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Worst album covers

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Looks like she's spotted something in the gutter in front of her....
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  2. Well she does like Searchin'........

    I'll get my coat...
  3. She's gotta find her a man!

    (Presumably to fix the electrics or something like that).
  4. Energise really do give the go ahead for some god awful album and single covers.I know they're a very small specialist label, but I do wonder how many people these covers have to be approved by. I mean, if no-one at the label or the artist has an objection to these covers, surley the artist has a partner or a mate who will say "C'mon, you've got to change that cover".
  5. Whatever do you mean?

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  6. You can certainly see the minutes of "effort" that have gone into those covers
  7. The gift that keeps on giving....
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  8. [​IMG]

    As my Mam used to say....One eye going to the shop for some milk, the other coming back with the change
  9. Oh the poor dab.
  10. I really want to listen to this album, I'm intrigued


  11. The future is here. And it has a hairy chest.
  12. It’s a very Gary Barlow look.
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  13. He's got that same look as Sam Smith has on his album....like he just listened to one of his own songs...
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  14. It was his crossover album.
  15. 431F9362-48F6-47FE-9822-6F094768C2AD.jpeg Oh dear. Those feet are gigantic.
  16. Poor Diana, truly awful.
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  17. It's like Michael got the top half/face and she got (a man's) the feet in their body exchange.
  18. Erik.WeGottheLove.cropped&optimized.gif
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  19. Curiosity satisfied...they're terrible

    I love it!

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  20. Who really saw that and thought "yep! that's our album cover guys!"
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