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X Factor: All Stars 2019

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. Justice for Gamu.

    Edit: Oh wow, I forgot it was that series they autotuned the auditions.
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  2. If this were to happen, it would be imperative that they make a rule that if you were in a band, you must return as a band. Otherwise, it would be complete seatfillers of those ultra forgettable first-week-out girl band (lowercase g and b, not singling out Girl Band) girls and boy band boys coming back as solo acts.
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  3. I was at Gamu’s audition and it sounded great in the room. It’s always annoyed me that she was plagued with the autotune effect on her audition through no fault of her own. What were the producers expecting? That nobody would notice the obvious adjustments?
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  4. That wasn't even the controversy was it? Wasn't it that Cheryl didn't put her through to the finals and then coincidentally during that time she was deported and Cheryl was then blamed for that? kii
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  5. Ideally this would involve the Vickers, Fleur, Alexandra, Joe, Cher, Ella, Rebecca, Jedward, and Leona, but as none of them but Jedward are likely to do it: give me Dame Ruth, Amelia, and Same Difference, or give me nothing.
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  6. I think the real crux of that controversy was both Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel didn’t perform well at Judges Houses yet they were both put through over Gamu (who had a pretty flawless run up until that point).

    I still love the look on Cheryl’s face during the final when Konnie Huq opened the judge’s prediction envelopes from earlier in the series and every single judge had predicted Gamu to win (Cheryl didn’t have a prediction because Nicole Scherzinger was standing in for her at that point).
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  7. How about they just do a revival of Season 5 with the same contestants?
  8. Anthony Cotton needs to be kept as far away as possible from the Celebrity version. My cast would include:
    Mutya Buena
    Gemma Collins
    Maisie Williams
    Melody Thornton
    Lisa Scott- Lee
    Lauren Harries
    Katie Price
  9. K94


    Is this confirmed happening? Haven't heard it from a totally credible mouth yet.
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  10. I meant Maisie Smith.
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  11. I'm here for this if she gets to perform a duet with Shona and they wear matching gold puffy coats.
  12. Looks like Louis Walsh will be spilling some tea on this show on Sunday:


  13. Well it was confirmed that all auditions this year are cancelled "due to a shake up" so I'm guessing yes.
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  14. Good news everybody.

  15. Wonderful news. Let's hope Louis Tomlinson is "too busy" to return as well.
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  16. Surely him losing his mother and his sister in a couple of months will have him take a break for sure?
  17. I reckon they’ll bring Mel B back for this series. It’s all about looking back so I doubt they’ll recruit any new judges. It wouldn’t surprise me if Louis Walsh is brought back either, in line with the All Stars theme.
  18. So its being claimed that the All Star and Celebrity versions will have two different panels each consisting of 3 judges.
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  19. Not debuts but...

    Little Mix - Black Magic / Touch
    Marcus Collins - Break These Chains
    Amelia Lily - You Bring Me Joy
    Misha B - Home Run / Do You Think Of Me (Jamie Grind Remix)

    Best post-show Top 4 of any series BY SOME DISTANCE... I high-key love that this line-up also comes from a non-Cowell series...
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  20. And confirmed by the reliable PopBitch mailer that ITV called out SyCo and their "if you don't commission X-Factor we'll shop Britain's Got Talent to the BBC", resulting in All-Stars and/or Celebrity (or combined) as the final swan-song... unless ratings recover due to the novelty and it gets the same format for 2020...
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