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X Factor 2007

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vignesh, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    I bow my head in shame. That's what you get for being a wise-ass.
  2. Same Difference we're shit from day one, so overated. there are much better dancers and singers out there doing musical theatre and the only thing going for them is that they are brother and sister who sing love songs and kids are to young to see beyond the gimmicks and flying to realise it's all a bit wrong.

    I thought leon was a great winner, he started off nervous but after 4 lines, of song not coke, although..., he really fought his way through. His duet was fab and so was his song of choice. He also sang that shitty chosen song much better than rhydian, especially the end. Rhydian was great, don't get me wrong, a bit boring and too many hymns, but he'll get a contract and then star in west end. It was the right choice, the right guy won who has best chance of being popstar and i hope simon really takes his time as he has a great tone of voice, though if they can steer him away from swing i'll be a happier bunny!

    Oh i rtied to ring for leon twice and couldn't get through so i don't think it was a fix just all lines were busy
  3. I don't know why Rydian didn't do Phantom of the Opera with Katherine Jenkins - that would have gone down a storm!
  4. She looked dreadful. Not only did she forget to put her skirt, but she was mooching with Leon who is young enough to be her son.
  5. Some Same Difference tracks produced by Xenomania would be my dream Christmas present.
  6. The point of the show is to generate money for ITV and Simon Cowell, whether that be from TV ads or text votes or the live show.
  7. Xenomaina
    Stock, Aitken and Waterman
    Topham and Twigg
    Cathy Dennis

    may have a dream pop album there
  8. funniest moment was during the xtra factor when brian friedman, coked out of her head, went full gay slag mode with fearne, his nose seemed a bit clogged up.

    Brian looks like he got a serious case of down syndrome and does the side show circuit in pakistan. Almost as scary as david gest.
  9. I saw that and I really thought he was gonna blurt out that Leon shouldnt have won! It was only last Monday on This Morning that he said Leon should have been the won kicked off the semi finals!
  10. I'm really not happy being of Welsh heritage and Scottish raising i understand the celtic need to prove themselves more than anyone but this, this is purely insane.

    Just dear God, i'm happy for the kid but a million pound reocrds contract I actually got very angry with the public on Saturday (I work in retail) and said about well if you're so Scottish why don't you support Malcolm Middleton then or words similar.

    Not a fucking clue the whole lot of them. It's what i calll champagne patriotism.

    Anyone want to be with me and support Malcolm middleton.

    That said i've really enjoyed this series of X factor unhappy at the final result though.
  11. freshmucker

    freshmucker Guest

    As the laws of diminishing returns (or something like that) would indicate, if we go from Leona in 2006 to Leon in 2007, I am willing to eat my hat if the winner of X Factor 2008 isn't named Leo.
  12. Then in 2009 it'll be Leonard
  13. mattsy666

    mattsy666 Guest

    i never watched it but this site has kinda shown me all i needed to know ...

    3rd - nat and georgia from brookside

    2nd - thunderbird 6

    1st - trainee manager at carphone warehouse

    x marks the spot indeed
  14. This is actually so spot on. Apart from the Nat & Georgia thing... but I'll forgive you for accusing them of incest with a very random and hilarious reference.
  15. I will say one thing for Leon though his thing he said to Fearne afterwards, "I'm gonna get smashed" or words to that effect
  16. Surely not? A Scot's first thought after winning X Factor is about getting drunk!? I can sneer because I'm Scottish myself.
  17. Wow. I really detest Sharon Osbourne after this series.
  18. See i was torn all the way through by this patrotic thing being Welsh born Scottish raised but despite being split in the middle. Louis Walsh was the one who managed to disgust me on the show.
    Also this week in work (I work in retail) has been the most fun week ever because all i've been doing is shouting at the customers and having good reason to, for once.
    I made one woman go off and buy Malcolm Middleton apparently because i made her feel "sufficiently guilty"

    Ha! Ha!

    See you all in this thread next year people
  19. Leon winning was a complete tragedy.

    I have no idea what people are hearing in his voice, it's always flat and out of tune.
  20. I merley meant you should shut up about her knees! I mean come on thats possibly one of the most ridiculous things you could bring up! Of all the things that could of been mentioned you dicuss her knees?!?
    and Im not a Kylie nut I just like her is all.
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