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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by smgfan, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. Shame the entire audience didn’t boo the racist old cunt Hulk Hogan out of the arena. . .
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  2. Beyond thrilled for Becky. I marked the fuck out despite the random finish.

    Absolutely gobsmacked and ecstatic about Seth and Kofi winning. Truly deserved. I genuinely didn’t think all 3 faves would walk out as champs.

    And what a pleasant surprise it was to see the IIconics pull off the victory. Those titles were made for them! It’s great to see so many fans start to buy into their iiconicness.
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  3. Both Seth and Kofi winning were massive moments in the stadium. It's such a shame that it was such a long show as the audience were so burned out. Still, being at Wrestlemania was absolutely incredible.
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  4. I’m so jealous! I’m glad you enjoyed it, the adrenaline must still be pumping through you.

    I’ve never seen a TV show live nevermind a Wrestlemania, is it really much more electric live than on TV? Since they’ve moved to stadiums it’s a little harder to hear pops and feel moments as much (unless they are HUGE). Was there stuff that you missed or preferred live?
  5. The pops were there. The stress of the Seth match and thinking there would be a new opponent or something was really felt in the stadium more than it comes across on tv. Kofi winning literally was a goosebumps moment though. Other than that, you really do think some of the entrances and what not go on forever when you're there because you don't know they are introducing the commentating team etc. so that's frustrating but is minor. The Miz/Shane duplex was particularly huge in my section as it was directly in front of me.

    The most bizarre moment was probably in the Randy/AJ match where the audience were cheering and chanting for the lights to be turned off. There were a few sections (mine being one) where there was this hideous light shining on us making it impossible to actually see the ring. I watched that back this morning and it just isn't clear on the broadcast what's going on and they have definitely silenced the audience as it was so loud at that point.
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  6. SBK


    The light thing happens every time theres an outdoor mania at night. I swear Vince does it for his own amusement .
  7. So it's been a few weeks since Wrestlemania and I'm kind of conflicted about the event and fallout. While I loved the idea of the women's main event I feel like they were still shafted by the bad finish and overlong show.

    The Shakeup has been an uninspiring mess and the treatment of Sasha Banks has made me feel a little sick. I'm currently watching the youtube clips of Smackdown last night and I'm struggling to care about anything outside of the Iiconics.

    If the rumours are true I'm really devastated for Sasha Banks and the obviously racist reaction to her current situation. She has been shafted countless times by the company and absolutely put everything into the tag titles (including protesting management and training with some of the best tag teams). The fact that she and Bayley were given a short run isn't an issue in itself, but to instantly break them up as a team and take away their desire to build up the belts across all three brands really feels like salt in the wound.

    I hope she leaves and becomes a main eventer for AEW or just makes a ton of money wrestling Joshi style in Japan.

    And don't get me started on the off screen breakup of the Riott Squad.
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  8. Don’t get me started on the Sasha situation. It pisses me off and makes me sad in equal measure.

    Her as a heel in NXT was one of the best characters they’ve had on their hands, especially in the women’s division. I get keeping her face on the main roster as she’s a big merch shifter but she’s always been in this weird no man’s land since her consecutive PPV losses to Charlotte, where she’s not the top woman nor is she jobbed out and forgotten (like Ruby Riott for example). Which just makes this more frustrating.

    Sasha is by far the reason I fell in love with wrestling again. She literally has star written all over her in the ring. Ivory once said it best that a wrestler’s job is “to go out there and make the other guy look better than they actually are” and boy does Sasha do that! She instantly raises the match quality of every match she’s in.

    To see how this has all unfolded is sad. And it’s clear how little the company actually cares about the tag team divisions in general (that fucking Revival segment this past week...) but the only active women’s teams are now the champs the IIconics (who I love especially in backstage promos as their scripted material is poor), Kairi and Asuka (who were thrown together purely because of their nationality), and Mandy & Sonya (who they’ve been teasing a split of for a while now). And that’s it! Though I am loving Borne And Boujee in NXT.
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  9. I couldn't actually follow what has happened with Sasha. Is she actually gone? If she is then that is such a waste as she really was the one who made me sit up and properly consider that the women were going to main event and be a big deal in WWE.
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    She wasnt happy they were asked to drop the tag titles and asked to leave, allegedly... they wont let her go, they know she'd be valuable to every other promotion in the world.
  11. I hate how the dirt sheets tried to frame it that Bayley and her were annoyed that they had to drop the belts to the IIconics and therefore pulled a tantrum. They were annoyed that they had to drop them so soon and that they were being broken up. Sasha in particular has always put over the IIconics in interviews and you can always tell when she likes working with someone.

    First, let’s not pit women against each other because they’re women. Secondly, I don’t remember CM Punk getting this negative reaction, the man somehow gets chants some 5 years later.
  12. They really did that with Bayley in one night.

    Her winning the briefcase and cashing in, followed by the incredible reception from the arena was a real delight to see. The 4 horsewomen were part of the reason I got back into WWE a few years ago and it's great to see Bayley treated with the respect she deserves and I hope we see a series of great matches between her and Charlotte going forward.

    Also Charlotte prancing down to the ring after Becky/Lacey was great. The look on her face was absolutely priceless.

    Now they just need to bring back Sasha . . .
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  13. What a comeback for Bayley! They’ve been doing a decent job of slowly rebuilding her since the beginning of the year (her great run in the Rumble, being the heart of her tag team leading up to the Chamber because of Sasha’s injury, and her character change since moving to Smackdown) but Sunday was excellent. What a moment! That reaction was on par with the Bayley of old. I don’t normally like when they cash in on the same night as winning the briefcase but it really worked magic for her, I’m so glad they did it.

    Becky’s 24 episode on the WWE Network is a good watch. She is honestly the most likeable person and you can tell she has always been universally liked backstage. Totally deserved!
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  14. Come through Miss Patricia vs. Charles at Summerslam. I have to stan.
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  15. It's the only thing I think I'm actually excited for on the main roster at the moment.

    Hopefully they incorporate some kind of real life stipulation that forces Trish to vaccinate her kids when she loses. . .

    Nattie Vs Becky is a Raw match at best, it doesn't deserve the Summer Slam spotlight outside of the fact Nattie is a hometown hero. They're really killing Becky's momentum with these low stakes feuds.

    Bayley and Ember could steal the show if given 15 Minutes to really tell a story, the two of them are phenomenal wrestlers who can tell complex physical narratives.

    Until we get rid of the wildcard rule and start respecting the women's tag team division I'm close to being done with the show outside of watching clips on YouTube.
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  16. you KNOW that I am already wearing my peacock feathered robe AS. WE. SPEAK.
  17. Charlotte vs Trish should be a great match, I can’t wait! Though I admit that I’ve been more hyped for Sasha vs Trish since the Royal Rumble tease last year.

    I agree that the Women’s Tag Title situation has been appalling recently. The booking is terrible. The only highlight has been all the unscripted backstage videos of the IIconics. They’re hilarious!

    I’ve watched this one so many times, specifically the “HEY KAYLA!” at 3:35 and the subsequent “Get the tables Devon!” Those two would be such fun to hang out with, especially Billie.
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  18. Welp, looks like it's offish ladies.


    Trish sis, what happened to your mic skills?
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  19. Yeah Trish was always pretty good on the mic, but she’s not been very inspiring recently (even in the lead up to Evolution). Heel Trish was a fucking savage and she owned it. Kicking Christy Hemme in the head and her shoe flying off in the process then playing it off as planned showed just how professional and good she was.
  20. SBK


    I wish WWE would book their storylines before announcing matches.

    Its really tedious them announcing matches then trying to make the feud matter afterwards.
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