're just supposed to guess randomly? But I actually did pretty well on my first try.

    Wordle 4/6

    LeMOT 2/6

    Lewdle 2/6
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  11. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    If you want something with multiple games available per day, try Absurdle.

    It's basically the same as Wordle except that you can never win as long as there is more than one possible answer. You win when there is literally only one possible answer (based on the info you've picked up from previous guesses) and you guess it, forcing the algorithm to give you the win.
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  12. Today’s one was cruel.
  13. Rob


    I don't even know what today's word means and had to google it after! It was a luck guess on my fifth go and I only got it because I'd figured out the first 3 letters.
  14. Today’s word was the most difficult yet but I got it on my 5th guess.
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  15. I got the third and fourth letter correct pretty quickly, but then it took me well over an hour to think of a five letter word with the remaining letters, it was so hard!
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  16. I'm pretty hooked on this game! Today's one gave my brain a workout but I got it in 5.
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  18. Got today's in 5 guesses too. Not very easy!
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  19. Got it in 3!


    Also I wanted to mention that if the letter is either yellow or green that it could have multiple of that letter. At first I thought that was only that case if it was green, but it could be the case if it's yellow too.
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  20. Same.
    It's the words with only one vowel that get me.
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