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Wordle (and spin-off games)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Andrew, Jan 21, 2022.

  1. Ever since I lost wordle, I kind of gave up on it? I lost my streak and I even failed to play the following days word!

    that Heardle is fun! I got todays song in 2 seconds!
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  2. Hadn’t heard of that (forgive the pun) and had to try it out. I had to skip several times before I could guess but my first guess was right.

    Do they only have a short list of songs to choose from? Maybe I should have tried earlier.

    #Heardle #8


  3. I had no idea what that song was, and never heard it! Bring back Song Pop! Dd
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  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    ha! Tribal Dance was my first guess!
    (When I got it right it autocompleted the title after 1 or 2 letters, is it supposed to do that?)
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  5. I'm assuming you're talking about the Sunday song, since it's already Sunday in Australia, because I can't believe you wouldn't know the Saturday song dd
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  6. Yes, it was sadly Sunday morning already when I saw the link! What was the Saturday song?
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  8. Was looking forward to trying Heardle and...


  9. Yes, I’d know this one! Good luck with the Sunday pick is all I can say fdd
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  10. Got it in one second again

  11. I thought it was
    Tame Impala - Elephant
    from the first second, but that wasn't an option to enter. After listening to the full 16 seconds I was clueless, and turns out I have never heard that song. There are, however, a bunch of mash-ups of the song I thought it was and the song it is, so I wasn't completely off base.
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  12. I thought it was BFF by Slayyyter, then I thought it was Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode. Unsurprisingly, I've never heard the song it actually is.
  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Heardle now just makes me miss Massive Music Quiz
  14. Never heard the song either. Not a fan of the artist or their music.
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  15. Took my until my 4 guess to get today’s Heardle (and Wordle!). Quordle in 8.
  16. Today's Heardle:

    The song

    The artist
  17. Awful song choice today.

    But wordle in 4, so
  18. Wordle in 3 and Heardle in 1 sec. Slay!
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  19. I got wordle in 3 but wouldn’t have got heardle in 3,000.
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