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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rainbow Trousers, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. Thanks for the tip
  2. Been on a five thousand words a day schedule. Unedited, obviously, but it's been sort of kind of edifying in helping me develop ideas for later on.
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  3. I need to be less self-conscious about my writing. I finished writing a novel two years ago and I haven't found the courage to show it to anyone. It's not that I'm not proud of it (I very much am), but a part of me is terrified that people will hate it. I always wanted to be a writer and it feels very easy and natural to me, but taking that final step fills me with so much anxiety.
  4. Whatever you do, don't self publish until you've brought it before a publisher. They won't touch it if you already uploaded it as a free kindle book.

    And that's a perfectly normal thing. Sometimes you just have to say "fuck it" and submit it to somebody, come what may. It's not fair to conceal your brilliance from the world, Mister Unicorn!
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  6. If people hate it, then they hate it. But the chances are someone out there will enjoy what you have to offer. And if you want to make it as a writer, then you need to show your work in order to get paid in order to buy things and pay your bills, bills, bills. Make sure you present your work properly; I had tea stains on my initial manuscripts from sitting cups down on them. I had no idea how to seduce an agent or a publisher. Send your first three chapters, a blurb, your CV, and a letter introducing yourself. If you can get on a small press or large publisher, it means you have your Dr Martens jammed in the bum crack of the publishing industry...and then you can get to work.
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  7. You're bach!
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  8. I was away being amazing at the Edinburgh Book Festival, and I've been busy with other stuff too.
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  9. Golden Secret

    Staring into what feels like a clear blue sky
    Our saviour, A gift from above
    The ethereal beauty, Her twinkling eyes
    More wonder in her smile
    than yours or mine.

    Is it any wonder she made things calm
    The concrete in these walls, Untouchable this time
    Buildings made of matchsticks yet neither one subsides
    For the pitter patter of her feet keeps you being mine

    The golden locks with ribbons
    Her crown entwined with curls
    She is taller in more ways now
    No longer Pa’s little girl

    For the cherub has some thorns
    Those of which can sting
    Fourteen years have passed but she remains her mother’s sin
    Breathing in bitter air to join the pain within
    For she is now the reason for the hell they’re living in
    Though she is not to blame, Was not her that tasted sin
    Maternal lady strayed into the forbidden garden and devoured trash from the bin.

    Does anyone fancy giving me feedback on my poem? Feel free to say it's a load of rubbish if it is.
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  10. I think it reads very much like the lyrics of a pop song, and I hope you take that as a huge compliment...so you need to become the new pop songwriter of choice @NuhdeensPassport!
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  11. Wow thanks a lot @Kirkland, I do write lyrics but just for fun.
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  12. Okay, if any of you live in Glasgow or nearby...you're invited.

    I'm sorry but all I can guarantee is tea and a good time. I think my publisher will have wine there but with luck it is the cheap and nasty stuff so no-one gets drunk. Of course you don't need to drink when I'm there!
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  13. Noooooooo!
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  14. What an interesting thread title.
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  15. HA HA HA HA!

    It's such a tough mantle to endure but one must.
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  16. It was fun while it lasted.

    In all seriousness, pop along folks. Say hello. Buy a book. Or else my next book will be a pop music book called FLOP QUENZ.
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  17. RJF


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  18. I was thinking of you when I wrote that. I don't want you turning up steaming.
  19. Does anyone have any creative writing activities/exercises to get the creative juices flowing? The more fun the better.
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  20. One that really helps me is thinking of a color, then writing any words you associate with that color. I'm always thinking in shades and hues when I write something. A really violent moment would incorporate lots of orange thoughts and movements and objects, for instance. The words you list don't even have to be that color necessarily - you're doing enough as long as they evoke it for you personally

    Also actual exercise helps. Your mind works much better when you're staying physically active.
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