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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rainbow Trousers, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. Yesterday I was thinking about a Clive Owen film called Croupier (1998). As a subplot, dealt mostly via the voiceover, the lead character is researching and writing a novel set in a casino. As it’s an oblique way of dealing with the writing process it feels all the more accurate. It captures the sense of writing better than any other film I can think of without labouring the point. By coincidence I see it’s on Film4 tonight at 2am. It’s a very good movie. It’s worth watching if you haven’t already seen it.

  2. Wallace is very hit and miss for people, as I'm sure you know. I don't quite remember the comment I made, but I think it was in regard to the way you open the reader to comedy in extremely dry, uncomfortable, clinical settings. Wallace absolutely loves doing that. In the case of Mr. Squishy, I think you either find yourself being suffocated by the (intentionally) overlong sentences and dry, microscopic detail, or you start having a hearty laugh about it. Or maybe a little of both. He's raising an important political question in that opening chapter, which I think if you read to the end explains pretty clearly what he's been going on about. There's a jarring bit of personal anecdote that seems really out of place amid the descriptions of slogans and worker attire and candy bar filling. But that's going a bit beyond my initial comparison, I think. Give him another shot if you're able! He's really a very down to earth person, and almost painfully sincere about what he writes. That's what I really love about him.
  3. I have a feeling, that as a creative writing student (who will be doing his dissertation next year, gulp), I should have looked in here sooner...

    Anyway, there's been less of that this year because of the way the course is. Mostly, I've been focusing on music reviews and criticism, which I write for my student radio website (www.livewire1350.com, plug plug plug). Anyone else in here who writes those, per chance? Because one thing I'm wondering - how do you self-edit, particularly when it comes to things you love? I'd love to be able to give snappy but still informative bits about songs, but instead I tend to waffle a lot. I'd post the most recent thing I've written in here for critique in that regard, but it's like 900 words.
  4. The day I posted that review I tried to get into Oblivion again. I read a few pages of the next story called The Soul Is Not a Smithy (2003). I just know I’m not connecting with the author. There was no pleasure to be found there. So I gave up within a few minutes. Wallace and me are not going to have a fun time together. It’s too much like hard work. I’ve never done proper ‘educational reading’ like at university so for me reading should be pleasurable. I’ve never developed the ability to plough through books I don’t like. I wouldn’t be able to read an assigned list of books.

    Which is why my own books stand up to scrutiny*. If I can’t read a book I don’t like to completion then I’m incapable of writing one that doesn’t float my boat. I have an inbuilt inability to complete writing something that’s without merit*. Even my weakest book (I’m not going to name it) has a lot of strong stuff in it to make it worthwhile*. I even had someone say it was their favourite out of three of my books they had read.

    * In my opinion.
  5. I'm at this year's Edinburgh Book Festival. High schools across the country must see me and buy my books, or feel the horror of ignorance forever and ever. I was asked in November, and I've been keeping it secret - a contractual obligation - and now it's out! I'm delighted. I've been gasping to be part of that festival for years. Last year when I attended as a guest, I kept telling myself I would go back with my name on the pass. I'll be at the Baillie Gifford Corner Theatre, which is fabulous. FABULOUS.

    I might dress up as a UFO.


    I'm so happy!
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  6. I'm in this week's Big Issue too so keep an eye out for me, because I've named my five favourite YA books I won't be without. It was hell making the list because I had so many. I had to sacrifice Philip Pullman, which was tough.
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  7. Board that gravy train, Kirkland. If you take any pictures of the event I would love to see them!
  8. I have wrote for online blogs and magazines(usually music and movie reviews). I love writing song lyrics and short stories but my biggest issue is self doubt and often giving too much away at the start of a story and then leaving myself wondering where to go in terms of an ending or climax. I started a new blog yesterday just to get myself writing at least something everyday to get out of my writers block and today I am revisiting an idea for a children's book I had in my teens.
  9. Reading Northern Lights and loving it.
  10. A brilliant book by a brilliant writer. The Butterfly Tattoo is his lost masterpiece, and you NEED to read it.

    I'm trying to finish off the first draft of my third book. It's going well but I've suddenly decided to change a sub-plot entirely!
  11. Typed my 90,000th word today. It was 'woke'.
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  12. Liar! It was 'stabbed'.
  13. I finished today! 99,082 words!

    A few weeks 'away' from it now before the second-draft fun begins.
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  14. I have finished the first draft of my third novel.

    It's too late to celebrate but I'm in the food for a cuppa and a packet of Ginger Nuts.

    I'll redraft it tomorrow and send it away.

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  15. For most of my life, my imagination has been pretty typical. Some good ideas come along occasionally, there's plenty of writer's block thrown in, a generally mixed bag.

    But for the last two years it's like my brain has lit up and my neurons are on fire and it's idea after idea and I can't open my mouth or put pen to paper without an entire new plot falling out of my mind and it's such a wonderful thing but I'm also starting to wonder if it might be a brain tumor.
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  16. You've simply reached your moment of potential. It sometimes takes a writer years to develop his/her own style. It seems to happen at different rates for different people.
  17. Well, I've started a blog!

    Have a read of my first two articles, and tell me what you think - Always looking for new ways to improve, and topics to write about...


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  18. Not that you would want this but....

    If you want to write about gay stuff and have a bigger audience. Write something and send it in to a magazine like Hello Mr.
    Or write something for the Gay voices section of the Huffington Post.

    Throw yourself to the wolves a bit.
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  19. Thanks, I would love to send my blogs to people like this, Just not sure how to go about it.
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  20. Check the websites, use the contact forms.

    There's usually a page reserved for submission info.
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