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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by smgfan, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. Io vs Candace last night at Takeover was sensational. Both of them absolutely stole the show, Candace is a fantastic underdog and Io is perfect in her new ruthless evil role.

    I’m kind of done with Shayna Baezler as the NXT champion. I love that an out queer woman is being featured so prominently on the product but all of her matches follow the same format. I don’t know if that’s a limitation on her or more of a comment on whoever is putting her matches together.

    Mia never felt like a legit challenger for the title but I really enjoy her and they really sold her backstory.

    As much as I’d love Io to take the title, Candace overcoming Shayna Shayna would be a great story and it would give greater prominence to a Io and Candace rematch.

    Also Montez Ford is a slice.
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  2. I have no idea what to expect from Summerslam tonight and I absolutely assume Brock will retain because it's WWE and of course he will but him as the champion just makes a mockery of the product - even though he's actually been around more recently.
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  3. Not Charlotte and Trish having the best match of Summerslam...

  4. Ok Miss Patricia with those new moves being busted out. Good showings from all 4 women's matches last night, especially from Trish/Charlotte and Nattie/Becky. Bayley and Ember were hampered by a dead crowd but I didn't expect much less considering the build was awful (and almost non-existant) and a face vs. face dynamic rarely works.
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  5. Trish and Charlotte really stole the show on Sunday, I love that Trish delivered her best 1 on 1 match in her final appearance as an active wrestler.

    That said, Sasha’s return last night is exactly what Becky has needed. A legit challenger who is on the same level as her. Natalya and Lacy delivered to the best of their ability, but Sasha and Becky has the potential to main event. Especially with a face Becky and a heel Sasha.

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  6. We love to see it.
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  7. Blue and orange? We LOVE to see it.
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  8. I marked out seeing Sasha back and literally lost it at the wig reveal! I’m beyond happy to see her back AND heeling it up.

    What a moment!
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  9. Okay so I was a huge WWE fan back in the 2002 - 2008 time frame (Ruthless Aggression era?) and I followed Jeff Hardy's time and title wins in 2009 and watched Christian win the title in 2011 but I haven't saw anything since then.

    Now, until this point it seemed that WWE Divas were basically used as a novelty and were only used in stupid Bra and Pantie/Evening Gown type matches that lasted a few minutes and had no actual wrestling content. There were a few Divas like Trish, Lita, Mickie, Victoria etc who could have solid matches but again they were never seen as a priority and were permanent in the midcard having short matches.

    I've been catching up on stuff on Reddit and online the last few weeks and got WWE Network to watch old matches and I am SHOCKED that not only are there a huge roster of women wrestlers now, but they actually MAIN EVENTED WRESTLEMANIA? They've been in Elimination Chambers, Money in the Bank, Hell In A Cell etc?

    Can someone give me a summary of how the hell this happened? I'm so happy to read this because I just watched Taboo Tuesday 2004 and the 8 women were thrown into a 5 minute battle royal wearing school teacher clothes and it was awful.
  10. Stephanie McMahon invented women's wrestling in 2016.

    (Or so she'd have you believe)

    Basically, it started on twitter, someone started a hashtag after some standard 2 min token match on RAW and WWE saw dollar signs and realised that there might be something in giving some of Roman/Bocks time to the women.
    Its taken time, and the matches haven't always been great, but they've been given far more opportunities since 2016.

    All we need now is WWE to properly train the ones they have coming up and work out a way to book more than one women's feud properly at a time.

  11. It started after this match in which fans took to Twitter to steal the hashtag R-Truth had coined "Give R-Truth a Chance" and began trending as #GiveDivasAChance in which both Stephanie and Vince replied. AJ Lee later dragged Stephanie for her hypocrisy exposing the conditions women were facing and the limitations management allowed. You began seeing AJ, Paige, The Bellas and others being pushed along with the debuts of Sasha, Charlotte, Becky. The introduction of the new Women's Championship at WrestleMania 32 which saw the Divas Championship becoming defunct. The brand split brought the SmackDown Women's Championship but it was mostly the Charlotte vs. Sasha storyline that saw the introduction of many stipulation matches and firsts for women that hadn't been seen before. Alexa vs. Becky (Tables Match), the first Women's Elimination Chamber Match, Money In The Bank, the first Royal Rumble, the arrival of Women's Tag Titles, Ronda's debut helped push the main event we got at this past Mania along with Becky's rise to glory after years of neglect. Tried to summarize it as much as possible for you.

    It was basically the fans that started it until WWE began name dropping and taking credit for it every chance they could. Stephanie McMahon being the worst offender. Kind of exposes them when you had the Golden Era which had strong and sexy women holding their own in the ring but WWE's talent relations firing a good chunk of talented women and pushing the model narrative, limiting their storylines, TV times, move sets and patronizing them in a sexist fashion. To put that themselves on the back for finally appreciating their talent (it took other sports for this to dawn on them along with PC culture) is appalling but luckily, it's given the current crop of women a lot more to work with than the likes of Emma, Naomi, Summer Rae had to deal with a couple years ago.
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  12. Such an amazing summary. I'd actually never seen 'the match' before and I am so pleased that something did change because that was just embarrassing. Not everything is perfect yet - even last year with the introduction of the women's only PPV of Evolution they were still given a glorified house show feel and not enough of a push on TV but it was still a massive step forward.
  13. Yeah, though I kinda liked it. It did scream "skeleton staff, as anyone important is in $audi Arabia with a custom built set"
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  14. Wow thanks so much for the detailed responses guys. It's interesting that yous mention WWE are trying to take credit for this because I've saw a few interviews of Stephanie taking credit for introducing a 'women revolution' and I always figured it was her doing.

    Are these matches and fueds interesting, though? I couldn't imagine women competing in a Money in the Bank or anything like that - not because I don't think they're talented but because the only time I've ever saw them in a gimmick match like that was the Victoria and Trish Stratus Hardcore match in 2002 and even then it just felt...'wrong' to see women beat eachother up with weapons. Then again I guess that's why this whole revolution started, to prove they're just as capable as the guys.

    It's a shame this didn't all happen back in the Attitude era or when blading was still allowed.
  15. When they has Ronda Rousey, her feuds were great.

    But generally across the whole company the feuds are weaker than they've ever been. They announce matches on social media before they do the on screen angle, and then when they do it it's like well yeah we know we saw on Twitter 3 weeks ago.
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  16. WWE and social media is just....weird.

    Obviously it's kayfabe and the majority of people know that but seeing superstars fight and be in fueds on TV and then like/comment eachothers Instagram posts is bizarre, especially considering how important it was to keep kayfabe in the 80's/90's.
  17. Yeah, they struggle to get it right. Some are 100% kayfabe, others are half in half out and the company itself flip flops between.
  18. I still cant believe Trish put one of her best performances at 43. I always felt she retired way too early.
  19. Her mom's cancer battle I believe had her leave wrestling as she wanted to devote time to family.
  20. Ffffffff that swerve. Things could get interesting....
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