So does anyone here watch the brilliance that is WWE Total Divas on the E! network?
It has all the sass and cattiness you would find in any Real Housewives show and puts a WWE wrestling spin on it all. I've just started watching the latest season and my god is it amazing. Summer Rae breathes new life into the show and I love all the pecking order backstabbing and bitching that goes on.
I just thought I'd bump this because I've recently been introduced to this show and it is unreal. I'm not usually a fan of these kind of 'reality' shows where there is no competition and its just like a poorly filmed soap opera. But something about this has really caught my attention.

It really is a lot funnier than a lot of the usual housewives shows, and obviously a lot of it is staged but these women are all pretty incredible. I have a soft spot in my heart for Nattie, she's basically every bodies punchline and a grandmother in the form of an Amazonian warrior.

The new British girl Paige is also pretty fun. And the way the stupidity of the Bella twins is a real winner for me.
I do watch this.

I feel for Nattie too, she deserves a break. I hope her dad stays sober and TJ mans up and fights for her.
I am totally addicted to this show, it's so trashy but great! I binged watched the first 2 seasons in like a week in the summer, been up to date ever since.

Paige was an absolutely brilliant addition this season. She's so cool and funny. I love Alicia too, her and Wade were a cute couple. Sad that Summer is gone, she brought the dramz last season for sure. I loved Trinity/Naomi but she didn't have much more to do storyline-wise, did she? She's actually quite funny.

The Bellas aren't the most intelligent girls. "Bob wire" anyone? Brie can be so preachy, Nikki can be such an ass sometimes too. I love how horny she is though, she makes me laugh a lot. She needs to get over this whole "my man" business, it's irritating as fuck. I like how different the 2 of them actually are, it's nice to see each of the Bellas become their own person. Brie Mode is amazing when we get to see it, puking on Nikki's boobs was a highlight. It's up there with her falling off the table in Vegas (maybe that was Nikki) and Summer vs Nattie (both times).

You can't help but feel sorry for Nattie. You can tell she's got a heart of gold most of the time. The stuff with her dad is legit as far as I'm aware, but I think (and kinda hope) the TJ/divorce stuff is scripted. Also, Rosa is another one that I feel sorry for, but I care less for her. She's never actually won a match by herself on the main roster which speaks volumes. Poor girl.

Ariane/Cameron is somewhat interesting on this from time to time. Eva Marie is as dull as she is good in the ring... Awful. THAT VOICE! However, she looked unbelievably hot at her wedding. It's a shame she's not so good in the ring. Seems she works more for Muscle & Fitness than WWE.

I'd love for AJ Lee to be on this, I know she's refused in the past but she's fucking badass and hilarious (well maybe just her character).

I'd also love for them to include some NXT Divas, it'd be a great introduction to them being brought up to the main roster. Someone like Sasha Banks (MAKE THIS HAPPEN!), Charlotte or even Alexa Bliss. Total Divas used to be for the Divas that couldn't really wrestle to do something interesting (aside from Nattie, Naomi and maybe the Bellas) but with the introduction of Paige and Alicia it'd be interesting to see a focus on the wrestling Divas more than the ones who just go shopping.

Also what's with them no longer using their real names like Naomi/Trinity and Cameron/Ariane? Yet Summer, Rosa, Eva, Alicia, Paige don't use their own.

Clearly I stan a bit for wrestling (and Sandra the seamstress)!
Bumping this because it deserves all of your attention.

The recent revamp of the series had been a massive success. As much as I loved Foxy and Paige the new blood had brought so much to the show.

Nia alone is incredible, she had the perfect attitude for a show like this, she gives incredible reactions, isn't afraid to get into the drama and her friendship with Alexa is really entertaining to watch. I would welcome Nia into the cast of ANY of the Real Housewives without a blinking an eye. Also she is one thic bih.

Maryse and Miz have really come into their own and work as the established names on the show now that Nikki and John aren't involved in the industry full time.

Carmella is yet to come into her own but she's a sweetheart so I'm excited to see if she steps up or she isn't quite right for a show like this. I could see her being in the same position as Trinity, a cool calm and collected professional straight man to the antics of the others.

Lana is the best kind of mess but she brings Rusev who is probably the hottest husband on the show, or at least the most my type of husband on the show.

Nattie is as awful as ever and the Bellas feel really secondary at the moment. All in all it's a great show and five episodes into season 7 I think it's better than ever.
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Bumping this again but I feel like we're all sleeping on this show.

Alexa and Carmella have been cut which is great because neither of them really seemed cut out for realty TV, Maryse has moved on to her own well deserved spin off show and we've got the return of Paige after a few dark years for her personal life.

Lana and Handsome Rusev are the only hetty couple I want to see make love, Nia Jax is a one woman reaction GIF factory and we're seeing single Nikki for the first time.
I’m glad that Paige is back and Nia is a natural fit for the show. Paige has been absolutely killing it as GM of Smackdown, such a shame she had to retire though. I’m guessing we’re going to see everything since her return in November? That can’t have been an easy few months.
Speaking of the real queens.

The poster for Evolution made me a little emotional, to see Trish and Lita among all of the current/future stars.
Maybe we should re title this the WWE thread so we can continue to stan for underappreciated Queens.

Becky deserved it, but Carmella should have stolen it and ruined the friendship in one fell swoop.
I’m so stoked for Evolution! It’s crazy how far the women have come.

I’m a little sad that we’re getting Trish vs Alexa, especially when we could’ve got Sasha vs Trish or even Mickie vs Trish again.

The dream matchups that could actually happen though. The endless possibilities! I really hope that if Ronda’s rumoured match turns out to be true, we’ll get a good story around it because it likely will be a letdown actionwise.
So Evolution was last night and it far exceeded my expectations.

Despite never winning, the Riott Squad continue to impress me as a team and individuals. They really have a SHEILD like cohesion and I can see all of them becoming solo stars in the future. Liv was especially good last night.

The main event was exactly as meh as I expected but anybody would have trouble following that all time classic between Becky and Charlotte.

I hope the NXT match leads to some kind of trios match between Shayna’s MMA girls and a Kairi/Io/Asuka team.

All of the participating legends were snatched. Especially Ivory.
Evolution was great and a lot of fun. Do I wish they had more matches and built it up better? Absolutely! Was it a shame they seemed to make it feel like a bit like a televised house show? Yes. But what we got was still one of the better PPVs this year.

For years I would just watch the women’s matches even when they were just 2 minutes long, so to get a 3 hour show filled with different characters, storylines and legends was a real treat. Nearly every woman got a good pop, it was lovely to see the women really appreciated by the crowd.

Becky vs Charlotte was a classic! Becky is so likable and it was always so frustrating to see her treated like the least integral member of the 4HW but she’s truly the star of them at the moment, she’s really been killing it recently!

I would’ve loved an NXT match featuring the big players outside of the title picture. There are so many women in NXT that it’s exciting to be a fan right now.
I'm not even sure I can be bothered to get invested in Evolution. The build up has been terrible. WWE in general has been pretty boring recently, with the same matches week after week, so I've cancelled my network subscription.
I'm not even sure I can be bothered to get invested in Evolution. The build up has been terrible. WWE in general has been pretty boring recently, with the same matches week after week, so I've cancelled my network subscription.

The build up was shocking but the actual event and every single woman on the roster worked their asses off to deliver the best main roster show of the year.

Even the throwaway match: Riott Squad Vs Sasha/Bayley/Natalya was very impressive. I think I'm a Riott Squad stan now. . .
Yeah, I heard they all worked hard, I just don't have the attention span to watch matches with little / no consequences.

The WWE have all the money in the world tonnes of writers and they can't string together a story for shit recently.
I totally agree with The Riott Squad stanning. Ruby Riott is such a talent and they really are sleeping on her! She’s really showed out each time they’ve let her showcase her skills more in a longer match (Fastlane with Charlotte, and anytime she’s with Sasha). It’s crazy that they were thrown together a year ago, were looked at as a budget Absolution, and they’ve totally just gelled together so well in and out of the ring. All 3 women should be commended.

I’m actually more hopeful as to what a women’s tag division could look like now.

Also, how the hell is Ivory 56? She looks incredible!
More importantly, this 100% means Charlotte is winning the Royal Rumble. And I am ready for her crush Ronda.

Also Kairi Sane vs. Shayna Baszler as a feud is L-I-T.