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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Macsun, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. I wanted the AquaMan trailer to drop first before making this thread but the Titans trailer just dropped and kicked me in the gut! Sure the costumes and actors are pretty trash but an R-rated like DC show?! I'm a bit interested now.

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  2. Yeah I'm super hyped about the Aquaman trailer but that won't come until Saturday. I guess we'll get Shazam too then which I'm not totally sold yet.

    Titans looks surprisingly good imo.
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  3. The Young Justice: Outsiders trailer. Still not sure if it’s worth it to spend 75 dollars a year to watch this and Titans.

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  4. Looks like DC has snapped out of their funk. Aquaman looks stunning!! I’m glad the movie was pushed back.

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  5. SHAZAM! Trailer!! I think the tone of this is fantastic and what DC|Warner Brothers needs right now.

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  6. LiK


    Yeah I was very surprised by the Shazam trailer it looks great and they've totally nailed the character down.

    Aquaman looks great! I hope the movie turns out well as the trailer really looks stunning. Aquaman should have been what they followed up Wonder Woman with followed by the other origin movies. I hope these go well for DC.
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  7. Both trailers look very cool. Feels like DC is finally able to breathe a bit. I actually wouldn’t mind them parking Superman and most of the league entirely until another group film. A great Batman solo is always possible, but with Deathstroke effectively confirmed as antagonist I’m not excited.
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  8. They need to scrap Deathstroke and put The Riddler, Catwoman, or The Penguin in there. Or a Joker that isn't Jared Leto. It's time to stop fucking around and bring out the iconic baddies. Also, Shazam looks really good.
  9. Shazam looks fantastic. I was a little sceptical about it originally and I didn't really see a 'movie star' with Zach Levi in the crazily padded suit but its working for me.

    Titans looks laughably bad, is teenage Dick Grayson working in an office? Why does Dick Grayson have the personality of Jason Todd? Is Star Fire just cremating people in the street? Who approved the wigs?
    Considering Teen Titans is DC's most successful franchise with younger audiences this just seems like a complete misfire. The titans are all about optimism and this just seems GrimDark for the sake of it. I'll give the pilot a watch but outside of Robin's costume and the actors body I'm seeing very little of merit.

    Aquaman looks as expected, I'm happy to see an interesting colour palate but outside of that I'm struggling to care. Young Justice looks interesting, I'm glad to see it getting a second life.

    By most accounts from comicon the DCEU is over, and we're focusing on the "Worlds of DC" branding now, so get ready for multiple actors playing the same parts characters in film and TV. . .
  10. I would LOVE to see Gwenda Bond's Lois Lane books made for TV. They'd be great. She's at high school, solving problems and cracking heads, while chatting online with her boyfriend she's never met named Smallville Guy....
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  11. God that Titans trailer is awful. What a poor decision to make. Literally no one wants a dark take on the Titans. Young Justice (and the DCAU movies with the TT in them) captured the tone rightly - a scary, exciting world but hopeful and endearing characters.
  12. I think anyone would struggle to make the Teen Titans into something watchable for adults. They look goofy, they have goofy powers, they're a goofy DC team with goofy costumes. The animated series is the best take on them for a reason: it understands their strengths and plays them for fun. The comics could get very dark (The Judas Contract) but I don't think that would work on screen, which is why I prefer the cartoon.
  13. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Titans looks like utter gash. Shazam and Aquaman have me excited.
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  14. I prefer the Aquman trailer but that's just cause it looks so epic.

    Shazam I was skeptical but I think the trailer has mostly won me over. I just don't like suit, you know it's padded. Plus the movie playing during Christmas while being out in Spring? Hm.

    But I like the new tone.

    I'm just confused that Patty Jenkins said WW84 isn't a direct sequel.
  15. I’m pretty sure it was meant in the way that James Bond films relate to each other. They can be enjoyed on their own without having to know the backstory/previous film. Same continuity, same Wonder Woman but just not continuing the same story from the previous film. Hope that makes sense... I’m tired.
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  16. I understood that too but with Steve Trevor back people are just confused, are they gonna pretend nothing happend in the first movie? Ha, I don't think so.
  17. That’s the only thing I don’t get... is it his grandson? I was hoping for a better looking love interest...
  18. Why didn't the actor just go to a gym and put on some muscle? It seems a bit strange to wear that ugly costume which - in the comics - looks rather cool.
  19. He did go to the gym, he looks really good here:

    They didn't need to stuff it SO much.
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  20. I reckon, and hope, he's neither back to life nor his grandson. That would not work. I hope he's just a flashback or something in her head or whatever. WW actually had me invested in a hetero love story but it ended in a beautifully tragic way. Leave it, @Patty.

    Seeing a few stills from the sliver of footage at SDCC made me wet.
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