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X Factor: All Stars 2019

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. If it’s anything like BGT The Champions, No the audience voted. And when I say the audience I mean the audience on the floor (not the upper levels). But this was due to it not being live. So depends if this is live or not
  2. I read an article where Louis said it was being recorded over a week so I think it will all be pre-recorded.
  3. Ben Foden is doing the Celeb version? I hope Mrs O tears him a new one.
  4. Surely this will be live? And the public will vote? ITV will have it in their budget surely? They'll need the income from sponsorship and voting.
  5. A Celeb X Factor is probably the best route for it. The show hasn't been about launching careers in years (James Arthur was the only one they actually invested in, I reckon). The show is family viewing experience about the moment, not the future. So celebs doing it without an actual expectations of becoming the next superstar suits it perfectly.
  6. Ugh, even Ben gets a performance slot on the show over The Saturdays.
  7. The celeb version has already been filmed, so I'm not sure?
  8. Nothing has been filmed yet, with an audience anyways
  9. I'm sure I read that Ben Foden has already filmed for it.
  10. Isn't that just the "auditions" part in LA?
  11. They dropped him fairly quickly (and rightly), and only re-signed him when Say You Won't Let Go was heading for No.1.
  12. Dropping him was external circumstances. They were willing to make him a big star until he opened his mouth. The subsequent winners didn't even get that!
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  14. Surely they’d just allow him to take a week off if it was down to xfactor? the musicals due to start in like 2 weeks! Seems a bit odd to quit a job for a week on xfactor - the burke is managing to work it around being in the bodyguard
  15. Not even a week is needed really. If its like BGT it will be 6 shows of different acts. 2 people from each show go through to the final. Then they do the final. So the maximum perfomances they would do is 2 perfomances
  16. IF it’s like that. They might do it usual X factor stylee where they get 15 acts who sing every week/night with eliminations??
  17. Yeah, I reckon it will be more like this. That’s what the last series of Celebrity X Factor was structured like, 9 acts who sang every night across a week with a final involving 3 of them.
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  18. I’m looking forward to the all stars more than the celebrity version
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  19. Rob


    Any word on when this will start? So strange to think the hype at this time of year used to be HUGE when X Factor was back on screens at the end of August.
  20. Won’t be long I reckon. They might try and emulate how strictly reveal them one by one. Now that strictlys have been done, I imagine it will be just round the corner! I’m actually really excited for both. It’s the best thing they could’ve done really. The usual show isn’t a viability anymore.
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