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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by smgfan, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. I have to admit that, despite the baffling (and at times awful over-) booking of this entire feud since the Rumble, the possibility of that image fills me with complete excitement. The 4HW Fatal 4-Way in NXT was the moment that I fell in love with wrestling again and it looked like women’s wrestling would be taken seriously, something that previously seemed inconceivable. And while the entire evolution and everything since has been possible because of many, many women not just those 4, those 4 truly deserve a Wrestlemania moment like that.
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  2. Mickie James liked Gail's tweet about Vince's crappy booking.
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  3. Queen gets to walk into WrestleMania with nothing to lose. Ugh, ha power!

  4. This segment is exactly why I LOVE wrestling. The addition of the music just killed me though. Spot on!

    When I read what had happened, I rolled my eyes. But the execution was... something else.
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  5. I am so disappointed that the Hardyz are just in the Andre the Giant battle royal and also that the women's match is winner take all - after all this work they shouldn't just have one woman at the top.
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  6. The women’s triple-threat should be an elimination match with one standing tall, the other 2 taking the pin.
  7. I feel it in my gut that they’re going to have Charles win and stand tall as Wrestlemania closes holding both titles.
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  8. Well it certainly won't be Kofi/Seth and Becky all winning so they are going to make us frustrated in at least one of those instances.
  9. Me too! WM32 was Sasha’s to win and look what happened. Charlotte hadn’t won a match at all in 2019 until her title win. This new stipulation just seems like something that would benefit her, it’d be perfect for her character. Becky’s promo on Smackdown just seemed off for someone main eventing and supposedly being the one to walk away victorious on Sunday. I’ve suspected it for a while now and I think you’re right.

    I really hope we’re wrong.
  10. I know the audience have booed the main event for the last few years now and it doesn't seem to bother management too much but can you imagine the reaction of anyone other than Becky wins?

    One week later and I'm still absolute devastated with what they've done to Asuka. It's so much worse than the Daniel Bryan losing his match in 18 seconds at Mania and I hope the audience can get firmly behind her now because she was truly robbed of her Wrestlemania moment.

    Beth Phoenix looked great in her return match on Monday, but if we aren't getting a four horsewomen curtain call I'd be more than happy to see the Iiconics take the tag titles at mania,.

    I guess some of the guys are fighting at Mania but none of the matches really excite me outside of Kofi and Finn's demon entrance on the big stage.

    The NXT women's title match at Takeover: NY is sure to be amazing, Shayna is like Brock Lesnar if he was present and motivated, Kairi is the most pure good guy in recent memory, Bianca has so much potential and Io is going to pull off some crazy shit in that match.
  11. Speak it into existence!

  12. SBK


    Hardly a surprise though, is it?

    Yeah, I'm also concerned with how they're going to book the title matches. I want Kofi, Seth and Becky to win... I just can't imagine Vince will put all three over.

    I reckon Seth might lose, they'll have thrown a silly amount of cash at Brock and we won't see him until the next Saudi Arabia show.

    Vince loves getting heat, so I'm also concerned he'll put both belts on Charlotte just cause he can because it'll have little to no effect on the company with how big they are in 2019.
  13. Let's all not pretend that Charlotte isn't incredible at playing a heel role. I mean, honestly, wig flew when she knee'd Ronda when she was hanging outside of that car window.

    Giving her both belts would be so great.
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  15. I kinda agree ... Much like Triple H winning the 4-way back in 2000, it set up the next 6 months perfectly.

    Becky’s injury cost the overall story ... Tbh, Charlotte killed it at Survivor Series against Ronda ... I guess they regurgitated the Becky story after the injury, but that has been the best moment of this entire story.

    Auska being brought back in to be dumped at the last minute was so stupid, she beat Becky twice, essentially, and the second was facs vs face so never gonna help the story for either.

    it’s funny, because, for me, it’s still just randoms on the TV like any other sport ... pure entertainment.
  16. I think each of the women had an amazing moment on Monday: Charlotte’s knee to Ronda, Becky shouting “kiss my foot, ya little weirdo!” and Ronda driving the car into the other police car while handcuffed.

    My issue with Charlotte winning is that we so rarely get the babyface winning when they should win the big match. Especially in the women’s division. If Charlotte wins on Sunday I doubt it’ll get the heat they think (maybe on Monday it will), but I think it’ll be more akin to when she won the title from Sasha at Hell In The Cell... it just kinda deflated the crowd.

    I don’t think Kofi will win as much as I’d love him to. I can see him coming through at Money In The Bank to win the ladder match. If not, I see a Big E heel turn. I’m not sure Seth will win either which makes me sad because I’ve never liked Brock.
  17. SBK


    After 7-8 hours, they crowd will probably just be happy its over regardless of the winner. Perhaps that's Vince's strategy, tire the crowd out and put the belt on Roman Charlotte.

    I think it has to be Becky. But I would not be surprised if its not to set up a feud going forward.
  18. NXT delivered. I'm glad there's a day between Takeover and Mania as no matter how good Mania is, it will not be able to surpass the high level of storytelling or match quality of the black and gold brand.

    The women's match and the tag match really stood out as must see. The only slog for me was maybe the first 10 minutes of the main event and Dunne/Walter which is more about my issues with the style of match they wrestled than the wrestlers themselves.

    And if you're into hunks who aren't afraid to express their emotions, Ricochet crying during his curtain call will do things to you.
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  19. What a Takeover! Every time it just surpasses expectations.

    I hope Vince doesn’t screw over Johnny Gargano because of his size, he’s such a pure talent. Garagano vs Andrade was a modern classic!

    That tag match... holy fuck! It did not let up! Ricochet is easily BY FAR one of my favourite performers ever. He’s up there with Finn and Seth.

    I did enjoy the women’s match but it felt a little too reliant on spots. By “spots”, I mean having people be in the right place (as opposed to “big” move spots) to segue into the next step of the match. I’ll always compare a Fatal 4-Way to the 4HW which was the reason I fell back in love with wrestling.
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  20. I had planned to stay up to watch it all unfold tonight but I’m sadly working all day tomorrow. It’ll be the first WM that I’ve not stayed up to watch since I got the Network around the time of WM 31. I might just set my alarm for like an hour before the end to see the main event.

    I am absolutely buzzing about it all today though. An Irish woman is main eventing something I’ve been a huge fan of since I was 5 years old. This is the closest I’ll get to seeing and feeling like Ireland winning the World Cup.

    Also Becky looked snatched last night at the HOF. As did many of the ladies like the IIconics.
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