X Factor 2009

Now I know it's ambitiously early to be starting such a topic, but there was a photo in one of the free London papers a few days ago of crowds of people queueing at the O2, "I've been in this line since I was a fetus, etc etc…"

However, my burning question is, for anyone who was there or knows anyone who went, was the very miss Dannii Minogue present? God I hope so.
These were first stage auditions (without judges), as far as I remember second stage ones will be in mid-May (again without judges) - and judges get into action only in June.

P.S. I did not go myself.
A group will never win The X Factor.

JLS came surprisingly close last year, but I think it is far easier for the audience to connect with and get behind a single person than it is a group of 3 or 4 people.

I'd only like to be proved wrong if the group were actually 'good' rather than 'mediocre'/'dire'.
neontiger said:
And when Louis won, what did we get? SHAYNE WARD.


Come on now. Despite all the weird sex phone/child birth lyrical fetish on "Breathless" we did get "No Promises", still easily the best song ever to be released by an X Factor winner.

I cannot believe that considering this show's budget, how many years they've been doing and the size and experience of the TalkbackThames production staff that basic mistakes in production like this are happening again.

I swear that Simon just decides on a whim that he wants to alter a format, and expects it to happen without allowing time, or thought, or considering the consequences. Same with the Kelly Brook fiasco. Same with dumping Louis and bringing on Brian. Same with not having a host lined-up until the eleventh hour after Kate Thornton was dumped. Same with only negotiating judges contracts a week before auditions start.

It's a surprise they get the bloody thing out at all...


^ That just shows you how rushed that decision was. I don't know why they don't give these things a bit more time and thought.

I don't think anything needs to change myself. So is anyone here going to the auditions or have gone?
I quite like the idea of them auditioning in front of live audiences, but he does indeed seem to do things on whims. Then again I'm probably one of the few people who will happily watch the X Factor but isn't the slightest bit interested in Britain's Got Talent.
Feltano said:
I have tickets to the auditions tomorrow - looking forward to seeing Cheryl again

Oooh so do I. I have priority ones too, but I read earlier that even they don't guarantee you get in, even though it says on the ticket that they do. Bit shite really.

Do you have any idea how far away it is from Waterloo? I really have no idea where I'm going.
I don't like the idea of there being an audience for the auditions.

One of my favourite things about the auditions is when you get the really AWFUL people who sqwark through their whole audition and then there's just a deathly silence.

This sort of thing instead won't happen and there'll just be the pantomime booing from the crowds. Leave that to Britain's Got Talent.
I really really do not like the changes to the auditions. I love it as it is. If something works, why change it? Bad acts won't get to finish or you won't be able to hear them good enough because of booing...

We've got one (BGT) with an audience, we don't need another.
I went yesterday and it was a bit mixed. It felt weird being there while people auditioned so no idea how it will come across on TV. Being there makes you appreciate the editing done as it is so slow paced. Some of it was so unashamedly staged though. One girl called Jade, who mark my words will be in the final 12 or whatever it is this year, had clearly been given special treatment.
I'm going next week (hopefully) just wondering how long the gaps are between the auditions and how long it lasted for? I understand that watching Britain's Got Talent there could be some long gaps because of setting things up but there isn't much to set up with the X Factor is there really? You just come on and sing. Is it wrong that in going i'm more looking forward to the freakshow than anyone with actual talent, well that and seeing Dannii in the flesh. BOX FRESH!