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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rainbow Trousers, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. Okay, Taylor-circa-Red-era.
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  3. This just popped up on my timeline. I'm sure they pay for content, so some of you might be interested.

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  4. I'm writing a novel about a fictional pop star. I regularly reference this forum. My fictional version of Popjustice is a lot more snarky tho. For dramatic purposes.
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  5. I've been writing while drunk lately. Makes me very productive. And since I love rewriting, I don't mind cleaning up the pages I produce.
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  6. Honestly how.
  7. Haha. Well, nobody is nice to eachother on my fictional Popjustice whereas people seem to get along here despite all the (necessary) shade.
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  8. This is a great unconventional bit of advice.

    I find it I usually have trouble writing when I don't have a clear sense of the story, so I've taken to interviewing myself about it, and actually writing down the answers. I first ask myself about the themes, emotions, and psychology of my novel, and when I start asking plot-based questions, they're all aimed at realizing the themes, emotions, psychology, etc.

    I'm about to hit a pretty murky part of my novel, and I don't want it to feel aimless, so I'm going sit down and try to figure everything out (with room for deviation of course).

    I also think some people get writer's block because they feel that they have to instantly produce interesting sentences, so it think it helps to allow oneself to just write functionally at first and then reexamine the sentences, deciding which ones are too bland to stay. Then they can be replaced with something more interesting. It's actually a lot of fun to look at a basic ass sentence and think, "Now how can I make this more vivid and colorful?" or "How can I make this less cliche?" or "How can use this cliche in a more interesting way?" (Some of my best sentences have come from embracing a cliche but twisting it a little bit, so that something familiar becomes a little alien but still recognizable enough to do the work of a cliche, which is to communicate through the reader's most common associations) And honestly, any writer that is afraid of writing too basic should realize that a lot of the prose in any novel will be functional. And that's for the best. If every sentence in a novel was inventive and colorful, that novel would get exhausting real fast. As much as I enjoyed it, Jonathan Franzen's "The Corrections" fell into this trap. He would try to be clever every other sentence, leading to tons of awkward figurative language that impeded the flow of the story.
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  9. I love this quiz.

    When I do it for the character that I think is most similar to myself, I score a 23, which isn't bad at all.
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  10. This is amazing! And so funny.

    I ran the main character of my pop star novel through it and scored an 8.
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  11. I'm currently writing a piece for a Scottish Wedding Magazine and they sent me a piece that inspired them. It's the most self indulgent and pathetic thing I've read in a long time.

    Not sure how I'm supposed to write if that's what they are after. Any suggestions?
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  12. Did they just give you the piece for inspiration or did they strong hint that you need to write in that style?
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  13. They said for inspiration but said they wanted something with the same kind of energy.

    The article is to be about my wedding day and my regret of not having a professional photographer. But this article was really negative and really quite pathetic like not having a photographer has ruined her marriage and life. So I just need to find a way that sells the importance of having a photographer but still being positive about my wedding? I don't want to portray it in a negative light because it would be insincere.
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  14. I'm writing a new book. I have one left on my current contract, but my agent is looking for another (bigger) deal for me. Who knows what will happen? It's a slow process but I'm really excited. I also have some really big events coming up this year as well, which means going to England and being a social moth. My current work-in-progress has me buzzing, so I'm trying to get it right.
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  15. Is anybody interested in having a little PJ Writing club? We could post a topic every week or so and people can write something and have their work discussed/critiqued. Say for example this weeks topic could be Villains, Discuss a villain from literature you have read and create a villain yourself, explain their personality and how they would fit into your story/or life. Just an idea I had because my local writing club has stopped.
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  16. Wow I'm really interested in this thread. My life basically changed once I embraced the idea of passive income. I'm so determined to write some ebooks and cross my fingers.
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  17. When is the next one? Will it be a continuation of this story or brand new? Just read this and thought it was really good. I kind of want to know what happens to Camilla next.
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    I'm so sorry, you made this post ages ago and I'm just now responding. Thank you for the nice words though, it means a lot!

    I think that's probably it for Cam, at least for now. Right now, I'm working on a feature script, but I do have another idea for a short story which I've started but is on hold. Hope to right loads this weekend. Thanks again!
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  19. I would like to get into creative writing. How did you all get into it?
  20. No worries. Good to know that's she's ok for now!

    I'm interested in knowing this as well. I've got an idea for a story that I'd like to start writing but don't know how to start.

    Is it just a matter of getting something written or is there some sort of process that helps keep ideas / plots organised?
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