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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by smgfan, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. I’m actually glad Payton and Billie were both let go together.

    They’ve been a highlight for the past 4 years of wrestling and should never have been broken up. I hope they reunite and prove their worth with another company.
  2. SBK


    Yeah, they never should have split them, especially as they did it for no reason. They need women tags, the tag titles has been a variation of matches with the same 7 girls for the past year.

    It's just WWE, they have forgotten how to tell stories. Nothing makes sense anymore. They just do stuff to fill tv time and never follow through.
  3. Well girls, are we all keeping up with the beef between Becky/Charlotte? Sips tea, and it's sweet.
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  4. Charlotte really is embracing the toxic 80s mentality right?

    I’ve been pretty indifferent towards Charlotte, she delivers in the big matches but in the process she’s been pushed as a huge star at the expense of pretty much every other woman in the company. What else is there for her to do apart from break her dads world title record with more underwhelming title reigns? Considering her physical fight with Nia Jax a couple of weeks ago and now these reports I’m pretty much done with her at this point.
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  5. Watching it back, you can see how Char really did not GAF the way she was smirking and smiling after dropping the RAW belt instead of giving it to Becky so she could go into the 'Becky 2 Belts' part of the script. A mess all round.

    I'm hoping the one silver lining will be that Sasha may actually get to one-up Charlotte in their second go-around but I won't be holding my breath...
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  6. The product has been largely awful recently, specifically the booking and match lengths. It’s been hard to follow. The tag division is just depleted, it’s appalling.

    The Becky and Charlotte tea is interesting, I didn’t even know they weren’t best friends anymore. Though I suspected something was up back when Becky got her nose broken by Nia and she said Sasha, Bayley, and (I think) Nattie went to the hospital with her but no mention of Charlotte. Apparently they’ve unfollowed each other on Instagram too.

    The whole title switch idea was dumb as fuck, and apparently Charlotte campaigned for Bianca to take the title off her on Monday which would’ve made more sense. Aside from that, Charlotte hasn’t really come across very well recently like the shoot with Nia, as well as her total lack of selling for many of the women. The fact that this supposed incident prompted this thread to be bumped instead of the actual wresting or storylines speaks volumes.
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  7. SBK


    It says a lot about the capability of the booker and writers that they've known about the draft for 3+ months yet the best they could come up with is in three months is the women swapping belts.

    I don't blame Charlotte for whatever happened. It was an embarrassing segment. If anything the beef between the women has distracted from the awful situation they were put in.

    Wwe is beyond saving at this point.

    Apparently it stems back to Becky calling Charlotte plastic in a promo.
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  8. Apparently the note that Charlotte wanted Biance to go over clean likely came from Charlotte/her camp as other sources have stated that that wasn't the case. I'm not surprised that Char partakes in a fair bit of politcking backstage, she is her father's daughter afterall, however the entire angle should never have been done in the first place, a simple renaming of the championships would have been one and done.
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  9. SBK


    This still would have been terrible but less embarrassing to sell.

    They should have just made the match in Saudi a 4 way and do 2 falls first one raw, second smackdown... at least then it'd look somewhat realistic in the record books
  10. Well yeah they could have just…not booked themselves into this shit-fest to start with. Honestly naming the womens championships after the brand is idiotic in itself for me, Womens universal, WWE Womens for each so it mirrors the mens titles and be done with it, that would completely avoid situations like this recurring in the future.

    Also regarding Charlotte’s actions, obviously we don’t know the whole story but if she did just go off script because she took a dislike to the creative booking, no matter how justified, you don’t throw an equivalent of a hissy fit on live television and act a brat, it’s unprofessional and uncalled for.

    Im honestly perched for the fall-out from this…watch this all be a work in the end dddd.
  11. I am convinced this is all to build up to Survivor Series which… I am kinda here for.
    The booking in the Women’s division has been pretty poor over the last few months and considering how impressive the in-ring talent is it really is such a shame.
  12. SBK


    Would make sense, but with how WWE is these days, Charlotte or Becky will probably lose the title the week before anyways
  13. I speak another Sasha reign into existence, and thus another classic Banks/Lynch banger of a match, yes I do.
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  14. Yeah it’s pretty telling that this has been the most active the thread has been in almost a full year. The booking, especially of the women, has been questionable at best and the dirt worst the rest of the time.

    And seeing the way that NXT’s women’s division is now dominated by Mandy Rose (who I actually like’d as the Mini Trish following the weird non ending to the Mandy/Otis/Sonya storyline) and her stable I think we’re due another dark era for women’s wrestling in WWE in the next few years.
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  15. I’ve completely fallen out of love with wrestling in general but reading today that Sasha and Naomi dropped their tag titles and left the building before Raw is delightful. The two of them deserve so much better and I hope it earns them a little respect or paves the way for bigger and better things for both of them.
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  16. This whole story is wild and we’ve definitely not heard the last of it yet!

    What are the WWE playing at by putting out such a scathing statement? Addressing this is so out of character, and before posting it to the WWE website and socials, they made sure to send it to many of the dirt sheets. They’re trying to sully their names (specifically Sasha), and doing it to two black women when the company has never reacted like this before just makes them look worse. They didn’t even do it for the whole awful title switch segment. And trying to make it seem like they were uncomfortable working with any of the other women when they’re among 4 of the safest, most experienced, and even most decorated women wrestlers in the world. That’s just so wrong and transparent. That statement reads like pure John Laurinaitis who, let’s not forget, is responsible for the worst time for the women in the company, and ever since he’s been head of talent relations it’s no coincidence that they’re back to going for more of a “look” for the women.

    It speaks volumes that Naomi, beloved by everyone backstage, who is the definition of a “company woman”, walked out too. I know she’s ride or die with Sasha, but there’s got to be more to this story. Naomi posted a random meme at the weekend about being overworked and literally tagged every woman on the current roster (bar like 3 people) and even some former superstars. Something has clearly been brewing.

    I went to the live show in Paris a few weeks ago, and it was the first one I’ve been to in like 15 years. I primarily went to see Sasha as I had a feeling that would be one of the last times I’d have the opportunity to see her live. I’m so glad I got to see her and Naomi as champs, I popped so hard for them.

    There’s been a few bright sparks recently, but the booking has just been awful for the most part. Naomi vs Charlotte, and Naomi vs Sonya a few months back were career defining matches for her, and I do believe that this title run was a victory lap for her before having kids or retiring.
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  17. [​IMG]
    The CEO: Mercedes Moné

    I love it. So happy to see FKA Sasha Banks take the leap into the wider wrestling world. Kairi vs Mercedes is also a dream match of mine so I'm so happy to see it get the spotlight it deserves.

    Hopefully, Naomi/Trinity follows suit.
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