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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by smgfan, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. I welcome our new overlord, anti-hero Charlotte.
  2. I love Charlotte.

    I have absolutely no enthusiasm for a Face Charlotte. I just can't buy her as an underdog and no heels on the roster have been built up to the point where they could realistically be a threat to her. . . Unless we bring up Io and Shayna from NXT but I don't want to see them steamrolled by face Charlotte.

    If Becky needs allies I'd love to see her elevate the newer talent in the division. Pair her with Liv Morgan and Ember Moon and let them get the rub of The Man.

    Also Becky/Sasha deserves to be the main event of Clash of Champions. They've had the hottest segment every week outside of an awful tag title change.
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  3. I had a feeling that when Sasha returned that they might be building to a 4HW Fatal 4-Way Hell in a Cell match (likely the main event and as Winner Takes All). But after Bayley’s turn, I think it might end up being a tag match in the cell instead.

    I will be sorely disappointed if we don’t end up with some kind of HIAC match though.
  4. This wouldn't surprise me - particularly as they are the main attraction for WWE2K20 with their story mode (which will be released around the same time).
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  5. Charlotte as a face is the only weak link here but I guess her and Bayley being tweeners on their respective teams could work.
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  6. Heel Bayley was delightful. Her delusion and running at full pelt with the belt after she cheated was hilarious.

    Sasha and Becky delivered a phenomenal match with an awful ending. I'm guessing it will lead to a Hell in a Cell match.

    Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are a great team, Nikki has a wonderful hot tag and the audience seem to absolutely love her (which they obviously should because the's the best in the galaxy).
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  7. So I've mostly given up the main shows at this point. There's nothing there for me, even with an actual Heel Bayley I'm consistently whelmed. And the fact Sasha and Becky's classic Hell in a Cell match was buried in the opening of one of the worst PPVs of all time, when it should have headlined the show is an abomination.

    That said, NXT is absolutely killing it: Io, Candace, Rhea, Bianca, Dakota, Tegan and Shayna are all at the top of their game. And with Chelsea Green, Scarlet Bordeau, Deonna Purrazo AND the UK girls (Jinny and Piper especially) waiting in the wings I can't imagine the quality dropping anytime soon.

    William Regal screaming WarGames at the women was something I didn't know I needed, but I cant wait to see Candace make Sasha Banks look cautious and for Io to do something insane from the top of the cage. What a time to be alive.
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  8. I have to agree, I’ve kind of zoned out from the main roster. Becky vs Sasha at HIAC was fantastic and should have been the main event. I do like Heel Bayley and the fact that the Kabuki Warriors are getting a push. Kairi is running with this heel turn and I’m living for it.

    NXT is lit! I didn’t think I’d love Rhea as much as I do (especially knowing she problematically used the f word as an insult like it’s 2004), but most of the matches have been excellent since it went live. I’m so pleased we’re getting a women’s War Games match, it’s going to be mental, it just highlights just how stacked their women’s roster currently is. I do fear for how much The Other Two will be involved as they still show their inexperience, I’d love it if the Kabuki Warriors replaced them tbh.
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  9. Same. The lesser horses are fine as J&J security style henchmen but whenever they are given something to do in ring it all kind of falls apart.

    If they don't keep Asuka and Kairi in the heel team, I'd love to see them borrow some talent from NXT UK because Kay Lee Ray would be a great addition to the heel team but Shayna/Io/Bianca/Mia Yim(?) would also be acceptable. Just keep Jessamyn and Marina on the outside of the cage.
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  10. I've never been Charlotte or Becky's biggest fan but their actions last night cemented my stan card for Becky and my apprehension about Charlotte.

    To see Becky bend over backwards, coordinate with the refs, Asuka and safely take Kairi out of the match showed why she should be considered the locker room leader and face of the company.

    I don't want to assign blame for Charlotte's actions and I appreciate that she may not have been totally aware but I was really uncomfortable with how she handled Kairi especially with the botched spear, the slap and the very uncomfortable table spot.

    It's a shame that the refs were relatively useless in assisting Kairi and the moment Asuka helped Kairi to her feet was genuinely really upsetting to watch.

    Kairi and Asuka are two of the best wrestlers in the world and to have their huge main event moment robbed by an concussion was bad enough but for them to instantly cut to the men and not even give them a moment to enjoy their main event victory was appalling.
  11. Quite how that was allowed to happen i do not know. Kairi was clearly injured she should have known by the spear, but the slap the the power bomb?

    All the professionals back stage and noone thought to message the ref and stop it?

    Why did the match carry on after, should have just gone to the finish, it had already gone long enough.
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  12. I don't think Charlotte gets told of the situation until after the powerbomb spot. Becky's directing traffic, but she doesn't get to Charlotte until after the spot. Kairi herself moved into the spot for the spear.

    The refs were horrid.
  13. I’m excited for the Royal Rumble, specifically the Rumble match as it’s always fun but it’s looking very likely Ronda, Shayna or maybe Charlotte will win. Bayley has finally clicked with being a heel so let’s hope she continues to grow, and Becky vs Asuka Part 2 should be excellent.

    I can’t be the only one to be excited about NXT and how stacked their women’s division currently is. Rhea is so over it’s ridiculous, as is Io Shirai. It’s great to see Kacy Catanzaro back, she’s such a star already. Seeing Mercedes join NXT was such a satisfying and deserved moment, and I thought the same when Santana signed too. Dakota vs Tegan is sure to be a show stealer when it does finally happen. And to think NXT’s women’s division was quite stagnant about a year ago but a few returns, heel turns, and debuts (plus good booking) has made it THE thing to watch out of all the weekly shows.
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