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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. Loving this casting choice!
  2. I barely remember him in The Normal Heart but apparently he’s a decent actor?

    He looks more of a Hal Jordan than a Guy Gardner…
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  3. Guy Gardner was trending on Twitter and the twitter description for the trend said that fans were upset wishing that HBO Max does a series with John Stewart Green Lantern instead.
  4. Green Lantern should absolutely be an ensemble affair but yeah, nobody has been clamouring for Guy “The Worst Lantern” Gardner to lead anything. John Stewart is the favourite of a lot of people because of the cartoon. Kyle will always be “my” Lantern as he was in when I started reading comics.
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  5. Guy serves a purpose in an ensemble, but yeah I’d probably rank him as the ‘worst’ of the Earth based lanterns.

    Wittrock hasn’t really broken away from the Ryan Murphy white-bread archetype for me but I’m curious about this show and I enjoy the lore of the Lanterns. . . But can they pull it off on a TV budget?

    Now if we can cast Riz Ahmed and Anna de Armas as Simon and Jessica then I’d be interested.
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  6. Good lord, this film really is shit isn't it.

  7. Maybe, but CinemaSins is also shit nowadays.
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  8. Queen Margot carrying the DCEU on her back.

  9. Bring back Cathy Yan and make a Harley & Ivy film.
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  10. I’m ready for this ATT/Warner/Discovery Chanel deal to be approved because Warner literally needs to be decimated and built again from the ground up.

    I Would never expect a Green Lantern anthology series but here we are…

    And again all these casting choices they are promoting are (presumably straight) white males.
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  11. Black Superman is coming, Supergirl is a Latina actress, Catwoman is going to be a black woman, Black a Latino myself I don't see a problem with the Green Lantern casting so far.
  12. True it’s just that it would have been a great opportunity to put a person of color to headline the show. I know Simon Baaz and Jessica are going to be cast soon.
  13. Sorry for the double post but for the last 24 hours or so click bait articles have popped up on Disney buying DC comics. It’s doubtful in my opinion since they’ll have a monopoly.

    Experts have surmised that the Warner/Discovery merger is to prep the new company to be sold again to a new parent company. I don’t see how selling off a profitable part of your asset would be favorable when you are trying to sell the whole thing?
  14. So the Harley Quinn Show is one of the funniest things I've ever seen??
  15. Bane is such a fucking treasure in this show.
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  16. And suddenly I'm invested.
  17. Re-watching the Christopher Nolan trilogy. I wish I loved them as much as others seem to but I just don’t like Christian Bale as Batman. The Batman voice in particular is just terrible, like he has laryngitis.
  18. The Nolan trilogy is my favourite set of Batman films alongside Batman Returns. They’re the only ones of Nolan’s films where I actually like the characters.
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  19. I loved the Nolan Trilogy, although I wish we’d had a solo Catwoman movie with Anne Hathaway to finish things off.
  20. Give me a Selina’s Big Score adaption or a Catwoman When In Rome one and I’d be happy!
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