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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by shadedeflector, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. The reports of what's happening in Bucha...I'm just speechless. I don't want to live in a world where humans are doing this to each other. I feel sick to my stomach.
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  2. We’ve always done this through history so I’m not shocked, saddened.
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  3. It feels like certain world leaders are trying to stay in Putin's good books. It's all a bit fishy.
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  4. Which ones are, in particular? I actually don't know how the sanctions of each country imposed looks so far and I can't seem to find a side by side guide, if anyone has it.
  5. Sigh
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  6. Marine Le Pen seems to be on the cusp of winning the French election... any PJers living in France want to weigh in?
  7. I'm sure that if macaroon gets re-elected he will do exactly fuck all to improve things for those people and we'll be in this same situation at the next election cycle.
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  8. Why are the French so afraid to give Mélenchon a chance?
    If Marine wins, Putin wins.
    Macaroon is more of the same.
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  9. Still the only viable option in the run-off though. Voting for the lesser of two evils sucks but it has to be done. Mélenchon has told his voters to vote against Le Pen, so hopefully that counts for something...
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  10. He actually hasn't endorsed anyone to vote Macron yet and will first discuss an endorsement with his party, as he did back in 2017:
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  11. Given the miserable set of options available, I wouldn't be surprised if a fair chunk of the population don't bother to vote at all, and their apathy leads Le Pen to the win. God help us.
  12. LTG


  13. I’ve been a little unnerved by the careless use of the word ‘genocide’ from all parties over the course of this invasion.

    Russia should be held accountable for its war crimes, but as @LTG says, genocide is a very specifically defined term that holds horrific meaning for oppressed groups who have endured it.
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  14. I mean the reports I’ve read about the crimes of Russian soldiers and their vocal intent to inflict mental harm to prevent further Ukrainian births is, by UN definition, genocide, no?

    Whether those are just rogue soldiers not following orders from above who the fuck knows, but the intent from some Russian soldiers against the Ukrainian people is genocide by UN definition and there’s really no way around it.
  15. Actually genocide is the correct term to describe what Russia is doing in Ukraine.

    The UN definition of genocide:

    Russia is fast-tracking adoption by Russians of Ukrainian children whose parents have been killed during this invasion -

    Russia has already moved 100k Ukrainians to Siberia since March. Clearly their plan is to resettle these people's land with Russians -
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  16. Let’s not forget, by the way, that the UK’s Conservative government’s vision for criminalising many Roma homes is also definitely 100% genocide by definition and no one seems to fucking care or ever even talk about it.
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