The Natalya / Ruby Riot feud is the worst booked storyline in a long time.

They had Natalya walk out with Jim's sunglasses and Ruby destroys them on the first match of the feud - why if they're planning on having this feud run for 900 weeks as it feels like it has, build Jim's possessions up over a couple of weeks so people give a shit that they've destroyed them.

And I love Natalya as a wrestler in the ring, but her acting is so distracting. Its impossible to suspend your disbelief when you feel as if you're watching some Am-Dram rehearsals with her.
A little harsh about Nattie (I wouldn’t call her worst of all time) but I understand where you’re coming from. She doesn’t have the charisma it takes to keep you invested. I love her on Total Divas because she’s such a hot mess but as a WWE character, she’s kind of a joke.

If it were up to me, I would get rid of Tamina and Nia, move Dana and Sasha to Smackdown, repackage Bayley, book Mickie to be the legend she is and not this jobber and call up both Bianca Belair and Kairi Sane to RAW.
The TLC main event was fabulous and I enjoyed every minute!

I thought Liv was an absolute champ taking that bump in the Tables match. She has improved so much in recent months, especially compared to when the Riott Squad first debuted.

I have a feeling they’re holding out on Sasha’s turn until they become the inaugural tag team champions. I will 100% be here for it when it happens.

I also can’t believe that the women essentially took up the last hour of Raw, as they should do though! If that’s what they mean by “change”, I’m all for it.
Just watched TLC and my god was it fun! The mixed match challenge was a mess, but the womens matches got progressively better.
I was even surprised with Nattie vs Ruby. The table with Ruby's face was a nice touch as well.

The main event though...omg I'm so happy for Asuka and i'm so excited to see where they go with this storyline.
Side note: I read online that they've announced Asuka vs Becky for Royal Rumble...interesting...
Does this mean Becky is not competing in the Rumble?
It’s amazing to think that only 6 years ago there were rumblings about getting rid of the Diva division and now look at where things are. An introduction of tag titles in addition to the 2 main titles for each brand, with dozens of highly capable performers and a real focus on their stories and quality matches.

As somebody who really followed the women following the women’s Golden Era (02-05) and stuck with their short matches regardless, it’s extremely gratifying as a fan. I can’t imagine how these ladies must feel.
Apparently Ronda Rousey has provided the voice for Sonya Blade in the new Mortal Kombat. The fans are...intrigued.
I’d also like to point out that both brands hosted house shows on the 26th which both featured women’s matches as the main event. I believe that’s the first time both brands have done it simultaneously (possibly the first time ever as a house show main event actually).
I really hope the women's tag title is cross brand rather than one for Smackdown! One for RAW. There just aren't enough women for the two main championships they currently have - so to add two new belts in would stretch the roster so thin.

I'd be all for the women just having one singles and one tag belt and have the women cross-brand. I mean until they're prepared to book feuds up and down the card properly, instead of just the top 3/4 women...
I really hope the women's tag title is cross brand rather than one for Smackdown! One for RAW. There just aren't enough women for the two main championships they currently have - so to add two new belts in would stretch the roster so thin.

I'd be all for the women just having one singles and one tag belt and have the women cross-brand. I mean until they're prepared to book feuds up and down the card properly, instead of just the top 3/4 women...

I'd also include NXT in the women's tag scene so if a PPV is too crowded we could shift the women's tag onto the Takeover card and maybe get some dream matches like Sasha and Bayley vs Kairi Sane and Io Shirai / some homecoming love for NXT darlings like the Iconic Duo IIconics.

At this point we need to just give the women a weekly show.
Inter branded tag titles are a must, it’s not going to work if not. Combined there should be a solid ten teams for a good foundation for them to build off of as they start to hire more girls, have some legends return for a nostalgia run, etc.
Aw I had no idea this thread existed. I was a *massive* WWF fan when I was a teen. Obviously I watched for the women + hot men. The WWF Divas were essentially drag queens, and the WWF's programming continues to be Drag Race-esque. I fell off the wagon, but have seen a few great matches in the last couple years. It's fun to watch every now and then.

I've been looking for a legit Sable Bomb shirt forever. This one is close but the font is off.

So it looks like the table has been set for the Royal Rumble.

Women’s Rumble
Rhonda Rousey vs Sasha Banks
Asuka vs Becky Lynch

Carmella really proved her worth in the triple threat last night and while I’m a little worried about how the matches will shake out at the Rumble it does look like we’re on track for some combination of Becky, Charlotte and Rhonda at WrestleMania. Hopefully in the main event.
The Royal Rumble this year looks set to be great for the women!

Becky vs Asuka is a longtime dream match, and with Becky’s new character (and the added stakes/the timing of it all) it’s become even more of a dream match.

Add on to that the Ronda vs Sasha match which is a dream match but in a different way. Nearly everyone on the roster has had their best match/showing against Sasha and that’s no coincidence. I’m a huge Sasha fan and it’s been a shame to see her wallow in the midcard for more than a year (I believe this is her first singles PPV match since Summerslam 2017), but when they call on her to pull out a great performance she truly does. Like last year’s Rumble match, her vs Asuka, the Elimination Chamber, the Money In The Bank ladder match. I hope they give them the time to put on a great match together, it’s clear that Ronda really admires Sasha so here's hoping it’s not a glorified squash.

What’s interesting now is that it looks clear where we are headed for Wrestlemania but how we get there isn’t so clear which is exciting!

They clearly trust Becky and have placed a lot of stock in her again. Even just these last few weeks, it’s been all about her: main eventing and winning this week, teaming with Cena last week and basically getting the final word which is such a ringing endorsement if ever there was one!
The Rumble is on Sunday and I'm really excited. Not only are the two Rumble matches really exciting and unpredictable for the first time in a few years, the actual card is great. When the least interesting match on the card features AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan you know it's going to be a good night outside of the women's matches I'm exited to see the 205 Live 4 way and Finn Balor step up to challenge Brock.

In my dream scenario: Becky defeats Asuka and Sasha defeats Rhonda. Leaving Rhonda to enter the rumble and have some kind of double victory with Charlotte as they go over the ropes together to set up a 3 way for the Smackdown title.

And that would allow Sasha to have a one on one match at Mania with Bayley or Ember Moon. . . But Sasha is never going to beat Rhonda so who knows how it plays out. All I know is my body is ready.

Also this just popped up on my feed and I feel like some of you could enjoy it.
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Sorry for the double post but after last night's NXT performance, I'll be gutted if Io and Kairi aren't involved in the women's tag Elimination Chamber match. They have so much chemistry together and are so slick.

If you had asked me who the next NXT call-ups would be around Survivor Series, I thought Kairi would be up there for sure. Now I want her and Io to really become a tag team and come up possibly after Wrestlemania (they really do need some face tag teams).
I’m extremely happy that Becky did it! The crowd went insane when she marched to the ring, what a moment! Bring on the Wrestlemania main event!

Asuka vs Becky was good, if a little off in places. Same goes for Sasha vs Ronda. I think Asuka and Becky were holding back somewhat due to what would happen later. Sasha worked her ass off, the last few minutes of that match were excellent. She was every bit of the Legit Boss that we all missed.

As much as she irritates me, Nia entering the men’s Rumble was genius and they pulled it off effectively.

I loved the old school feel of the titantron actually, though the camerawork was very dodgy. A lot of the NXT superstars suffered from “who’s that?” as it wasn’t clear. I have no problems with highlighting future talent, last year’s Rumble was about the evolution of the division, but there were quite a few issues and messed up spots and a lot of those came from the newer girls that they wanted to showcase which was such a shame.
High key, Charlotte deserves the main event slot over Becky based on how excellent she's been over the past year. Becky would be nowhere without Charlotte as the foil.