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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by smgfan, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. I still find it kind of odd that Charlotte has been at the top of the division for almost three years now yet she's never been a merch mover. You never see anybody in her T Shirts and she doesn't seem to really click with the audience in a Face or Heel role. Her talent is undeniable, but I don't think we're anywhere near her imperial phase.

    I think she and Becky have elevated the entire Women's division so I'd be happy to see them in a triple threat, especially now as their face/heel dynamics seem to have gone back to their natural alignment with Charlotte an absolutely brutal heel when needed and Becky falling back a little into the underdog at the end of the match. But Becky vs. Ronda will be money with or without Charlotte.

    Nia did a wonderful job and I never want to see her as a face again. If she somehow falls into a card against Truth and Mella I would be pretty pleased.

    Ember was my MVP for the Rumble, she was in for a really long time and she was actually doing stuff unlike a lot of the other 30+ Minute survivors.

    The first half of the women's rumble had some pretty sloppy work, it needed a ring general but I don't think Natalya was really up for the job as it was pretty chaotic until Charlotte arrived but even then a lot of the spots and eliminations were happening during the entrances. Carmella and Bayley had some real intensity last night and I hope they can continue to show it.

    I loved the NXT girls and especially Io and Kairi's interaction with the Riot Squad (loved Ruby's short hair), Candice's new music is somehow worse than her old entrance theme and they need to get that fixed.
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  2. This is both hilarious and amazing. I love the reaction, it’s as if they were in the stadium. I was jumping about my bedroom at 4am like that too.

    I love this video because it’s like she’s a genuinely huge sports star, or at least she is to them. I’ve been in bars when Frampton or McGregor have won, and I’ve never experienced such a jubilant reaction as that. I don’t think I would’ve ever conceived people reacting to WWE like that in a bar (or it even be on in a sports bar) in Ireland.
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  3. Thoughts on the Chamber match tonight?

    In a way, it’s interesting that the show will not feature a match involving any of the 3 women who main evented TLC.

    I really hope Ruby puts on a great performance, she really does seem to be overlooked.
  4. I'll be glad to get the Chamber event out the way really, the card is pretty underwhelming. After this, the road to Mania can really begin.
  5. SBK


    Yeah. Aside from the Becky storyline. Everything is so boring right now. The chamber matches just feel a bit flat and unexciting.
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  6. Her and Ronda put on a decent match at the house show I went to Friday. Ruby literally dominated the whole match. They tried a few new spots that I feel they'll do tonight.
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  7. I’m excited for the women’s Tag elimination chamber. It could be incredibly messy, however ring generals Sasha and Bayley are in from number one so they should be able to keep it on track.

    I’d be happy to see Sasha and Bayley or the Iiconics pick up the win. But at this point, anyone but Tamina.

    Also I really hope the crowd don’t act like trash towards Carmella considering the allegation made against her today.
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  8. SBK


    They almost certainly will for both of them, wouldn't blame them either.
  9. Incredible reaction for Kofi in the main event. It would be great to see him face off with DBry at Mania again.

    The Balor/Lashley/Rush match had so many abs. It felt like something I had watched once on an adult website. Happy to see Finn pick up the belt.

    Poor Wooby Wiott. She had so much to offer but that quash wasn't the tea. I get that the Becky angle was more important but Riott deserved a spotlight with Rhonda and she was totally robbed.

    Women's Tag was great, with everyone playing their part perfectly. The highlight for me was the Iiconics stretch in control of the match. Their incomprehensible Australian screaming makes me laugh every time. Liv and Logan looked like a solid team once again, Mandy and Sonya continue to impress me.

    I think the right team won at the end of the day. I'm glad the modern history books will show that the 4 horsewoman were all inaugural champions for the modern titles.
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  10. The Women’s Tag match was really enjoyable, much better than the majority of this year’s Rumble match. Everyone really showed out! The IIconics play their characters so well (not just in the match but even beforehand) and had some great tag team offense (that sunsetflip/jackknife pin was a thing of beauty), as did the Riott Squad and Fire & Desire. The right team won in the end, and I love that all 4 Horsewomen have been inaugural champs, a truly deserved feat.

    Poor Ruby. She deserved so much better. Though I did love the post match angle, Becky is such a fucking star! When Becky was being escorted out smiling I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to Stone Cold being escorted in handcuffs and smiling at the chaos he created.

    I absolutely love Finn and am so pleased for him. Hopefully they continue this upward trajectory with him. Also Kofi this past week has deserved every single piece of praise that he’s received, I hope this helps him get a renewed continued lease of life.
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  11. I don't usually subscribe to things like "Couple Goals" but Montez Ford and Bianca Belair are adorable in this clip. I need to find me a man who can pick me up the way Bianca picks up Montez.

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  12. Well it’s official. Becky, Charlotte, and Ronda will be main eventing Wrestlemania.

    I got the Network notification when I was out earlier, as someone who has long wished for the women to get the spotlight and appreciation that they deserved, this made me beyond happy and it was hard not to get a bit emotional. God knows what they’re all feeling! Such fantastic news! One of them being Irish just adds another layer of significance to this, personally speaking.

    I also believe that the last time Wrestlemania was in the same stadium as this year’s, the only women’s match was a mixed tag that got cancelled at the last minute. What a turnaround for the women! And nothing about this match main eventing feels gratuitous. It’s been the hottest story since October/November and you could argue even since the summer.
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  13. So pleased this is happening. I'm actually going to be attending Wrestlemania for the first time ever and I am beyond excited. Having Charlotte, Becky and Ronda as the main event is complete perfection.
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  14. I could not be more jealous of you! The atmosphere alone will be AMAZING! I hope you really enjoy it! Becky just making her entrance in the main event would be enough to make me bawl out of pride.
  15. I'm really happy that they've committed to Becky, Charlotte and Rhonda headlining Mania .I was worried that the story could have lost a little momentum with the continual twists and turns artificially added onto the story and the awful reaction to the poorly booked match at Fastlane.

    However I have no doubt that each of these performers will pull out all the stops to deliver the first satisfying Mania main event since WM30?

    I'm excited to see what happens with the women's tag belts and I'd love to see some kind of multi woman ladder match.

    I'm a little worried about Asuka's place on the main card but we'll see what happens after the number one contenders match tonight on Smackdown.

    In other news, here is Finn and Elias singing Shallow.
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  16. They confirmed the tag title match. Nia/Tamina shouldn't be in it. They already lost their title shot. It would have been nice for NXT to be represented at Mania but I'm guessing they're saving it for a Takeover event.
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  17. I'm so happy the Iiconics are on the Wrestlemania card that I can forgive the Nia and Tamina addition.

    I just need them to announce a ladder stipulation because I want to see Sasha do something borderline suicidal from the top of the ladder to steal the attention from the main event and it's the best way for our subtext lesbian life partners to steal the titles.
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. They really thirsty for that closing shot of Mania with the 4HW holding up championships aren't they?
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  20. Or Becky literally doing the same as Bryan and uniting/holding the two belts to end the show.

    Either way its just a further complication to a story that just doesn't need it and it seems like it has robbed Asuka of a well deserved spot at Mania outside of the women's battle royal and proves the story is being re written week to week.
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