This is really the year of Becky again, isn’t it?

The steel cage with Trish is easily match of the year. Her Falls Count Anywhere with Zoey was excellent and put her over even in defeat and progressed the story. The Extreme Rules match with Tiffany elevated Tiffany to new heights and took her to a level she wasn’t even close to operating on as champion (though I still think she moves and bumps a bit too gracefully and her transitions can be clunky or too choreographed but she’s obviously still learning). The possibility of her helping to elevate Tegan and other women…

Out of the 4 Horsewomen she was always overlooked until she had her big breakthrough. But for some reason she was always seen as the least technical or competent wrestler of the 4 but made up for it with heart, story, and charisma. I always thought she was actually very technical and had a larger arsenal than she was allowed to show (her Takeover match with Sasha is proof of that). But she has told a different story with 3 different opponents in the space of a month and absolutely killed it each time, with some amazing matches. All while still helping to put over other women even when she’s the one getting her hand raised at the end. What a talent. GOAT
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