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X Factor: All Stars 2019

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. Even though there is probably some truth in it, I just can't be arsed with anything Louis Walsh has to say!
  2. The Love Island mega group could be iconic if they only let Samira Mighty sing.
  3. This show is going to be a flop
  4. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    This show (and Louis Walsh) just seems so..........outdated now.
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  5. Am I right in thinking the all stars version is going to be contestants from the past singing each night and the judges critiquing (whether it be good or bad?).

    I will find it so weird to see them laying into any of the contestants, especially as when they return in future series, they're always given a standing ovation!
  6. “And now for our special guest performance from Little Mix.”
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  7. Alexandra is going to kill this! Her set st GAY last weekend was another reminder that she’s world class. Her performance skills and voice are beyond, truly the UK Beyoncé.
  8. Leona seems happy where she's at right now. Alexandra too. Why do they need to do this?
  9. Money, exposure, possibility to promote new music.
  10. We would get our lives seeing Leona and Alexandra perform on prime time again. My bussy is flushed at the thought. I'm so into the likelihood that a woman of colour may win this, then I remember the gays are fickle and will vote 20 times for Shayne if he gets his nipples out...
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  11. Alexandra had dusted off her Overcome wig especially.

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  12. Leona apparently was against this initially but has been offered something too good to turn down, it still took her a couple months to finally agree though. She is taking it seriously though, she spent a few days at a vocal retreat a few weeks back so hopefully she'll get the songs right and really nail the vocals.
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  13. I so hope they have contacted Dame Ruth Lorenzo.
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  14. Ms Diana Vickers needs to make a return too. Just get the cast of season 5 and replace to fodder with the winners.
  15. Still holding out hope for the Conway Sisters.
  16. Leona and Alexandra were both at Wimbledon today. Queens.
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  17. God, this whole run of All Stars / Celeb and All Star BGT is going to be a chaotic car crash... I can't wait.
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  18. I'm sure that ITV coin is lucrative and if they're on primetime TV singing, why not. It's gotta be better than promoting Slimfast on Instagram.
  19. Their contracts will be locked the fuck down to ensure they're not on the receiving end of any embarrassing knockouts or eliminations or having to do any stupid sing-offs, I'm sure.
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  20. Simon has said he is scrapping the theme tune, I just don't see the point in that.
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