Worst album covers

Yes the album didn't pull up trees on release, despite Torn, so when the next single did well, the label obviously decided the album needed remarketing and replaced the original with the close-up version. I like both. In fact, I paid 75p recently to get the second, close-up, version just for posterity.

Oh, I never knew that. I love the close up cover so much.
This is atrocious artwork.

I bought the album from HMV with their alternative artwork:

Thing is, some people do still buys things based on amazing/striking album covers. It's still a draw to people who perhaps might not buy something initially. Having such awful artwork can have the opposite effect and even prevent real fans from purchasing something because they wouldn't want to own it on vinyl when it looks so cheap and terrible. The thinking behind some of these covers is just so questionable.
Kelly Llorenna had some horrible artwork, bless her. I think she could look quite pretty but whoever took these shots made her look like she should be shovelling chips rather than gracing pop stages. I do miss Kelly, I wish she'd come back.