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Wordle (and spin-off games)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Andrew, Jan 21, 2022.

  1. Yeah, today's was a pain. I actually managed to get two letters right on the second try, but then it took me ages to think of a single word that could fit.
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  2. I've never heard of today's word
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  3. Today's was nasty.
    I had the third and last letter on second try, and all of it in 5 after another half hour.
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  4. I'm glad I wake up and do this first thing because I'm literally seeing people on my Twitter TL posting Wordle spoilers and I almost had a meltdown because of it dddd. I don't want my perfect streak to feel unearned.
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  5. Uno


    I only know the word due to a quote from Clueless.

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  6. The fumes today. An instant classic.
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  7. When my boss asks on Teams if anybody else plays, and one of my co-workers replies, "Not me, I'd rather read." Uh... okay?
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  8. This was a fun way to realize I didn’t know how to spell that word. The SHOCK when I confidently typed it in the way I thought it was spelled only to be told it wasn’t in the word list.
    (Ended up getting it in 5)
  9. Wordle 5/6

    LeMOT 6/6

    Lewdle 4/6

    I did significantly worse today but at least I got them. At first I was like i've literally never heard of this word but then I was like that's not true, I have seen it somewhere:
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  10. The way she knew that word and knew perfectly how to use it in context but couldn't pronounce Haitians correctly. A queen.
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  11. I see I am the only one who plays the game by using my first three turns just putting in words that use a total of 15 common letters in English - and only get the words right in under 4 turns if a lot happens to be in the right place from the beginning ddd
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  12. My strategy is trying to get as many vowels in as possible in the first two guesses.
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  13. I play like this too, with an emphasis on getting the vowels out of the way first. The number of tries doesn't really matter to me, I find it more satisfying to try solving it in as little time possible.
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  14. Uno


    Same, I usually start with "audio" which knocks out all vowels but one so it's usually pretty easy to solve the word once you have the vowels locked in.
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  15. I usually start with Ideal
  16. I've been starting with "coral" since it's made of five of the most common letters in the English language. A word with more vowels sounds like a good idea though.
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  17. I do "HATER" "MOUND" "SILKY" and if those are lacking, "PUBIC." Usually makes it clear.

    EDIT: Sorry thought this was the Tinder thread.
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  18. Not this being today's word in LeMOT
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  19. The absolute shame of taking 6 turns to get it.
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  20. It was giving American History: Presidents circa. 1963
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