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Worst album covers

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Amen!

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  2. Looks like his clothes have come undone...
  3. Inside the mag you get to see his Bedroom Toys, I believe/ All I Need to know.
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  4. Is that a guitar in his lap, or is he just pleased to see you?
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  5. He's hiding his Union of the snake
  6. I don’t mind being of the opinion that I think the cover is actually very good and very striking. When the physical copy is out there, I have no doubt the actual quality will shine, as will the starburst on the front no doubt! Her pose, aesthetic and the colours serve up the disco era perfectly and as for that hair! Love it love it love it!

    If we were going to throw in bad album covers by Kylie, then I’d go with either Kiss Me Once or the new Greatest Hits cover! Both look ridiculous in many ways.
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  7. Not new at all, however I happened across this the other day, and... it's a mess, isn't it?

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  8. It's Art. Or something.

    They liked the song titles on the sleeve for their first 2 albums. Then abandoned everything for Mainstream.
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  9. I'm more worried about Warren's moobs putting my eyes out tbh.
  10. I feel that 40% of 80´s covers look like this.
    This random cut-out-with-bits-here-and-there look was the way to go in those pre-photo shopping days, when you had nothing much to say.
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  11. C48A845D-1433-4671-A9F0-478CE78FA731.jpeg This popped up on my new release recommendations on Apple Music... it’s a compilation.
  12. So awful and also, why would you choose that as the title?
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  13. Because it’s her biggest and best known hit. Still, awful title and cover!
  14. I guess, but it doesn't say anything about what the album is? Why not call it 'the singles' or 'the hits' or something more meaningful.
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  15. The Boy Did Nothing in terms of effort with the artwork.
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  16. This is really... erm... there are no words.
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  17. I was obsessed with that Dee D Jackson Cover and with the album too.. Its a concept album and she ends up floating in space for having had intercourse with a robot ( as you do)
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  18. I am sold on this.
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