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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. I'm sure I read something or saw a video that mentioned Michelle being approached at the same time as Keaton, for the Flash movie and possible future appearances.
  2. That'd be my dream. I’m hoping she shows up in the Flash movie.
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  3. She better do. It would be a crime not to bring her back in some way, even as a cameo.
  4. I hope Ray wins against those corrupt scumbags.
  5. I just read the whole article. It's long but worth it. This summed up everything wrong at Warner ..."Fisher was initially optimistic but says he again turned wary when Forrest, who is white, led with the fact that she was an Obama appointee." That's like a white person saying "I had a black friend in highschool". The article sums up why Warner and the DC properties are in a continuous state of disarray. I fully support Ray Fisher and now I refuse to give anymore extra money to Warner. I was originally going to double dip and go to theaters for their blockbusters (Godzilla, Suicide Squad, Matrix etc). Now I'll just ride out my HBO Max subscription and cancel the service. A shame.
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  6. I know it's animated but this looks good, despite not doing it in Tim Sale's design style.
  7. Happy to see that they’re moving away from Phil Bourassa’s house style and back to more varied art styles again !

    That’s half the charm of the animated DC movies.
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  8. He


    Shazam actually had what most DCU films lack: fun.

    Hope they do a great sequel.
  9. I’m here for more Adam Brody too.

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  10. I love The Long Halloween but the animation in that trailer looks a little low budget. DC usually get it so right.
  11. This is a statement that applies to all forms of my life honestly.
  12. Just popping in to say that I think The Suicide Squad looks like a whole lot of fun. Personally, I'm a big fan of both Guardians films, and James Gunn's directing style, so I'm totally here for the "Guardians but make it rated R" vibe. Plus, always down to see more Harley, since she's probably my favorite DCEU character.
    Happy to see it's getting a sequel! I wasn't sure it would as I didn't know how successful it was dddd. But Shazam is definitely one of my favorite DC films, partly cause of how fun it was, partly cause of the way it explored the mythology of the characters, so I hope this one continues that.

    EDIT: Also, just watched this Film Theory video, and it kinda made me wanna watch the Snyder Cut even though I didn't really have any interest in it. It at least made the film seem more interesting then it probably actually is dddd.
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  13. It still looks miles ahead of whatever Batman Hush looked like...
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  14. I’m watching the Snyder Cut and full on screamed when Diana jumps in to the depths of the Amazon temple and lands in her high heels.

    Hunny I’ve snapped heels by jumping off a pavement in to the road, where did you get those?!
  15. That scene is probably the most comics accurate I’ve seen in a while. The countless times I’ve seen Wonder Woman, Huntress, Rouge, Storm battling in heels.
  16. Hey guys, if you're needing a gritty superhero/animation fix, you should come and watch Invincible, it's a great little series (8 episodes clocking in at 40 minutes), it feels very DC and it's pretty damn brutal.
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  17. On episode 4 at the mo. Am enjoying it. It doesn't feel essential viewing to me, but something that's a bit different just to stick on when I've nothing else to watch.
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