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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. Thing is, there was definitely too much slow-mo used in Justice League. But some of it was necessary.

    He's showing us several characters who move faster than people and, in some cases. so fast they can reverse time. How do you portray their speed if not in a mixture of high speed/slow-mo?

    Snyder's filmmaking style is just not to everyone's taste. So, he's really no different from any other director. But I do genuinely think he did good work in his cut, in helping to give us more motivation, character development and a good potential jumping off point for more stories, whether that be movies or HBO Max series.

    The Suicide Squad looks like it'll be a clusterfuck. But I did laugh at a couple of bits in the trailer. Elba's "oh for fuck sake" was so simple but got a giggle from me. It looks loud, messy and hopefully just a bit of fun.
  2. So, watched the Snyder Cut over the last couple of days and I thought it was ... fine. I don't like describing anything as boring, but I was bored as hell all the way through. The action pieces were great, but I really needed more than that, especially as a lot of character moments were few and far between. I don't know why it really needed to be four hours - I know they were including more backstory than the original version, but all it did was highlight the glaringly obvious fact that Warner Bros refused to do the proper groundwork in order for a Justice League film to work. I feel like DC are rebooting constantly at the moment, but I really hope they can get in a place where there's some consistency going on.

    As for The Suicide Squad, I'm not too fussed as I wasn't a fan of the first. I'll mainly be watching for Queen Viola.

    If DC really want to do something, then give us a Catwoman Multiverse film with Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway. This is what the people want.
  3. No.
    I would watch this... only if Halle Berry got an actual outfit and not something a paper shredder chewed up... and she’d have to not wear open toed shoes.
  4. Halle’s Catwoman outfit was incredible. Not just anybody could pull that off.
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  5. The slo-mo of Connie Nielsen sliding under the door as the Amazons bring down the walls was unbearable.
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  6. Also The Suicide Squad looks like a lot of fun. The original movie wasn’t great but had the right idea in terms of concept at least. Wish the new film was called something else (why aren’t subtitles a thing? Ie “Suicide Squad: XXX). If anyone wants a GREAT comic with them to read, read Tom Taylor’s run that just ended. Only 11 issues and a perfect wee story.
  7. BTG


    Get taste. Patience Phillips won.

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  8. They did Halle Berry dirty with that role. She could have been a great Catwoman but then they did... that. It has the same filter on it that your gif has. I say this as someone who saw it opening weekend in an empty Manhattan theatre. It's campy at least...
  9. BTG


    Miss Halle Berry served PS2 graphics and a Mis-Teeq soundtrack. A moment most pleasing to me.
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  10. But the basketball scene is ART!

    They could have kept the slow-motion for that. But literally every other scene had some moment that was supposed to be A Moment and... it just wasn't earned?
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  11. Oh wow the first Suicide Squad was so bad I never finished it, the new Suicide Squad looks so goddamn awful I couldn’t even finish the trailer
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  12. I'll skip 'The Suicide Squad'. The first one was bad and I'm not a fan of James Gunn's style and humour.

    The DC Universe never took off, but I do like Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller in their roles.

    They don't touch the quality of Nolan's Batman movies though.


    Looking at the future, I think it'll be 'The Batman' (again) to get real critical acclaim.
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  13. I do love DC's animated movies. It does feel like a more surreal comic realm than Marvel, which is why I'm guessing a lot of their movies don't translate.

    That said, I do crave a live action JLD film that features the likes of Klarion and Doctor Fate.
  14. I’ve been making my way through most of the DCEU films the past couple of days and I’ve actually liked all of them more than the first phase of the MCU. The only films I haven’t particularly liked were Justice League (2017) and Wonder Woman 1984.
    I’m quite excited to watch ZSJL tonight, the only one of his films i’d watched before was Watchmen and that’s my least favourite comic book film ever, so MOS and BVS really changed my mind about him.
  15. Wait, what?! Watchmen is incredible!
  16. I was really excited for it, but if I’d read the graphic novel beforehand and known what type of characters the film was about, I never would’ve watched it.
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  17. Watchmen is probably Snyder’s only truly successful “comic book movie” because he wasn’t able to stray very far from the material. That said...I understand people disliking it compared to the incredible and seminal comic book.
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  18. [​IMG]

    Frances Conroy's sniffing was too ahead of time for some people.
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