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Wordle (and spin-off games)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Andrew, Jan 21, 2022.

  1. To be honest for me the picks started to get bad even before Spotify took over. The last two days have been good though.
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  2. ...And the picks are back to being shit!
  3. 3 words and less than 30 seconds, new record at cemantix.


    This clue for Heardle on July 19 was funny and helpful. Wasn't there a parody on The Boys recently? Source.
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  4. I'm so pissed I couldn't get the Heardle today. A real tip of my tongue bop. I kept wanting to put in MASSEDUCTION and it wasn't there!! Grrrr.

    But very proud of getting the Wordle in three today. Definitely some luck in that but I love when I go straight from just a few yellows to all greens.
  5. I'm genuinely shocked at how garbage Heardle has become wow... Like the original the creator had taste for the most part. Who the hell is choosing these songs now?? They're so random! Is it just an algorithm or is it some out of touch straight man.
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  6. I got tonight's Heardle on my last try by a lucky guess. New issue since the Spotify takeover, tonight's song had two versions in the options, one with a feature the other without. I ended up picking the wrong one but luckily they still gave me the point. I swear I was gonna rage quit if they didn't give it to me dd.
  7. I really enjoyed today's Worldle. I got it on my second go but loved the reasoning process it took to come to mind.

    Oh shit Wordle was iconic. Great time to use DOYAWANNASEEMENAKEDLOVAH? (demo version)
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  8. Yesterday's Heardles were really good.
  9. Decided to check Heardle today and, lo and behold, it's still not available here. Like... what's the hold up exactly? I wonder if they're planning on having different regional versions or something. That'd be... pretty terrible honestly, especially if they don't also make the main one available everywhere.
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  10. 80s Heardle. I knew the song and the artist. Could not find it on the list. Only one song by that artist was on the list and it was not the right one.
  11. Someone really needs to fix 2000s Heardle. I can think of at least three occasions recently, including today, where the correct song hasn't shown up on the list.
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  12. I know! It happened again today and I was able to select the right answer after refreshing the page, but yesterday I refreshed multiple times and was never given the option to select the right answer. Super annoying as 2000s is the only genre of Heardle in which I know the correct answer 90% of the time.
  13. Correct song not on list for 80s heardle again today. Didn’t think of refreshing.
  14. Today:

    This time it's Heardle, maybe I'll do another language.
    Sometimes I like where colored boxes are or how random the guess words I choose are. But it almost always turns out alright.
  15. I’m slowly getting back into world after a hiatus. I’m enjoying how much it challenge my brain first thing in the morning. I’m so far on a 3 day streak.
  16. Interesting results, new words, beautiful shapes.
    No luck at cemantle or cémantix these days.
  17. Spotify Heardle no longer plays the clip after you've guessed it. Oh.
  18. The ways in which Spotify has absolutely ruined Heardle are almost impressive in their near totality.
  19. I still can't play heardle. I...
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  20. Haven't played Heardle in ages... but 90s Heardle is a banger.
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