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Worst album covers

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Or at least ones that certainly didn't help sales. I'd go for Olivia's 1988 The Rumour album. The dear thing had just emerged from a 3 year 'break' and delivered an album with her thoughts on AIDS, the environment and marital woes. Not exactly the banging pop album we'd hoped for! Still, the final nail in the coffin was the sleeve. Seemingly designed to forever go unnoticed in record stores, the blurry cover shot was an unusual misfire from Herb Ritts. There were some great photos from this period, but none were used for the album cover! It's not horrible or anything, just a let down. Olivia had some great album sleeves but The Rumour wasn't one of them.



    To be fair, the back cover was a little better.

    So, what would you class as the worst album covers you've seen? Artwork is important and I do believe it has an impact on sales. What covers do you dislike and would change if you could? Pictures too, please.
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  2. I love my girls but theres no sugar coating the fact that this is awful and certainly did not help sales.
    They were only in their mid 20s here yet look so much older. Everything about this cover lacks "Spice".
  3. It looks like they're just about to perform a terribly adult ballad on the Des O' Connor show.

    It's not what I'd call bad, but it doesn't look like much effort or planning went into it...
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  4. The funny/sad thing is it was shot many months before release so wasn't even a rush job.

    Something like this would've been amazing,

  5. I think at that point they were all thinking SOLO CAREERS! and probably couldn't wait to leave the SG behind them.
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  6. "The girls welcome Mel C back from rehab."
  7. [​IMG]
    I have no words.

    Deranged Scottish widow.
  8. [​IMG]

    Elton has had some bad album covers in his day, but 1997's The Big Picture is so fucking ugly.

    And he still had no idea what a decent album cover was nearly 20 years later...

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  9. In an Oprah magazine exclusive. I will never get over how awful that Forever cover is.
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  10. What the fuck is that. Green compact powders?
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  11. Babs has some great covers but that one is a bit troubling.
  12. You'd never think it was a heavy metal album!

    Very Maureen Lipman in Agony, this shot.
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  13. Never a world class beauty at the best of times, you'd think Billy Joel would have demanded a different cover for this album. Pre-empting the Twilight look by about 35 years.

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  15. Mel B and Emma wanted to carry on but yes solo careers had taken precedence.
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  16. This falls into the so bad it's good category, though. I can't imagine anyone buying a vinyl on a music shop and not looking terrified awaiting the cashier's reaction.

  17. Please tell me the back cover isn't Millie wiping herself.
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  18. I love this cover! Far from the worst in my opinion. But I love all of Ritts' photography. And Olivia is beautiful as always.

    Hard Candy by Madonna is one of my least favourites from her.
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  19. Hard Candy is vile. The Rumour isn't bad exactly, just dull and not eye catching in the least. It would have made a better inner sleeve shot.
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