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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. Nolan's Joker really breathed new life into the character as well. His version of Bane is less successful, but then outside of his initial appearance, Bane is boring.
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  2. The one thing I hated about The Dark Knight was Gotham's from Begins otherworldly labyrinth to a basic Chicago skyline.
  3. Overall, I think the Nolan trilogy is very solid. The casting and acting are pretty great (except for that iconic death scene in The Dark Knight Rises) with the Joker being a scene stealer. For me, Batman Begins is probably the best. It has the best depiction of Gotham City. The perfect atmosphere. Like @4Roses said, in the sequels it looks a bit too realistic.

    Cillian Murphy was also great as the Scarecrow. I wish he had a bigger role, but that scene in which he sets Batman on fire is memorable and at least he shows up in the sequels.

    I have high hopes though that Robert Pattinson will be the best one yet and it'll be nice to have a serious take on the Riddler. A bit controversial maybe, but I would like a darker, more serious take on Poison Ivy as the main Bat-villain in a sequel as well, rather than a silly Birds-of-Prey-ish/Suicide Squad-ish team-up with Harley.
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  4. I think it was good how Cillian Murphy was in all 3 movies as more of a side character. I think it worked better that way for some reason.

    I never got why Harvey, when his face was burnt off, was just laying in hospital with it all exposed like that. No attempt to cover it to prevent infection (Gotham nurses should get fired). It would have made more sense if we'd actually seen him rip off the bandages in order to look at his face but we never really see his reaction to it he just seems completely fine with it.

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  5. Guess I’m watching that Peacemaker show now. Loved him in Unreal though he was underutilized in Bridgerton.

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  6. For those who care Titans is back on August 12th (can't believe Hawk and Dove are still in this).

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  7. I've never watched any of the Titans show. I always just wrote it off because I didn't think it'd be worthwhile. But is it?
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  8. Wasn’t this because he always believed he should have been the one who died instead of Rachel and he wanted his scars to be on show as a reminder of how corrupt Gotham’s police are?
  9. It’ll probably be a chore if you’re not a diehard Titans or Bat-Family fan. I actually enjoyed the Jericho/Deathtroke storyline in season 2. The show can be really dark which i don’t mind. Too bad Hawk and Dove are still in this. Their storyline is going nowhere. I would rather the show focused more on StarFire when they have such a fantastic actress playing her.
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  10. But these aren't scars! This is still a fucking gaping wound!
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  11. Anyone watched this, is it any good?
  12. Not yet but I'm really excited to see it. Also terrified after what was done to The Killing Joke.
  13. Filming starts on Aquaman 2 next week! Queen Amber has a certain fan group seething with one simple tweet.

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  14. I quite like a Hawk and Dove on the show, but it’s simply overstuffed with both characters and plot points. Adding Superboy and the Cadmus storyline last season was wholly unnecessary, and I can’t believe they are adding Oracle, Scarecrow, the Red Hood (and Gotham city in general) while we still have to tackle the Starfire/Blackfire storyline they left hanging from last season as well as Donna’s loose ends.

    The writers so clearly want to do a Gotham City show. They should’ve just done a spinoff… I’m sure it would be popular. I will keep watching every episode of Titans because they are my favorite comic ever, but I just wish it would actually focus on them as a team. Fighting crime. In uniforms. With code names. And powers. (We’re two seasons in and literally half of them don’t have names or uniforms!!!)
  15. HBO Max should do a continuation/reboot/whatever of the original Teen Titans animated series. Fans would eat that up.
  16. I weirdly enjoyed Titans. Especially as it felt more Titans-y in Season 2 after the slow set-up of Season 1. It's not prestige television but none of these DC shows are. There's lots of fun stuff for fans of the comics even in these new interpretations.
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  17. I loved season 1 and enjoyed the start season 2 but I wasn't able to finish it.
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  18. The Flash movie is filming with the new Supergirl making her debut. I sorta love the suit.

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  19. Really enjoyed it! Took me a minute to get used to the animation style but it’s very well done. The voice acting is also solid and I’m excited for part 2.
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  20. I’m watching The Long Halloween right now and the art style is SO much better than the previous one for these DTV animated movies.
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