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Wordle (and spin-off games)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Andrew, Jan 21, 2022.

  1. I got ZERO letters on my first guess and then luckily guessed the last 4 letters on my second guess.
  2. Got it with my second guess. I've guessed every English word since I started Wordle, but I failed two times with the Dutch version Woordle/Woordle6 (my native language).
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  3. The Spanish word today was very sweet I thought!
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  4. NYT have bought Wordle ugh.
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  5. That was fast dd.
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  6. Hmm I really hope they don't put it behind a paywall.
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  7. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I swear I've never heard some of the French words in LeMot before in my life.

    What on earth is an épale?
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  8. Ummmmm - I don't think that's right Google!

  9. I think it's a conjugation of the verb épaler, which as far as I can tell isn't exactly a common word. I haven't really bothered with LeMot after the first couple of days, it could be a bit of a struggle. I just do Wordle and the Portuguese version (Termo) now.
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  10. I wish the other ones would keep track of your score on previous days the way Wordle does.
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  11. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    LeMot is killing me again today. I swear today’s word is not a word. Where do they find these things?!
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  12. So grateful that
    my favorite artist inspired today's word.
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  13. The daily grind
  14. Got today's in two--whew, the new opening strategy paid off
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  15. I flopped hard today
  16. My average is usually around 4 or 5... but the last 4 days I've got it in 3 and it feels amazing for about 5 mins.
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  17. Got it in three today so very chuffed. My mum is better than me at this. Which is correct because I am basically an inferior version of my mother (because I got all the worst qualities of my father).

    That's probably too deep for this thread, sorry.
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  18. I got it on 3 as well....
    Two days on the trot.
    The tide has turned
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