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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rainbow Trousers, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. I didn't see a thread for this. It will probably get buried by tomorrow anyway but here goes.

    For anything writing related you want critiqued, questioned, or just generally praised, you could post it here. As a group we would offer feedback and let you know what's working and in which places you could improve. If you have an idea or concept for a story, a poem or screenplay, you could shoot it by us and we'd let you know if it sounded engaging / clear / whatever.

    I've been having some bad writer's block lately, as we all get, so it would be nice to have a safe place where we can get honest opinions about our work. I only ask that if anyone critiques, remember that some positivity is just as important as acknowledging the negatives of a piece. Try and find those kernels of excellence even in a messy bit of writing. We're all learning and improving, after all.

    Anyway yeehaw let's do this.
    (Or not.)
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  2. About writer's block... It helps if you just type out the work of writers you like. Many people find this gets you into a rhythm and feeling inspired, so that your own words can start to flow again.
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  3. I think this is a wonderful idea. I know we have a few creative writers on here, so why not use it to write about writing?
  4. There's no one piece of advice for everyone, because as you know Rainbow Trousers....every writer deals with writer's block a bit differently. But my advice would have to be:

    In order to get more out, you need to put more in; so get inspired, basically. Read different books, stuff you wouldn't normally choose to read. Watch movies. Go to the theatre. See people. Break your routine. Do creative stuff and get different perspectives from other creative people. Then pour it back into your writing.

    We all have spaces to write, but I sometimes like to go out and feel like I've had a trip somewhere, even into town. I'll take my laptop and go to a cafe and write. It's ideal because I don't feel trapped or stuck inside on a lovely sunny day - but I still get the work done and sent away.
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  5. This is great advice! Usually for me it just involves sitting down at the computer for hours typing something until my creative brain switches back on. I definitely need to just try writing in different locations, though. Somewhere really empty and quiet usually seems to do the trick.
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  6. I find I can't creatively write on a laptop, it just causes an automatic case of 'writers block' but I'm perfectly okay if I'm using an iPad or my iPhone. It's clearly a mental block. Weird.
  7. Does anyody have advice on what to do with the writing after it has been written?
  8. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I find it extremely difficult, because it takes one click to open my browser and then I'm lost for two or three hours.
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  9. The internet actually ruins everything. Anything it touches dies.
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  10. I write a lot down on paper, which means I go through a lot of pads/notebooks. Then I put it onscreen. I've never tried typing with an iPad before, but I don't know if I could type on a flatscreen. I'm a trained typist so I need to feel keys under my fingers! In saying that, I've been told by everyone that an Macbook is the way to go!

    What do you mean, Jordananan? What do you write and what do you want to do with it?
  11. Sorry, I should have worded it better. It just sometimes feels a bit fruitless to write, doesn't it? Like what can I do next with it? Do you guys have any advice because I've just been writing for years for a hobby.
  12. Show it to someone! Consider getting it published. I have some helpful resources concerning publishing if you think it would help.
  13. Yes please! I've just no idea where to even start looking.
  14. Not anymore tbh. Stick it on Amazon through Kindle platform and promote the fucker. Even if you don't sell a lot, you'll probably sell more through self publishing on kindle than if you published with an actual publishing company.
  15. *Gets out red marker*
  16. I'd like to write, but I don't think I'd have the knowledge to flesh it out properly.
    Like I have a few ideas for short stories/novels, but I don't see how I could work them out properly.
  17. I think self publishing only works if you have a good sense of PR and know how to promote properly. Traditional publishing gives you access to a team of people who will ensure your book reaches the right places and people. There's also the fact you won't be in book shops, which is still a good source of revenue for the author, and a thrill when you see your book on the shelves of Waterstones or any other shop. HOWEVER! I was at an event last year with an author who signed a deal with Penguin as a result of the 50 Shades erotica explosion. She started out self published, but managed to get herself signed and out there through good timing and a bit of luck. Penguin and every other publisher went looking for those sorts of books to sell, and of course they found them online. So that route can work in your favour. But there's no exact science I'm afraid!
  18. Lovely thread - just be careful with the critique thing. This is a public forum and if you want to be published then sharing your work here could a) have rights implications and b) risk having your ideas and works stolen. Might be best to coordinate critiques on here and share via PM or personal email!
  19. Agreed. Self-publishing is the way to go these days
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