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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. I know. You can't make miracles out of mediocre material.
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  2. Just read didn't realise they are making a animated film for the long Halloween. Naya Rivera is going to voice cat woman. She will be incredible but gonna be sad hearing her again.
  3. I had no idea either. Now I can’t stop thinking..

    Not to take anything away from Zoe but if Naya was in the new Batman Movie as Catwoman? Good god!
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  4. Ha! Warner being the victim of throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. New Gods being the main culprit. I actually would have liked a Trench movie.
  5. Yeah, too bad 'The Trench' won't happen. As a spin-off, it was an interesting idea and angle.
  6. I'm not sad about the New Gods film being put on pause for now... I think DC needs to move past this dark/grit era before I can have faith in them doing the New Gods justice.

    I really do want them to get back into colour and costume when this New Gods film finally comes around though. Approach them from a high fantasy angle, not an over textured CGI blob feast. Do Kirby's designs justice and build on them.

    I'm not totally sure Ava was a good fit either, really.
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  7. New Gods had Tom King involved, a brilliant comics writer, so that makes me sad. I imagine his stamp would made it worth watching.
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  8. Am I the only one who didn’t expect New Gods to happen due to The Eternals? I feel they’re both so similar that I just couldn’t see both getting made.
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  9. The minute Marvel announced Eternals, I felt New Gods slowly being put into development hell. Especially since Eternals was created at Marvel because New Gods was cancelled (in comic form) back in the day. Jack Kirby then took a lot of the elements from it and put it into the Eternals when he was back at Marvel.

    It’s hard though to look at DC and see them struggle to do anything. Yes, they’ve had some entertaining and decent to good/great films but trying to emulate the Marvel formula isn’t something they’ve managed to pull off. Geoff John’s felt like he was brought in to be the Feige of the company but he’s only made things worse with the whole universe. I think they need to decide to do things not as one universe and just create some great films that aren’t trying to get what Marvel has done.
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  10. It’s a shame because The Eternals are genuinely Z-list when it comes to Marvel properties compared to how revered New Gods generally are both in-universe and with fans of DC. Marvel are making magic from material nobody cares about (relatively) while DC flounder with these huge beloved properties. They need to do more Birds or Prey style slightly left of field choices.
  11. DC need to do movies based on Batman villains. Let the auteurs have a crack at Riddler, Penguin, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and Crazy Quilt.
  12. I've said it a few times, but Eva Green for Poison Ivy.

  13. Give me a Catwoman film that isn’t stupid. Base it off of Ed Brubaker’s run or Darwyn Cooke’s Selina’s Big Score.
  14. I've been revisiting some of the DC Animated shows and they really were incredible. It's amazing how badly they've flubbed some of the films after the perfection of the Batman Animated Series, The Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond. It's like they went full bro dark instead of noir dark.
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  15. Finally watched Wonder Woman 1984. I enjoyed it. But yeah, why is there ONE '80s song? Mess. Granted, you get Frankie Goes to Hollywood (yay) but no other '80s bops (boo).

    The film has many flaws but how can the Razzies nominate Kristen Wiig as Worst Supporting Actress? She was great. Personally, I liked the slow, gradual emergence of Cheetah, and I loved Wiig's changing looks throughout the film.
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  16. I'd still love to see Michelle as an 'older Catwoman' and have them tell a story about where she is in her life now, how messed up she (probably) is. But it would never be something they would do.
  17. If Michael can don the cape again, what's stopping them from giving Michelle a second outing?!
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  18. I feel like she'd be more than up for it.

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