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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by shadedeflector, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. That just doesn't seem realistic to me because it would take years to build a people-led moment large enough to meaningfully overpower an authoritarian oligarchy/dictatorship. The sanctions also just push Russia to adopt Chinese equivalents, which I would've assumed the US/NATO wouldn't want?

    I don't know, none of it's clicking for me, but I get the alternative at this point is clearly worse.
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    No, I agree, and I also don't like that regular people have to bear the brunt of this psychopath's actions. It's just that I'm not able to formulate a better solution.

    And it's annoying that blaming corporations just plays into his narrative that it's all the West's fault.
  3. PayPal cutting off all Russian people does kind of feel like the Texas convo we just had. Hurting a population that's already been hurt by their corrupt leader(s) just falls into the category of "two wrongs don't make a right." And I don't think it's fair to use civilians as pawns, hurting them in the hope they'll rise up against their leader - who, given that he's a fascist, is likely to retaliate by making things even worse for them. Biden said the goal of the sanctions was to hit Putin and those close to him, specifically, and that's what should happen.
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    Can you propose an alternative?
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  5. ... Sanctions designed to hit Putin and those close to him. Seize their assets.
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    They already did that. But they have vast reserves. Then what?
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  7. Russians are waking up and realizing they should have done something about Putin long ago, only it's too late. Now, they're paying the price. In fact, we'll all pay the price by the time this is over. It's ugly and absolutely none of it is fair.
  8. Nn I just came here to post something similar. The dark psychic forces amuck when stories like this are being published. we really need war content creation???

  9. I mean, is there any evidence these sanctions have worked elsewhere?

    These are literally unprecedented sanctions made on the bet that they'll work, but it should be clear how them working would or wouldn't look like. There's zero evidence of sanctions turning over people's attitudes to their government, whether in recent times or historically.

    If the goal is to weaken the military of Russia by squeezing its economy, that may make more sense, but wars historically end in negotiations, even when we don't want to have to feel like we're giving into figures who are evil. Ukraine and its people can continue down whatever path they want, but it's hard to imagine there being months more worth of lethal aid from countries whose populations are already feeling antsy over rising food prices and gas prices, and one has to wonder the intent of nations pretending otherwise.

    This feels poignant:
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  10. This tweet tells an entire novel’s worth of story when you consider the U.S. has had direct negotiations with three of the listed countries in the past decade or so, and is actively pursuing a thawing of relations with Venezuela to assist us with our energy crisis.
  11. America having to grovel for crude oil from states under its sanctions and from leaders just a year ago they were trying to assassinate and depose:
  12. Keep pumping those fracking sites heeenies 'cuz Venezuela ain't giving anything away.
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  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if the UK gov decided to open up the oil fields west of Shetland after all under the guise of needing the energy.
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  15. Sleepy Joe normalizing relations with Venezuela because we’re desperate for oil after we spent the last decade trying to overthrow their government, calling Maduro “illegitimate”, & destroying their economy… That’s the American way!

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  16. When it's not even necessary because we don't use much Russian oil anyway and the rapidly rising gas prices are really driven by financiers/oil companies 1) getting anxious and 2) taking the opportunity to bilk us more than ever, because they can

    When the rapidly rising gas prices are getting me anxious
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  17. The real joke is the Saudis, our supposed “close allies” of the past 20 years, who have received a first Presidential trip abroad, are happy to rake in the coins instead of lending a hand.

    It’s almost like the US’s foreign policy of the past 30 or 40 years… was wrong?
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    Ddd at least 77.
  19. The mass grave of Bucha. All war is disgraceful, but industrial-scale killings in an organized way are... a crushing experience of evil, I guess. The thing that can make you feel no longer human. The image of all those men and women lying about, killed systematically. What makes you even more ashamed is that you know this isn't unique, that it has happened many times and will continue to happen as long as we exist.
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