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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by smgfan, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. SBK


    So I watched this. Really enjoyed it despite not being that invested and I liked the lighting of the arena - though it spoke volumes of the actual importance of the show - them being given the house show set up over a the proper TV/PPV set.
  2. So is Ronda really about to cling to this damn title all the way until Mania? I cannot. She’s going to plough through the entire division at this rate though I guess they’re looking to revisit her and Nia again after Survivor Series...
  3. SBK


    I guess she is.

    I wonder if she's only planning on staying around until Wrestlemania so they can keep it on her and crown Charlotte (again)?
  4. We may get an awesome match with Ember Moon sooner than we think... since it looks like Bayley and Sasha are in tag team hell until they announce those Women's Tag Team Championships.

    I'd kill for Ronda vs. Sasha at the Rumble.
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  5. I’m also here for Alexa taking a bit of time off to heal up in time for a face return in the Rumble.
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  6. You can tell they have longterm plans in place or set out already, much like they would the main men’s titles so in terms of “evolution” that’s a bit step seeing as the title was merely considered a mid-card/under-card title before.

    Though it being this predictable takes away the excitement slightly.

    Although there’s rumours that Trish and Lita will take on Sasha and Bayley at Wrestlemania which should definitely be seen as an attraction/marquee match.
  7. I feel like the cards are falling in a way that will allow Rhonda and Charlotte to main event Wrestlemania. Hopefully one of them will turn heel in the processes because neither of them are excelling as faces right now.

    Hopefully Becky keeps her title until Mania and we can have Becky against Asuka for the Smackdown title or if Carmella can maintain this natural baby face momentum then I wouldn’t hate to see her one on one with Becky.

    If we’re doing the women’s tag titles as much as I enjoy the nostalgia of Lita and Trish surely the money feud is The Iiconics vs Bayley and Sasha?
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    Yeah, they're definitely trying to have a women's match headline Wrestlemania. They're just so crap with booking stories that make sense and are compelling enough to care about.

    Can't wait for 7 hours of "THIS HISTORIC WRESTLEMANIA" repeated on commentary until our ears bleed.
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  9. I would say they’ve done well with Becky as a character but somehow I feel like that’s mostly down to her and not the writing or booking. She really is a fantastic all rounder, this run has been such a joy to follow. She’s even more savage on Twitter recently too.
  10. SBK


    Totally, thats all her. Her character was AWFUL when she turned, they just didn't have a clue what they were doing.
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  11. I didn't like Becky Lynch until this turn. She was bland, stale and had a face moveset that was so unbelievably predictable that it was like watching paint dry.
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  12. I see where you’re coming from but I had a lot of good will leftover from that one match her and Sasha had for the NXT championship.
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  13. Becky Lynch showing up on Raw, taking out Rhonda, busting her nose open, not even blinking and walking out with her head held high like a boss is one of the most iconic moments in recent wrestling memory.
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  14. SBK


    Low bar, to be fair...
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  15. I was actually coming to this thread to say the exact same thing. What a badass, I hope she’s good to go for Sunday.

    My goodness, Becky really is getting a lot of buzz as the hottest thing in the wrestling world right now (regardless of promotion or gender) and it’s an absolute joy to watch. IICONIC!
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  16. Well that TLC Main Event tugged on my wig a bit.
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  17. Becky jumping off of a ladder arse first onto Charlotte's stomach and the table not breaking on impact was insane, especially when the audio dropped and you could see Charlotte screaming in pain.

    I couldn't believe Charlotte could get up after that, but to go on and deliver that spear to Asuka and take the bump from the ladder. . . I guess I'm officially a Charlotte stan?

    Really happy Asuka picked up the win and I can't wait to see what she does next with Becky and Charlotte seemingly off to face Rhonda? (Can Sasha win the Rumble and move to Smackdown?)
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  18. I’ve come out of PJ retirement to give this thread the title makeover we all need and deserve.

    WWE has been killing it with the ladies so far and I couldn’t be more proud and excited to see where it goes. I’m so happy for Becky because not only has she breathed new life into the division, she’s also given us not 1 but 2 of the most IICONIC matches this year, both Male and Female (admittedly I haven’t seen the TLC match yet, but I’ve seen all the reviews and I can’t wait to watch it as soon as I’m back home on Thursday).

    RAW needs a bit of work, but now that Nia Jax has been put to bed, they really need to move Sasha back into the title picture somehow or at least separate her from Bayley and finally give us the Ratchet turn again.

    I’m excited to see what sort of reign we have in store for Asuka and I can’t believe it was only 6 weeks ago we were all thinking her character was DOA!
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    A bit?
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  20. Honestly Smackdown has done an incredible job of building up their entire women's division in just a few weeks.

    Outside of the trinity of Asuka/Becky/Charlotte. Carmella has completed an effortless face turn, Mandy and Sonya are in the midst of a great slow burn end of friendship story line, Lana and Naomi seem to being placed together as the 'Ravishing Glow', the IIconics are iconic and Zelina is a great manager who is proving she can hold her own in the ring too.

    Where as on Raw we have a division that was sacrificed in favor of making Alexa Bliss look great, now they're doing the same for Rhonda. Nobody has any motivation or drive outside of Natalya for some reason.
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