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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. Zack Snyder should be so thankful for all of this. Had he released the movie as planned, it would have been universally panned (minus the members of his online cult) and he would have been over. But since hes become this martyr for "artistic integrity" and against "corporate interference" his mediocre cut will probably be praised. He got off lucky.
  2. I think the problem with Justice League is that it was always going to be an underwhelming movie but some of us were quite invested in the world Zack carved out and we didn’t get to see that continue at all and instead got a watered down, light and fluffy disappointment

    I am thrilled with this news but coinciding this with the Batwoman news makes me feel... not great!

    On the one hand I am happy to have something I’ve wanted for a couple of years but on the other this idea of fans having so much control over decisions that are made does make me feel a bit icky (no matter what the actual reason may be I think fans reaction to Ruby will have affected her ability/desire to keep the role to some extent).
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  3. He


    But like, what world? That is the biggest issue with the attempted DC universe for me, it was flimsy and didn't really earn its name.

    Then these characters coming together against some generic CGI baddie, in one messy looking film, with zero charm, was just... even worse than Suicide Squad.
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  4. Justice League was not earned and built to in the way The Avengers was, and the warning signs to postpone it were obvious from how panned Batman v Superman was. The DCEU got very convoluted with all of the heavy lifting BvS did with plot set-ups, and expecting a cinematic audience to buy into that was never going to work. I think there is room for both the DCEU and MCU, though Marvel has by and large avoided the same problems Zynder seemed to be introducing (Avengers: Age of Ultron maybe made some of the same mistakes, but thankfully didn't double down on them).

    Re-purposing Justice League in this way is simply a very transparent ploy to market HBO Max in the US. If HBO Max isn't launching globally, I am guessing it'll get sold on to other streamers?
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  5. Yup it’s just a huge ad for HBO Max. Why the hell would it need to be cut into 6 weeks episodes?!? WTF?
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  6. I'm eager to see what the fanboy reactions will be when the Snyder cut doesn't make the film any better. You can polish a turd, it's still a turd.
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  7. BTG


    Yeah, I’m not saying DC had to follow the Marvel blueprint, but the reason it worked so well was years’ worth of groundwork and planning before the first team-up.

    Man of Steel wasn’t even intended to be some sort of gateway movie into the DCEU, it was retrofitted into one, and then they raced to the big finish. They also lacked a Feige figure that could guide the movies to create a greater vision. Instead they let Snyder do what he wanted, with no one to reign in his worst excesses.
  8. The fanboys swear BvS and Man of Steel are ahead of their time masterpieces. So they will do the same for this cut. The content itself will not matter.
  9. Because Synder’s Cut is 4 hours long
  10. I feel that Shazam really proved that you can introduce a lesser known DC property into the cinematic masses, and DC could have done with debuting The Flash and Aquaman before even announcing Justice League. I still find it ridiculous that Ezra Miller's casting was announced way, way back in 2014 during Season 1 of the Arroverse's Flash TV show, and has amounted to a supporting role in Justice League and a string of cameos in BvS, Suicide Squad and the Arroverse Crisis crossover?
  11. I have not watched Batwoman because as I have gotten older I CANNOT watch a show with 22 episodes. I need quality over quantity. Which kinda sucks because there are things I really enjoy about the Arrowverse. However, Alice was always going to be a tough character to write because in the comics she speaks in nothing but Lewis Carroll prose.

    As for the Snyder cut
    nor do I need it. It doesn't help that Jason Momoa has been beating the drum for his Bro's cut.
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  12. I still think Man of Steel is an incredible movie. Blown up on a massive screen with the speakers on loud with that soundtrack is amazing. BvS I like more and more on repeat viewings so I’m pretty excited to see the end of the world he set up.
  13. Sorry I know this is suppose to be lighthearted but I’d rather watch a continuous 4 hour movie than have the pacing being broken like that. I had no issue with the extended edition of The Lord Of the Rings movies. I swear Warner Bros. can be straight up hacks.
  14. Man of Steel was a competent superhero action film, but it wasn’t Superman. It lacked the warmth, humour and charm that is closely associated with the character. BvS was a misguided mess with one of the worst scripts in recent memory.

    I have no hope for the Snyder cut, nor do I want to see it, but it is pretty clever marketing from HBO.

    Also, can we not call a man who withdrew from a film project after the suicide of his daughter ‘lucky for leaving the project to save his career’. It’s pretty gross.
  15. I really don’t see why this needs to be released? WB messed up and completely missed the mark here. I think they needed to spend more time setting up a consistent cinematic universe, the movies are all over the place and have no real relevance to each other considering they have some of the best superheroes at their disposal and some big names on their roster. If they had just released the standalones first, won over some acclaim and got audiences on their side a Justice League movie later down the line could have really been an event. Especially post-Endgame where there aren’t any big movie team-ups coming soon.
  16. People thinking there’s a finished, 4 hour cut of Justice League that somehow makes it good that is being withheld because of...reasons... are lying to themselves. All that Zak and his fans have talked about in the original vision will not be present given lots wasn’t filmed and a chunk of what was wasn’t finished up cgi wise in line with the rest. I’ve seen the estimate of 20-30 million needed to finish it all up? Will HBO pay for THAT?!

    And what the real kicker is is that Justice League was fucking boring, lifeless and beige all round. I adore the JL. I’m invested in the property, and it was lame. And THAT is Snyder’s film doing that. Like... what’s not clicking?

    I will gladly eat my hat if Justice League becoming LONGER, MORE serious, MORE washed out with even MORE fruitless world-building suddenly makes it a better film.

    The DCEU very nearly ate itself alive, saved only by Suicide Squad’s savvy marketing and going forward by making WW, Aquaman and Shazam work well on their own away from Snyder’s overbearing “vision”.

    As a Justice League of America fan, this whole thing has been an embarrassment from start to finish. Go read Mark Waid’s JLA: Year One if you want a good story.
  17. Splitting it up into 'episodes' is not a totally awful idea given how I think a 4 hour runtime would put a lot of people off (honestly one of my biggest mental barriers to watching films are home is the time commitment...) but I can't actually remember if Justice League had any places that would make sense for it to end as episodes?
  18. I mean, Snyder’s preferred cut of BVS, the Extended Cut, improved that film for me tremendously. It added nuance and more character building to a film that felt too tight. It allowed it to breathe. Yes it was 3 hours long but that 3 hour film felt much better paced and quicker than the drivel we were given in the theatrical cut.

    Snyder’s vision for JL was squandered due to his personal issues (RIP to his daughter) and told through Whedon’s lens. I’m optimistic Snyder can make JL a better stand alone film with the reshoots he wants to do.

    He obviously can’t world build and fix the general mistakes of the DCEU but with the goodwill they have right now thanks to Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam and Birds of Prey, getting the audience on their side with a better version of JL might help them salvage this iteration of the DCEU and make it better going forward.

    The MCU started off with two duds (three personally, I hate the first Thor) but it found its footing. I’m willing to give the DCEU that same chance instead of rebooting part of it.
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  19. LiK


    Man of Steel is easily one of the best Superhero movies ever. We already have the Reeves movies if you seek that warmth, humor and charm. I appreciated the different outlook on the character. The film is an origin movie. It's so clear many seem to forget this, since he became Superman in the movie. Prior to that he's never been a fight, nothing. I personally loved how they dissected the character, he still everything you expected of Superman, sorry if he wasn't smiling while killing Zod like Reeves did.

    I'm not stoked for the Snyder cut, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in seeing why exactly WB canned it and butchered it further with Josstice version. They know this version has become infamous and it will garner immense attention for their streaming service and that's all that matters.
  20. It just feels weird to go back to all of this instead of looking forward.

    Especially since we are getting a new batman movie next year.
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