Wordle (and spin-off games)

Does anyone have the problem where they know the answer on one of the Heardles but it doesn’t come up as an option when you search for the artist or the song title? It’s happening for me again today for the 2000s one.
Randomly thought I'd check and Heardle is still not available here. The way Spotify took something people all over the world enjoyed and just blocked it indefinitely (probably permanently at this point) in a ton of countries...
Wordle keeps resetting my stats. I was on a streak of about 9 and it reset it to 0. I then got it to about 20 and it's reset it again. Piece of shit.
I didn't realise there was a thread for Wordle(and spin-off games)! My Wordle mania has dimmed slightly - it's all about Blossom with my breakfast!
I’ve just discovered Connections on NYT and it’s essentially Only Connect’s the Wall. As a fan of the show, it’s a close as I’ll likely get.
La Palabra del Día de hoy........ I have no fucking idea. I'm bound and determined to figure it out but this is definitely the strangest word I've seen in the standard mode.


EDIT: Aha! There WAS one more valid consonant pair, but that took some doing and a lucky knowingly-incorrect fifth guess to help me see it.
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